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“You b*tch! First, you jinxed my son to death.

Now, my son and grandson were even sent to the police station by you! Eldest daughter-in-law, slap her a few times!”

Madam Sun sat cross-legged on the chair.

She slapped the table with one hand and held her chest with the other as she cursed loudly.

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Qis palm landed on Li Pings face.

The hatred that Su Qi had for being bullied by Li Ping for many years in the Sun family completely erupted at the moment Sun Yu caused her husband, Sun Wang, to be sent to the police station.

After Li Ping was caught off guard and slapped twice, she resisted.

In the past, she was the only one who could bully others.

How dare Su Qi, who had only given birth to three useless daughters, slap her in the face!

“I gave birth to a son! Sun Yu is the only eldest grandson of the Sun family.

How dare Su Qi hit his mother! What right does a bitch like you have to hit me!” Li Ping slapped her back twice.

Su Qi was used to being bullied in the Sun family after all.

After her momentary outburst, she was suppressed by Li Ping again.

Su Qis youngest daughter, Sun Xi, had seen Li Ping, her aunt, bully her mother often because she had a son.

Now that she finally had the chance to get payback, when she saw that Li Ping still dared to be so cocky, she rammed into Li Ping.

Although the 12-year-old Sun Xi was scrawny and petite, because she had been doing farm work since she was young, she was quite strong.

She knocked Li Ping back a few steps.

Li Ping tripped on the threshold before falling to the ground.

“You good-for-nothing! Ill beat you to death!” Li Ping rushed into the house with her hand on her waist.

She yanked Sun Xis ear as she hit and pinched her.

Seeing this, Su Qi immediately rushed forward with anger and the three of them fought.

“This is chaos! Are you trying to anger me to death” When Madam Sun saw this scene, she was enraged.

She stood up and hit Li Pings back with the feather duster.

The old ladies in the countryside were all lean yet strong.

Moreover, it was three against one.

No matter how valiant Li Ping was, she was at a disadvantage at this moment.

“Why are you still causing trouble at a time like this! My father and Sun Yu have already been detained.

Theyre waiting for the verdict! None of them can escape!” A tired and hoarse female voice sounded at the door of the central room.

Everyone looked at Sun Wangs second daughter, Sun Nan, who was standing at the door.

When they heard this, they immediately stopped and took a few steps forward.

“Sun Nan, what do you mean” Madam Sun stared at Sun Nan with her turbid eyes.

“I mean it literally! I met my father.

He said that in order to gain leniency, Sun Yu revealed all the dirty things that my father did in the past, such as accepting bribes.

Now, both of them will definitely be sentenced.

He asked me to come back and tell you guys to be prepared.

The Sun family is no longer the Sun family of the past!” Sun Nans face was filled with fatigue, and her lips were dry from thirst.

Sun Xi immediately got a glass of water and handed it to Sun Nan.

Old Madam Sun plopped down on the ground with exhaustion.

She didnt know whether to blame her son for not being able to protect her grandson or to blame her grandson for dragging her son down.

Li Ping was stunned for a moment.

Then, she rushed to Sun Nan and grabbed her arms.

She widened her eyes and said, “Money! We can give them money! We can give them money and use our connections.

They dont have to be sentenced.”

Madam Sun looked like she heard a brilliant idea.

She raised her head and looked at Sun Nan.

Her eyes lit up as she said, “Thats right! Previously, when those people looked for our family, they gave us gifts and money.

Your father handled their business well.

This time, well send them gifts and money too! Go look for your sister and let her talk to her husband about this.

Her husband is a cadre in the county!”


Sun Nan looked at the four women in the room who were looking at her with burning gazes.

She felt mixed emotions.

Of course, she wanted to save her father, but this time, things had blown up, not to mention that Sun Yu was the informant.

She lowered her eyes for a moment.

“We have to hurry.

Sun Yu insisted on revealing my fathers crimes, so I have no idea what will happen next! We have to be fast.”

When Madam Sun heard this, she turned her attention to Li Ping again.

She slapped Li Ping fiercely and shouted angrily, “How have you raised my grandson! You b*tch, I should have chased you home when my second son was jinxed to death by you!”

No matter how cocky Li Ping was, she didnt dare to do anything to Old Madam Sun.

She stroked her head and looked at Old Madam Sun as she said fiercely, “Mom, I didnt even have the chance to raise my son.

I dont even know if Im his mother or you!”

Sun Yu had been raised by Madam Sun since he was young.

Even Li Ping, his biological mother, didnt dote on him as much as Madam Sun did.

In the Sun family, Sun Yus existence only allowed Li Ping to enjoy better treatment than Su Qi.


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