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202 Playing Dirty

Yao Nian had actually long discovered Yu Yans sneaky figure.

He had been following behind her to see what she was up to.

Because he didnt dare to follow too closely, he only saw Yu Yan put her hand on Yu Bings shoulder and get pushed down.

Then, Yu Yan shouted for help.

Because their voices were too soft when they were talking, he didnt hear anything else.

Initially, Yao Nian thought that the two of them had a conflict and planned to go forward to counsel them.

After all, one was his confidant and the other was his fiancée.

Yao Nian hoped that the two of them could get along well.

This way, it would be convenient for him to continue dating his soulmate after he got married.

However, when Yao Nian saw how ruthless Yu Bing was with the tree branch, he scurried back into the grass to hide since he was afraid that he would be implicated!

At this moment, Yu Bing had left, so it was naturally his chance to appear.

Yao Nian pretended not to know anything and asked with feigned shock, “Yu Yan, why did you fall into the pond”

Yu Yan hurriedly grabbed Yao Nians hand, then Yao Nian pulled her ashore.

With Yu Yans white shirt drenched, it outlined her figure perfectly.

She had lived a pampered life since she was young, so she was very curvy and well endowed.

In addition, the hazy moonlight made Yu Yan look drenched and disheveled, but also delicate and fragile.

Yao Nian noticed that the top buttons of Yu Yans shirt had already fallen off when she struggled in the water just now.

Her plump breasts were exposed and this sight tantalized Yao Nian.

He felt very horny at this moment.

He couldnt help but hug Yu Yan tightly.

Panting heavily, he stared at her slightly pale face as he said, “Yu Yan, youre so beautiful!”

In this era, people were still very conservative.

They were too shy to mention things like sex.

Although people advocated free love, before marriage, young people would only hold hands at most.

Yao Nian had never seen such a scene, let alone experienced it.

Yu Yan was shocked by Yao Nians sudden hug.

When she came back to her senses, she struggled vigorously.

“Yao Nian, let go of me!”

As Yao Nian looked at Yu Yans rosy lips, he forgot all about Yu Bing.

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He held Yu Yans head in place with his hand and kissed her fiercely.

Yu Yan had already used up all her strength, so she was no match for a grown man.

Yao Nian sucked on Yu Yans lips and tongue repeatedly.

Yu Yan felt her mind go blank and she was completely helpless as Yao Nian did whatever he wanted.

She only came back to her senses when Yao Nian rubbed her breast.

After she raised her foot and stomped down hard, Yao Nian let go in pain.

Yu Yan used the last of her strength to push Yao Nian away and ran away without looking back.

Only then did Yao Nian come back to his senses.

He stared at Yu Yans back figure with joy and fear.

He was happy that he had made out with a woman.

Although it was brief, it was enough for a man who had never had sex to savor for a long time.

However, he was afraid that Yu Yan would report him.

In this era, it was even possible for him to be executed for it.

However, in this era, most women who encountered such things didnt dare to make a big deal out of it.

Otherwise, even if the man was arrested, the womans reputation would be ruined, because only a few men wouldnt mind that their future wife had encountered such a thing.

After thinking about it, Yao Nian became relieved.

On the other side, Yu Yan, who had returned to the dormitory, was still in shock.

She sat on the bed in a daze.

When she thought of what Yao Nian had done to her, her heart almost jumped to her throat!

Xu Ling went to another dormitory.

When she returned, she saw Yu Yan drenched.

The two of them had fallen out, so she went to bed without asking.

When Yu Yan heard the door close, she came back to her senses and hurriedly took her clothes to wash up.

After the lights were off at night, the image of Yao Nian hugging and kissing her kept appearing in Yu Yans mind.

The warm touch of his body was still so vivid.

Yu Yan felt very ashamed.

When she thought of how she had been intimate with a man other than her husband before she got married, she felt very terrified.

She was afraid that her future husband would despise her, and she was even more afraid that he would think that she was shameless and publicize this matter to everyone.

Yu Yan fell asleep with all sorts of worries.

Yu Bing didnt expect such drama to happen after she left.

She arranged to print the test papers and started the writting test for the accountant position.

When she saw Wen Qin get first place with full marks, Yu Bing heaved a sigh of relief.

With such outstanding results, Yu Bing felt less pressure.

The next day was the final interview.

Because the results would be announced on the spot, a few applicants waited silently on the other side after the second round.

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