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After everyone sat in the office, President Song gestured to the investigation team leader Mr.



Lin didnt beat around the bush and asked directly, “Do you know that every village has to choose a tractor driver”

When Sun Wang heard this, he felt a chill down his spine and was about to interrupt.

The villages female directors eyes lit up.

She smiled and asked, “What tractor driver Is there going to be a tractor in our village”

The female director had a son who had just turned 20 this year.

When she heard this, she started to plan.

The other cadres also hurriedly asked excitedly.

They quickly thought about whether they should recommend their families or outstanding youths in the village.

When the investigation team saw everyones reaction, they knew that the contents of the report letter were true.

Their expressions changed and they said solemnly, “Village Chief Mr.

Sun, someone reported that you used your power for personal gain and appointed Sun Yu as the tractor driver of the He Mountain Brigade without a fair election.

Do you have anything to say”

After everyone heard this, they looked at Sun Wang.

Sun Wang broke out in cold sweat.

This matter had already been exposed, so he couldnt quibble.

Sun Wang immediately admitted his mistake and lowered his head.

His tone was very heavy as he said, “The report is true.

I failed to abide by the rules! I have also let down the trust of the people!”

Director Liu, who was in charge of security, revealed a mocking expression.

“You admitted it quite quickly.

No wonder you chose a tractor driver so quickly as well.”

Other people were afraid of offending Sun Wang, but Director Liu wasnt.

The conflict between the two families had been going on for a long time, and his family wasnt less powerful than the Sun family.

The female director pursed her lips and chuckled.

She couldnt stand Sun Wang either, but after all, he was the village chief of their village and had a lot of power, so she didnt dare to offend him too much.

Sun Wang felt resentment.

In order to keep his position as the village chief, he could only say with a bitter expression, “Everyone knows that being a tractor driver is an honorable thing.

My nephew begged me every day to let him contribute to the village, so I agreed.”

Then, he expressed his stance to the leaders.

“Actually, Ive been feeling very uneasy these past few days.

Now that this matter has been exposed, I can sleep soundly! President Song, the leaders, and the members of the village committee, dont worry.

Ill call Sun Yu back today.”

This matter could be made big or small depending on how it was handled.

The investigation team discussed it internally.

Considering that the He Mountain Brigade had indeed done well in all aspects under Sun Wangs lead, they decided to punish him lightly for his first offense and requested that he write a self-reflection letter for three consecutive days at the villages radio station.

President Song didnt speak the entire time.

He only said at the end, “Coincidentally, everyone is here.

Lets choose the tractor driver and start training quickly.

It has been five days since the tractor drivers training has started.

In another ten days, the driver will return to the city after class.

You better find someone with driving experience.

Otherwise, Im afraid that person wont be able to keep up.”

It was obvious that no one in the village knew how to drive.

In this day and age, cars that relied on gas were very expensive.

There were few people in the entire village who had even touched a car, but they were unwilling to let Sun Yu continue to occupy the spot.

Seeing that everyone had fallen silent, Mr.

Lin of the investigation team turned his head slightly to look at President Song.

He realized that President Song only looked at the villagers gently and didnt look back at him.

He had an idea and slowly said, “I heard that a female student who just came to support the construction of the village knows how to drive.

Shes thin and petite.”

The female director immediately thought of the corresponding person and said loudly, “Its Yu Bing, right Among the young people who come to our place, only shes thin and petite!”


Lin hurriedly said, “I dont know her name.

Just call her over and ask.”

The female director hurriedly went to call Yu Bing over.

After a while, the female director pulled Yu Bing in and said with a smile, “Shes Yu Bing.

I asked just now.

She learned it from someone in the city!”

The moment Yu Bing walked in, Mr.

Lin saw a smile on Director Songs face from the corner of his eye and knew that he had guessed correctly.

“Then do you all think we should choose this young lady”

Since things had already developed to this point, Yu Bing was indeed the best choice at this moment, so everyone agreed.

As long as Sun Wangs nephew didnt get this spot, Director Liu and the female director were satisfied.

Just like that, Yu Bing obtained the driver spot that she had dreamed of.

She pretended to look at President Song nonchalantly.

Her intuition told her that President Song helped her in this matter.


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