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Sun Yu had been spoiled by the Sun family since he was young, so he was naive and didnt know anything about the ways of the world.

He only knew that not only did his second uncle not help him take the blame, but he also wanted to convict him.

He resented Sun Wang to the core.

Thinking about how he was going to prison or be punished to undergo labor reform, Sun Yu couldnt care less.

If he had to suffer, he would drag others down with him.

“Sun Wang, dont blame me for being heartless!”

As he spoke, he revealed how much Sun Wang had embezzled for the Sun familys benefit over the years and how many people he had framed and suppressed.

Sun Wang was furious when he heard this.

Not only had he given most of the benefits he had obtained over the years to his nephew, but he usually led Sun Yu when he had the chance to show his face in front of the leaders.

Sun Wang never expected that he would be backstabbed by someone he had raised as his own son.

Sun Wang went forward and slapped Sun Yu to the ground.

As he kicked him, he scolded, “You ingrate! Even raising a dog is better than raising you!”

The two young police officers immediately went forward to stop the two of them.

At this point, everyone roughly understood what had happened.

Director Qian got someone to escort Sun Yu and Sun Wang into the car and bring them back to the police station to record their statements.

The matters in the village were temporarily supervised by the female director and the security director.

The matter came to an end.

Before President Song got into the car, he glanced at Yu Bing, who was standing calmly in the crowd, with admiration in his eyes.

Most people wouldnt think of calling the police when they encountered such a big matter.

They would be threatened by the village staff into settling it internally.

If this matter really developed in that direction, Yu Bing definitely would have become the scapegoat this time.

Not only did Yu Bing delay the matter until they rushed over, but when she saw higher-ups at the scene when she was at a disadvantage, her attitude was still neither servile nor overbearing.

She didnt curry favor with them out of fear of being wronged.

She even worked with Director Qian to set a trap for Sun Yu.

President Song marveled that Yu Bing had the potential for becoming a good leader.

Because the car was damaged, it would take the commune two days to apply for gear from the county, so Yu Bing was free today.

Yu Bing went to look for the villagers to exchange for a three-pound grass carp.

She fished out one of the pickled vegetables she had previously marinated.

At night, she made pickled fish, stir-fried chives and eggs, steamed eggplants, cucumber salad, and stir-fried vegetables.

She invited the three Xiao siblings over for dinner.

The three Xiao siblings brought a basket of vegetables and a small piece of cured meat that they had marinated at home to visit.

They even brought their own rice.

Everyone exchanged their food with their work points.

When they were invited to eat, those who knew etiquette would bring their own food.

The five of them sat around the dining table.

Yu Bing raised the bowl containing the fish soup and said with a smile, “I have to thank Chun Chun and Xiao Sheng today.

If it werent for the two of you helping me call the police in time, I might have been blamed for destroying public property! Now, Ill thank the two of you with soup in place of wine!”

Jiang Chun smiled and scratched her head.

“Theres no need to thank me.

Its mainly because you defended yourself.”

The corners of Xiao Shengs mouth curled up slightly as he picked up the bowl.

“Were in the same boat.

I cant help you much, but I can lend you a car.”

Although that was the case, bicycles were very precious these days.

Xiao Shengs bicycle was the only one in the village that couldnt be exposed, but Xiao Sheng lent it to Jiang Chun without hesitation at the risk of being discovered.

This was deep trust.

The three of them smiled and clinked their bowls.

Yu Bing smiled and said, “Alright, then I wont be polite.

Lets eat!”

Xiao Lin couldnt wait any longer and immediately ate a piece of fish and pickled vegetables.

His eyes lit up.

“Yu Bing, the pickled fish is so delicious!”

After Xiao Sheng took a bite, he felt that the sourness and crispness of the pickled vegetables were just right.

They were on par with the pickled vegetables in restaurants.

He looked at the pickled vegetables in his bowl and said calmly, “I want to sell these pickled vegetables!”

Yu Bing chuckled and looked at the man who was full of business ideas.

“You think of business even when youre eating.

But, every family knows how to make pickled vegetables.

Whos going to buy them”

Xiao Sheng raised his head to look at Yu Bing.

He looked relaxed, and there was a hint of mirth in his eyes.

“Were not selling to individuals, but theres no hurry now.

We still have to consider this matter at length.”

After saying that, he turned to look at his siblings.

Xiao Lin was carefully picking out the fish bones and feeding them to Xiao Li.

Xiao Sheng watched with a gentle expression.

Xiao Lis surgery fees had to be earned faster so that the chances of success would be higher.

Previously, he didnt have any skills, so he could only sell vegetables and hunt.

But now that he had Yu Bing, who was dexterous, he had to speed things up.

The atmosphere in the farmhouse at the foot of the mountain was harmonious, but the Sun family was in chaos.


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