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Yu Bing had promised Xiao Li that she would give her a bottle of apple sauce.

Now that she had bought the white sugar, she could start making it.

First, she would peel the apple, remove the core, and cut it into small pieces.

Then, she would put it in light salt water and soak it for 15 minutes.

After fishing it out, she would throw it into the pot.

Then, she would put in a suitable amount of white sugar and turn on the low heat to stir.

When the apple was translucent, a little white vinegar was added.

Because there was no lemon, it could only be substituted with white vinegar.

After being brewed for about an hour, the apple was pressed into mush with a big spoon.

Then, the pot could be lifted and the apple sauce could be bottled.

Yu Bing looked at the golden and alluring apple sauce in the glass bottle, then gave it to Xiao Li in satisfaction.

During dinner, Xiao Sheng saw the apple sauce on the table and knew that it was made by Yu Bing.

He dug out a spoonful and soaked it in water.

The fruity taste was rich and pure, and it was sweet and sour.

It was very appetizing.

Xiao Shengs previous thoughts surfaced again.

He recalled the details of his time with Yu Bing and looked at his sister again.

He decided to take the risk and test Yu Bing.

After all, his sisters eyes couldnt continue like this.

After dinner, Xiao Sheng specially waited at the entrance for Yu Bing, who was running past.

After about ten minutes, Yu Bing was about to pass by the Xiao family when she saw Xiao Sheng at the door, so she raised her hand to greet him.

Xiao Sheng hurriedly went forward to stop her.

“Yu Bing, I have something to talk to you about alone.”

Yu Bing saw Xiao Shengs serious expression and stopped in her tracks.

She followed Xiao Sheng into the Xiao family home.

“Yu Bing, what do you think of the last time I secretly went up the mountain to hunt rabbits”

When Yu Bing heard this, she rolled her eyes.

“Bro, are you still worried about me reporting you Ive already eaten it with you.

Should I report you or me”

Xiao Sheng said seriously, “Answer me first.”

“Alright, weve already eaten meat together.

Ill say whatever I have to say.

I know its not easy for you to support your siblings alone.

Who doesnt want to eat meat these days At least half the people in the village have such an experience.”

Yu Bing was telling the truth.

She was someone who had experienced the future.

The meat was what she had earned with her own abilities.

She didnt steal or snatch it.

It was just that due to the current policies implemented by the country, what was originally fine became a problem.

However, such things would slowly disappear in a few years.

Yu Bing thought that Xiao Shengs thoughts only applied to the current times and not the long-term, but she couldnt say it too clearly.

Political issues had always been a sensitive topic these days.

Yu Bing comforted him.

“Dont worry, Im not interested in reporting this at all.

Moreover, I believe that such an era will eventually pass.

Everything will return to how it was before the planned economy was implemented.”

Xiao Sheng heard Yu Bings judgment of the future and understood that she wasnt a fan of the current policy.

He felt relieved.

Xiao Sheng probed again, “Yu Bing, do you want to eat meat often”

When Yu Bing heard Xiao Shengs words, she felt that Xiao Shengs words didnt seem like what they meant on the surface.

After all, Xiao Sheng couldnt possibly want to drag her to the forest to hunt, right If she went, she would only drag him down.

Yu Bing rubbed her chin and thought for a moment.

She had a bold idea, so she asked softly, “How can we eat it often”

Xiao Sheng said firmly, “Use money and stamps to buy food!”

Yu Bing blinked quickly and knew that her guess was right.

Most of the prey Xiao Sheng caught was probably to be sold on the black market.

Although they were not as strict as they were two years ago, the consequences would still be unimaginable if they were discovered.

However, since Yu Bing knew about the development of the future, she naturally didnt want to give up the opportunity to accumulate early wealth.

Otherwise, after the reform and opening up, what capital would she use to make money! Moreover, her body was indeed short of nutrition.

Yu Bingxin made up her mind and looked into Xiao Shengs eyes.

“How do you want to cooperate”

Xiao Sheng, who had been nervous all night, finally relaxed.

“Make loach mustard soup and jam.

Ill be in charge of selling them.”

Yu Bing had guessed that Xiao Sheng wanted to sell jam.

After all, it was easier to sell it in jars.

However, she didnt expect that he even wanted to sell loach mustard soup.

However, there was no disposable packaging these days.

They couldnt possibly sell it on the spot.

Yu Bing frowned and asked in confusion, “How will you sell the loach soup”


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