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205 Looking for Her

On the other side, Feng Cai, who had just arrived in City H, had also returned home.

He saw that the room Feng Xian originally lived in had two rooms separated by boards.

Feng Cai entered the room and walked around.

The original room wasnt very big.

Now that it had been divided into two, only a single bed and a small closet could be placed in one room.

He sneered.

“She really went all out for Feng Xian.

She actually came up with this idea!”

As Madam Feng held her grandsons hand, she said with a smile, “Its just a place to sleep.

Its enough.”

Feng Cai knew that Madam Feng didnt want to see him fall out with his family.

Although the room was a little small, he had achieved his goal, so he didnt say anything else.

At night, the family gathered around for dinner.

When Mr.

Feng found out that Feng Cais food factory was doing well, he was very happy.

He couldnt help but drink two more glasses, but he still put on a serious expression as he said, “Work hard.

Although youre just a salesperson in the factory, theres a lot of room for improvement!”

Feng Cai didnt explain his position.

After all, he was only a one-man band at the moment and was no different from an ordinary salesperson.

Lin Lin looked at Feng Cai, who could go home more frequently recently, and felt a little indignant.

If he went to the countryside, he should stay there.

Why did he keep running back to the city!

However, when she heard Mr.

Fengs words, the smile on Lin Lins face became more sincere.

He was just a mere salesperson.

This stepson she had purposely indulged into a good-for-nothing couldnt surpass her biological son!

Lin Lin couldnt bear to let her son go to the countryside.

She couldnt even bear to let him enter a factory to work.

Therefore, she had recently gotten to know the wife of the chief of the supply companys purchasing department through her connections.

She wanted to maintain this relationship for two years.

In addition, with the money she had saved now, when Feng Xian became an adult, she would make him stay in the city to work in an office even if she had to spend all this money.

Thinking of how Feng Cai might have to bow down to her son to distribute the goods for the food factory, Lin Lin immediately felt that even the food in her mouth tasted better.

The next day, Feng Cai left early and returned late.

He went to two supply and marketing clubs and brought the tasty purple yam cakes and waffles from the factory to promote them.

He successfully increased the number of long-term contracts from two to four.

He planned to visit the last one tomorrow.

boxn ovel.


The next morning, the Feng family had just woken up and were eating breakfast around the table.

“Knock knock”

There was a knock on the door.

Lin Lin happened to get up and go to the kitchen to get porridge, so she opened the door.

When she saw the man in his early thirties in a tunic suit outside the door, Lin Lin greeted him in surprise, “Mr.


Wu Tian, who was outside the door, looked at Lin Lin in confusion.

“You are”

Lin Lin smiled and introduced herself.

“My name is Lin Lin.

We met once when Jiang Xin and I were shopping last month.”

Jiang Xin was Wu Tians wife.

When Wu Tian heard this, he tried to recall but couldnt remember.

However, he pretended to look enlightened, as if he remembered.

“Oh, its Sister Lin.

This… this is your house”

Wu Tian looked down at the address in his hand and checked the room number at the door.

“This address should be correct.”

Wu Tian was the chief of the supply companys procurement department and whom Lin Lin wanted to establish connections with for Feng Xians future job.

When she saw Wu Tian looking for someone, Lin Lin thought that he had found the wrong place.

After all, she didnt think that anyone in the Feng family would know Wu Tian.

It wasnt easy for her to get a chance, so Lin Lin wanted to show off.


Wu, theres no one in this neighborhood that I dont know.

Ill give you directions.

Who are you looking for”

Wu Tian heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

Recently, three supply and marketing clubs had recommended two new products.

Many people traveled far just to buy them.

Later, Chief Liao asked around and found out that it was actually Feng Cai, who had come to visit Wu Tian some time ago to promote the food factory in the village.

The president had given Wu Tian a strict order to contact the supplier immediately, so he specifically came over early in the morning to look for Feng Cai.

“I want to look for Feng Cai.

Is this Chief Fengs house”

When Lin Lin heard this form of address, she subconsciously raised her voice.

“Chief Feng”

When Feng Cai heard his name, he stood up and walked towards the door.

When he saw Wu Tian, Feng Cai immediately recognized him as the person-in-charge of the An Jianlu Supply and Marketing Clubs procurement department.

He went forward and greeted, “Hello, Mr.


When Wu Tian saw Feng Cai, he no longer had his previous arrogant attitude.

He took the initiative to reach out and hold Feng Cais hand.

“Good morning, Chief Feng.”

When Feng Cai saw the other partys attitude, he guessed the reason.

He smiled and asked despite knowing the answer, “Good morning, Chief Wu.

What brings you all the way to my house”

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