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Yao Nian looked at Feng Cai with an indifferent expression.

“Yu Bing took the initiative to mention it to me, but I didnt agree.

I dont want her to bear the reputation of playing favorites.”

These words made many people present gain a good impression of Yao Nian, especially the girls present.


Yao Nian was handsome and gentle-looking.

When he looked at others with his big eyes, he always looked sincere and reliable.

One couldnt help but feel the urge to believe him.

It was difficult to tell that the real Yao Nian was the complete opposite.

Although Feng Cai had only known Yao Nian for about a week, the two of them were on the same team and were roommates.

It could be said that they spent more than twenty hours a day together.

Feng Cai had already seen Yao Nians true colors a few times.

Upon hearing Yao Nians pretentious answer, Feng Cai didnt continue to say anything.

He just couldnt stand Yao Nians behavior, so he wanted to tease him.

As long as Yao Nian didnt offend him, Feng Cai couldnt be bothered to expose anything.

After all, everyone had a good impression of Yao Nian now.

It was probably very difficult for anyone to believe him.

God knew how jealous Yu Yan was of Yu Bing after hearing Yao Nians words!

The Yu family had carefully chosen a fiancé who was always thinking about Yu Bing.

Had they ever thought about her!

Had they ever thought about their second daughter who had been given away for adoption!

Was there a similarly upright man for her to marry Could she find a good husband

Jealousy overcame Yu Yan and threatened to suffocate her!

After dinner, Yu Yan didnt return to the dormitory as usual.

Instead, she found Yao Nian in the courtyard and sat beside him.

Yu Yan smiled at Yao Nian.

“Youre so good to Yu Bing.

Ive never seen a boy as considerate as you.”

Yao Nian felt bitter but didnt show it on his face.

He replied perfunctorily, “I should be.”

Yu Yan bent down slightly and supported her elbows with her knees as she held her chin with both hands.

Then, she said with feigned innocence, “You rejected the chance to become an apprentice because of Yu Bing, but Yu Bing should have insisted on giving you the spot.

If it were me, I definitely would have insisted.

After all, you guys are engaged.

Why side with outsiders If theres really a problem, outsiders wont help her.

Yao Nian, if you had become an apprentice, you would be helping her instead of harming her!”

Yao Nians eyes flickered.

These words coincided with Yao Nians thoughts.

He felt that Yu Yan had hit the nail on the head.

However, in order to maintain his persona, Yao Nian could only lower his eyes and smile to hide his dissatisfaction with Yu Bing.

After all, he didnt even have the chance to agree.

Just as Yu Yan had said, he had suggested it for Yu Bings own good, but Yu Bing had rejected him mercilessly.

When Yu Yan saw Yao Nians expression, she knew that he had taken her words to heart.

She continued, “If I had a fiancé like you, I would definitely think of you whenever a good offer came up.

I know how to differentiate between outsiders and my folks!”

Yao Nian said with a hint of disappointment, “Actually, I had thought of this before, but I was afraid that Yu Bing would misunderstand and think that I had ulterior motives, so when she didnt insist, I didnt mention it again.

Youre the only one who shrewdly thought of this.

If I became an apprentice, others would definitely think that I was taking advantage of Yu Bing.”

Yu Yan immediately put on an angry expression and clenched her fists.

“Thats because those people are short-sighted and dont know whats good for them.

They always see others good intentions as ill-intentions.

Therefore, the key to this matter is still Yu Bing.

If she insists, what can others say After all, shes the one taking in disciples.

She can take in anyone!”

The two of them chatted perfunctorily.

The more they spoke, the more they felt like they had met a confidant.

Under the bright moon on the cool night, as the two of them sat under an osmanthus tree, they suddenly felt a little enamored.


On the other side, the Sun family had been quiet these few days.

After discussing that day, other than Sun Xi, who was too young to go to the county city, before dawn the next day, Old Madam Sun brought her two daughters-in-law and her second granddaughter to the county city while the sky was still dark.

When they arrived, Sun Dong and her husband, Zheng Hai, had just woken up.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The anxious knocking on the door made Sun Dong hurriedly open the door.

“Grandma Mom! You…” Sun Dong didnt expect the people who came to knock on the door early in the morning to be her maiden family!

Old Madam Sun was old, so in order to reach the two of them before they went to work, she walked very quickly.

When she saw Sun Dong, she immediately pushed her away and let Su Qi help her to the sofa to catch her breath.

Li Ping also followed her in.

“Sister, something happened to Dad,” Sun Nan, who was walking at the back, said to the confused Sun Dong.


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