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Yu Bing drove Chang Hong to a few places for work.

When she finally finished and sent Chang Hong to his office, it was already evening.

Therefore, Chang Hong took out a stamp and let Yu Bing go to the canteen to eat before returning.

Yu Bing didnt stand on ceremony.

After all, she was really hungry after not eating lunch.

After being Chang Hongs driver for a long time, it was only right to be treated to a meal.

With Chang Hongs status, many people usually kissed up to him, but Yu Bing was very frank.

In addition, after half a day of interaction, Yu Bings neither servile nor overbearing attitude made Chang Hong admire her even more.

Yu Bing took the meal stamp and asked someone for directions to the canteen.

Looking at the more than half of the braised pork in her bowl, she couldnt help but sigh with emotion.

The food in the government office was indeed good! However, Yu Bing couldnt bear to finish it.

She packed the other half of the braised pork and brought it home.

When Yu Bing drove the car back to the commune to return the car, the sky had darkened a little.

Yu Bing walked out of the communes entrance and observed her surroundings.

When she realized that no one was paying attention to her, she turned right and walked to the report box.

She quickly threw the letter in and prepared to return to the village in a good mood.

“Miss, wait!”

Yu Bing heard someone calling her from behind and hurriedly turned around.

She saw a middle-aged couple walking towards her quickly.

Yu Bing was worried that she had been seen.

“Miss, you drove a pregnant woman to the county hospital today, right” the middle-aged man asked.

The couple looked very anxious.

Looking at the other partys familiar facial features, Yu Bing immediately guessed that these two were Song Jians parents.

“I sent them there.

Dont worry, when I left, the pregnant woman had already entered the operating theater successfully.” Then, she explained the process in detail.


Song and Mrs.

Song heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this.


Song said gratefully, “Thank you so much! Have you eaten Come to our house for a meal.”

Coincidentally, the woman who gave Yu Bing directions today saw Yu Bing drive into the courtyard and hurriedly told Mr.

Song and Mrs.


Only then did the two of them rush over.

When Yu Bing heard this, she smiled and said, “Ive already eaten.

Im preparing to return to the village now.”


Song glanced at the sky.

“This matter caused you to miss work for the entire afternoon, right Ill send you back on my bicycle.

I can explain to your village head and plead for leniency.

I cant let you be punished.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Hurry up and get the car to send her…” Mrs.

Song realized that she didnt know Yu Bings name and turned to look at her.

When Yu Bing heard this, she didnt refuse.

After all, Sun Wang and Li Ping were waiting for her to make a mistake.

She hurriedly said, “My name is Yu Bing.”


Song smiled.

“Yu Bing, you know my address.

Come visit in the future.”

Yu Bing agreed but she didnt take it seriously.

She only thought that the Song family was being polite.


Song pushed his bicycle out and Yu Bing sat in the back seat.

They quickly arrived at the village heads house.

The village chief, Sun Wang, had just finished his meal and was sitting in the courtyard.

He didnt expect to see the president of the commune come to his house.

Sun Wang quickly stood up and walked forward with a smile on his face.

“President Song! Welcome, welcome.

Why are you here so late”

Yu Bing was shocked.

She knew that the people living in that courtyard were all people who worked in the commune, so she thought that Mr.

Song was just a small supervisor.


Song didnt stand on ceremony and briefly explained what happened in the afternoon.

Only then did Sun Wang see Yu Bing.

Originally, Sun Wang and Li Ping were thinking that they could finally punish Yu Bing openly.

After all, Li Ping hadnt finished venting her anger.

Unexpectedly, Yu Bing actually saved the daughter-in-law of President Song.

Sun Wang immediately smiled and praised Yu Bing, “Yu Bing, youve really taken our teachings to heart.

We cant let down those who have done good deeds.

I wont deduct a single point from you.”

Yu Bing only wanted to not be punished for being absent from work.

She didnt expect that her work points wouldnt be deducted either.

She was overjoyed and hurriedly thanked him.

“Thank you, Village Chief! I will definitely work harder in the future.”

After everyone spoke, Mr.

Song left first.

Yu Bing followed closely behind.

Sun Wang wanted to stop Yu Bing and ask her about the details, but he thought about how Yu Bing lived in the village, so he wasnt in a hurry.


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