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Yu Bing said in embarrassment, “Mr.

Zhou, I learned it before, so I got the hang of it so quickly.”


Zhou paused when he heard this.

“Seeing how attentive you were, I thought it was your first time.”

Yu Bing said humbly, “Although I can drive, Im still far inferior to you.

This is the first time Ive learned systematically, so I want to learn from the beginning.”


Zhou was originally a little dejected, but after hearing this, he felt much better.

Instead, he felt that it was very rare for Yu Bing to be so humble.

In the afternoon, Mr.

Zhou did an overall test on Yu Bing and found that Yu Bing had already mastered it.

According to Yu Bings request, he gave her additional theoretical knowledge.

Because Yu Bing was very patient, the boys who were training didnt want to be scolded by Mr.

Zhou all day long and often bought snacks to ask Yu Bing questions.

As a result, Yu Bing became Mr.

Zhous assistant.

On this day, Yu Bing was giving guidance to the students.

“Yu Bing, come over for a while.” Mr.

Zhou shouted from the other side of the training ground.

Yu Bing walked over and found a young man in a white shirt standing beside Mr.


He was smiling at her.


Zhou introduced him to Yu Bing.

“This is Director Wang of the County Planning Bureau.

The bureau wants to borrow you to drive for the leader drive for a week.”

Along the way, Director Wang didnt say much.

He only said that it was the directors instructions.

Yu Bing guessed that Director Chang had recommended her.

After all, he was the only director she knew in the planning bureau.

Yu Bing followed him to the logistics department of the Planning Bureau and got the car she was going to drive this week.

Because of her good driving skills, many leaders had a good impression of Yu Bing.

This made Director Chang, the middleman, very proud.

While Yu Bing was washing the car in the parking lot in the morning, Director Chang looked for her.

“How have you been these two days Have you gotten the hang of it”

Facing Director Changs concern, Yu Bing nodded.


Thank you for your concern.”

“Thats good.

A few days ago, Little Gu was diagnosed with appendicitis and needed surgery.

We didnt have enough manpower.

The first person I thought of was you, so I borrowed you.

Seeing that youre doing well, Im happy for you.”

The DMV was in charge of the training and allocation of all the cars and drivers in the county.

If there werent enough drivers, they would handle it.

Yu Bing knew that if not for Director Changs recommendation, she wouldnt have had this opportunity.

She was truly grateful to Director Chang.

“Thank you for your trust.

I will definitely do my best and wont embarrass you!”

These sincere and playful words amused Director Chang.

“Alright! I heard your coach praise you for your driving skills.”

Yu Bing scratched her head and replied, “Its mainly because Ive learned it before.

Id be ashamed if I couldnt drive well during the second training.

Oh right, Director Chang, how do I get a drivers license I dont have one yet.”

Director Chang didnt think of this, but this wasnt a big deal.

“Ill get Director Wang to help you write a temporary work certificate later.

When you have time, go to the DMV to take the test.

If you need to go through the process, just cooperate.”

At this time, there were no personal cars, and the driving test was very simple.

As long as she passed the road test, it would be fine.

To Yu Bing, the most difficult thing was to get a work certificate.

Now that Director Chang had spoken, everything went smoothly, and Yu Bing quickly got her drivers license.

A week passed quickly.

Yu Bing and the discharged Little Gu finished the handover work and went to greet Director Chang before returning.

The way she left without a fuss made Director Chang, who thought Yu Bing would think of a way to stay, amused.

The students of the DMV knew that Yu Bing had been transferred.

They thought that Yu Bing had a pwoerful background and would naturally stay in the convoy to drive for the leader.

They didnt expect her to return.

Before Yu Bing came, Zhang Feng was the best student among the students, but now, Mr.

Zhous favorite student had become Yu Bing.

Zhang Feng couldnt tolerate being outdone by a girl.

Today, he finally found an opportunity to vent.

He raised his eyebrows and said sarcastically, “Hey, isnt this our famous classmate Why didnt you stay in the government Why did you come back If you have any difficulties, tell me.

I know some people who can help you think of a way.”

Monkey, who was sitting beside Zhang Feng, immediately said, “Brother Zhang, shes a capable person.

How can she fancy us We dont even know where the Planning Bureau is.

She might laugh at us.”

Another person from the Ox-Head Mountain Commune jumped out and said, “Capable If she was capable, would she have been chased back”

When the students of Fengtou Mountain saw that their own people were being bullied, they naturally had to help.

Not to be outdone, they said, “If you have the ability, compare yourself to Yu Bing in terms of driving the tractor!”

Zhang Fengs expression changed and he didnt say anything else.

It was indeed publicly acknowledged that Yu Bings skills were good.


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