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Yu Bing and Jiang Chun had just arrived home and placed their things when a guest arrived.

Li Ping carried a bamboo basket into the courtyard.

When she saw Yu Bing and Jiang Chun busy in the kitchen, she smiled and said, “Jiang Chun, Ive been busy before and didnt have the time to come to your place to see you.

I happened to be on break today and specifically came over.”

Jiang Chun was very surprised and hurriedly came out to welcome her.

“Auntie Li, theres no need to come and see me.

I just changed places.

Come in and sit for a while.”

When Yu Bing saw that it was Li Ping, she immediately followed her to the central room.

However, Li Ping acted as if she had not seen Yu Bing and only said to Jiang Chun, “Theres nothing much to bring since its my first time here.

I know that your land has just been sown and wont bear fruit so quickly, so I brought some vegetables over.”

Jiang Chun looked at the vegetables on the table and felt a little embarrassed.

“Auntie Li, youre too polite.”

Li Ping looked around the house and said, “Its only right.

Its not easy for a little girl like you to come and build the village.

I treat you as my daughter.

If I dont help you, who will Oh my! This house used to be dilapidated, but now, its so clean.

Youre really capable.”

Jiang Chun hurriedly said, “Its everyones credit.

Yu Bing and the village chief arranged it…”

Li Ping didnt really want to know this and interrupted her directly.

“Dont be humble.

I can tell that you tidied it up! Although this house has been tidied up, Im still worried about you staying here.

There arent many families at the end of the village that arent safe.

Why dont you stay at my house”

Yu Bing looked at her coldly.

Knowing Li Pings intentions, how could she not interfere She directly retorted Li Ping, “Auntie Li, this house used to be so dilapidated, but it was tidied up so well.

What are you worried about!”

Jiang Chun hurriedly replied, “Yes, Auntie Li.

Were living quite well here.

Were used to everything.”

Li Ping still refused to give up and continued to persuade her, but she was stopped by Yu Bing.

After a few rounds, Li Ping knew that she couldnt achieve her goal today, so she could only leave resentfully.

On the way back, Li Ping was still thinking that if Yu Bing hadnt been in the way, she definitely would have succeeded.

In fact, Li Ping was so anxious because her son had taken a fancy to Yu Yan.

Perhaps mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws were natural enemies, but the more her son liked a woman, the more Li Ping hated her.

After all, she had lived for more than half her life.

Li Ping could tell at a glance that a high and mighty person like Yu Yan wouldnt marry her son and live in peace.

That was why she wanted to coax Jiang Chun to her house and think of a way to let Jiang Chun and her son get married quickly.

On the other hand, Jiang Chun was also very puzzled.

The two of them had not known each other for long, but Auntie Li was really too good to her.

Yu Bing looked at Jiang Chun, who had a puzzled expression.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“Are you wondering why Auntie Li treats you so well”

Jiang Chun asked in confusion, “Dont you find it strange This is the third time shes invited me to stay at her house.”

Yu Bing replied, “Its not strange.

Auntie Li has a son called Sun Yu.

Hes 25 years old this year and is unmarried!”

Jiang Chun turned to look at Yu Bing and couldnt help but raise her voice.

“You mean Auntie Li wants me to marry her son!”

Yu Bing nodded affirmatively.

“You think Auntie Li really likes girls”

Jiang Chun recalled and shook her head.

She said with certainty, “Ive seen Auntie Lis attitude towards her relatives daughter a few times.

Moreover, I think she favors boys over girls!”

Yu Bing asked Jiang Chun, “So, do you still think that she really likes girls and wants you to stay at her house as her daughter”

Jiang Chun was so frightened that she hurriedly shook his head.

Yu Bing nodded in satisfaction when she saw Jiang Chuns reaction.

Li Pings visit gave Yu Bing a chance to expose her.

Now that Jiang Chun was on guard, with her help, she definitely wouldnt fall into her trap again.

“Stay away from her in the future.

Im afraid she wont give up and will cause trouble for you.”

Jiang Chun repeatedly promised that she would be careful in the future.

Yu Bing saw the bottle of honey in the corner of the kitchen and said to Jiang Chun, “By the way, I didnt touch the honey last week.

Send it back to Uncle Jiang some other day.

Uncle Jiang isnt in good health.”

Jiang Chuns father had asthma and couldnt do much work.

The entire family relied on Mrs.

Jiang alone.

Yu Bing knew that the Jiang family couldnt buy anything expensive like honey and needed other channels.

Moreover, eating honey had an alleviating effect on asthma, so she wanted Jiang Chun to send the honey home to her parents.

As for the Yu family, they could forget about even dipping the tip of their chopsticks in her honey!

Considering her fathers health, Jiang Chun didnt refuse.

She only silently noted Yu Bings kindness.


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