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Yu Bings heart skipped a beat, and her expression was dark.

The hand brake and the foot brake had two unrelated operating systems.

Yu Bing had driven for so many years in her previous life, but she had never encountered or heard of both failing at the same time!

“Why cant that car stop”

“An accident is going to happen! Hurry up and call the villages supervisors over.

If this continues, an accident will happen!”

Everyone followed Yu Bing, who had been driving forward, and discussed as they ran.

The completely uncontrollable speed made Yu Bing break out in cold sweat.

Suddenly, she had an idea.

She recalled that in her previous life, when she went to repair the car, she heard an old driver mention an emergency solution if two brakes failed at the same time.

As Yu Bing thought about it, she followed the instructions.

First, she slowed down little by little.

Then, she used the clutch to control the speed and drove the car to an open area.

She slid for a while before forcefully stopping the car.

“I was scared to death.

The car rushed forward nonstop just now.

If we hadnt dodged quickly, we would have been crushed by this thing!”

“Thats right.

Yu Bing, why were you driving so recklessly!”

The crowd that had caught up surrounded Yu Bing and complained.

At this moment, Sun Yu also smiled smugly in the crowd.

Yu Bing knew that this accident was definitely man-made!

Not to mention that the probability of both brakes failing was close to zero, Yu Bing would check the car every day when she returned home.

No matter what, such a problem should not have happened.

If Yu Bing hadnt coincidentally found out about that method, she might have bumped into someone!

This sort of troublemaker disregarded human lives.

Other than Sun Yu, Yu Bing couldnt think of anyone else who would do such a thing!

Yu Bing turned around and saw the provocative smile on Sun Yus face.

She clenched her fists.

Her nails dug into her flesh as she quickly thought about how to find evidence that it was Sun Yus doing in order to prove her innocence.

If she was held accountable for this incident, it being recorded on her file would be considered light punishment.

Worst case scenario, she would no longer be able to drive!

Yu Bing looked at Sun Yu coldly and said firmly, “I want to call the police! The brake failure was caused by someone deliberately damaging the tractor.”

As expected, Sun Yu looked flustered.

At this moment, Yu Bing happened to see Jiang Chun, who was desperately squeezing forward at the back of the crowd, so she immediately gave her a look.

The tacit understanding between the two of them for more than ten years made Jiang Chun immediately understand what Yu Bing meant.

She turned around and ran towards the back mountain.

Sun Wang and the other villagers had just arrived when they heard the word “call the police.” They shouted in exasperation, “Nonsense! Why call the police!”

Wasnt this clearly telling the commune that he, the village chief, wasnt doing his job well and that something big had happened in the village!

It hadnt been long since the circumstances of Sun Yu becoming a tractor driver unfairly was exposed.

If another incident happened, what would the communes leaders think of him

Sun Wang used his authority as the village chief to scan the crowd with a sharp gaze.

“This is an internal matter of our village.

If you can resolve it yourself, dont waste the communes garrison resources!”

Unlike in the future, when everyone looked for the police when they needed help, these days, everyone was afraid of the police.

They always felt that no matter what the reason was, as long as they entered the police station, it meant that they were bad people.

Ordinary people liked to look for government officials to solve problems.

They would never think of looking for the police when their interests were violated.

Therefore, everyone didnt think twice when they heard this.

Director Liu saw that Sun Wang was putting on airs and was secretly unhappy.

If someone was really causing trouble in the village, he should speak up.

Hence, he coughed lightly and raised his voice to say, “Whats the current situation Someone come forward and tell me what happened.”

The villagers who witnessed the entire process immediately rushed forward to explain what had happened.

On the other side, Jiang Chun quietly went to borrow a bicycle from Xiao Sheng, who had just returned home from the county city.

When Xiao Sheng heard this, he immediately lent her the bicycle.

Jiang Chun quickly rode the bicycle to the commune.

The police station was on the first floor of the commune.

Jiang Chun locked the bicycle and rushed in quickly.

“Hey! Why are you so impetuous” President Song had just arrived at work when Jiang Chun bumped into him.

Jiang Chun immediately reached out to support him.

“Im sorry! Im sorry! I… I have something urgent to tell the police!”

In this day and age, people usually called the police about fights and deaths.

When President Song heard this, he helped Jiang Chun find the police.

President Song saw the police departments Director Qian enter the commune.

He waved and shouted, “Mr.

Qian, someone is here to report a case!”

Hearing this, Director Qian immediately went forward and asked, “Young lady, which village are you from What do you want to report”

Jiang Chun immediately reported the name of the He Mountain Brigade.

When President Song, who wanted to leave, heard that Jiang Chun was from Yu Bings commune, he was no longer in a hurry to go upstairs.

He stopped at the side and listened.


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