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Wang Niu rode his bicycle to send her back to the He Mountain Brigade.

The car stopped at the entrance of the village, just in time for everyone to get off work.

“Isnt this Mr.

Niu! Yu Bing, you went to help their village repair the tractor” A woman passing by asked curiously.

Wang Niu rushed to reply, “There was a problem with our car.

Fortunately, I met the teaching assistant Miss Yu at the commune today and asked her to help repair it!”

“What do you mean by teaching assistant” Another old man asked in confusion.

“Assistant teachers are the coachs helpers.

When we went to the county to train, Assistant Yu was the best student.

She often helped the coach guide us.

Shes amazing!” Wang Niu praised Yu Bing when he heard someone ask.

Yu Bing saw that there were gradually more people watching, so she blushed slightly.

She said in embarrassment, “Im just a little more experienced than everyone.

Im not that impressive.”

With that, she turned to look at Wang Niu.


Niu, hurry up and go back.

The sun will be even more scorching at noon!”

Although he was used to working in the sun, the sun was very scorching at noon.

When Wang Niu heard this, he immediately waved goodbye to Yu Bing.

Everyone discussed after Yu Bing left.

“Yu Bing is so impressive! Her reputation has spread to other villages!”

“Of course! Yu Bing has earned glory for He Mountain Brigade.”

“Although shes thin and petite, she was very steady when she drove the tractor a few days ago!”

“Did you see the eggs in Yu Bings hand just now It must be a thank-you gift from the White Forest Brigade.

With her skills, shell be popular everywhere she goes!”

Yao Nian was naturally among those who heard the discussion.

He originally wanted to slack off today.

When he heard this, he thought of these praises and the eggs in Yu Bings hand and suddenly felt motivated to fetch water!

After repairing the tractor, Yu Bing received a notice from the commune that she was going to the countys Agriculture Bureau to help.

The Agriculture Bureau planned to reclaim the wasteland in the suburbs to make a large agricultural base.

There were more than a hundred acres.

The tractor drivers of the five communes explored the wasteland in the morning and worked in the village in the afternoon.

Previously, Xiao Sheng would send the jam once a week.

Now that Yu Bing was the driver, there were more opportunities to go to the county city, so it was more convenient.

After the three of them discussed, because Yu Bing was in charge of transportation and the development of new products, Jiang Chun became in charge of cooking.

Xiao Sheng was in charge of sales and helping out.

The commission was also redistributed.

Yu Bing and Jiang Chun each took 30%, and Xiao Sheng took 40%.

On the day of delivery, 100 bottles of jam were placed under the drivers seat with a straw mat.

When Yu Bing drove the car out, she was still a little nervous, so she specifically set off early.

When she arrived at the county city, the sky had just lit up.

At the agreed place, she saw a child with patched clothes, straw shoes, short hair, and very bright eyes.

When the other party saw the tractor stop, he went forward and carefully said, “Did Third Brother ask you to bring corn to my house”

It was acceptable for those in the countryside to send their own food to their relatives and friends in the city.

Therefore, even if the secret code was used on the wrong person, they didnt have to worry about others associating it with the black market.

At first glance, Yu Bing thought the person was a boy.

She didnt expect the other party to speak in a chirpy feminine voice.

After the initial surprise, she immediately replied, “Third Brother said that there wasnt enough corn, so he brought some buckwheat noodles for your family instead.”

The secret signal matched up.

The girl smiled and hurriedly placed the basket on the ground.

Yu Bing looked around.

The place was very remote.

After observing that there was no danger, she hurriedly lifted the seat.

Xiao Li had already tied them together with ten bottles of grass rope, so Yu Bing quickly completed the transfer.

The little girl had been observing her surroundings.

When she saw that the transfer was complete, she immediately carried the basket on her back and turned around to enter the forest.

It was Yu Bings first delivery.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the little girl leave.

Then, she turned around and got into the car to go straight to the Agriculture Bureau.

The person in charge waited for all the drivers to arrive before bringing everyone to their destination.

In order to facilitate management, every commune chose a person-in-charge.

The drivers of the Fengtou Mountain Commune chose Yu Bing without hesitation, so Yu Bing gained another nickname, Team Leader Yu!


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