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The director of the countys Public Security Bureau didnt dare to directly bail Sun Wang and Sun Yu out.

Madam Sun, an old lady from the countryside who only knew how to throw tantrums, immediately became cocky after Zheng Hai agreed to help.

Sun Dong felt suffocated.

She was glad that her son usually stayed with Zheng Hais parents for kindergarten.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been able to take care of him this morning!

Thinking that out of sight, out of mind, she simply turned around and went into the kitchen to make breakfast.

Sun Dong had just finished cooking when Zheng Hai arrived home.

Sun Dong hurriedly went up to take the briefcase.

When she saw Zheng Hais dark expression, she knew that things hadnt gone well.

When Madam Sun and the others saw that he had returned, they swarmed up and asked with a smile, “Grandson-in-law, how did it go”

Zheng Hai took off his coat and hung it on the wall.

Then, he turned around and said, “Grandma, I asked around.

My cousin was caught red-handed.

No one wronged him.

Dad was exposed by my cousin.

The communes investigation team has already intervened in the investigation.

During the investigation, many villagers said that Dad accepted bribes.

This is different from what Grandma told me this morning.”

Madam Sun looked to the side guiltily.

Seeing this, Li Ping said, “No matter what the truth is, its just a matter of benefits! We brought money and well give it to whoever can bail them out.”

When Madam Sun heard this, she immediately became confident.

“Yes, yes, yes! We brought money.”

Zheng Hai was amused by their ignorance.

He had already said that the evidence was conclusive, but they were still hoping to bail them out.

From this, Zheng Hai could tell that Sun Wang had indeed received a lot of benefits.

Otherwise, why did his family think that they could do anything as long as they had money

Zheng Hai suppressed his anger and continued, “Grandma, this isnt about money.

This matter has blown up too much.

President Song is personally supervising the matter and the evidence is conclusive! Dont touch the embezzled money.

These are all stolen money.

The police will get it back after investigating.”

The Sun familys money was all held by Madam Sun.

When she heard that they were going to take the money away, she immediately lost it and shouted, “Why! Weve already settled everything for them.

Now, they want us to return the money! Dream on!”

The reason Madam Sun was willing to take out money now was that she wanted to save her children and grandchildren.

If they got out, they would be able to earn back the money.

However, if they couldnt be saved, this bit of money would become the only bit of money she had left.

She wouldnt hand over the money even if she was beaten to death!

Zheng Hai only said calmly, “Whoever dares to interfere now will be risking their job.

Moreover, even if they risk their position, it wont change the outcome.

Im helpless.

Find someone else to help.”

With that, he returned to the bedroom.

Facing the situation of losing everything, the Sun family was stunned.

They didnt understand why something that could be done with money in the village wouldnt work this time.

Moreover, nothing could salvage the situation.

Madam Sun and the others had only been to the county city a few times in their lives.

They didnt know anything, so they could only look for Zheng Hai.

However, now, the Sun familys only hope was completely destroyed.

Su Qi was a traditional woman who regarded her husband as the center of her life.

Now, he had been arrested, and the person her husband had treated as his biological son was the one who exposed him.

Su Qi, who had come back to her senses, turned around and pulled Li Pings hair.

She scratched Li Pings face fiercely as she scolded, “Its all your sons fault! Now, the entire Sun family has been ruined by him! Lets see how you boss people around at home after your son is screwed.

You usually rely on my mans status as the village chief to bully others in the village.

Even I, the wife of the village chief, am not nearly as pretentious as you!”

Five bloody lines immediately appeared on Li Pings face.

The pain made her come to her senses and she immediately counterattacked.

She raised her leg and kicked Su Qi hard.

Su Qi endured the pain in her thigh and grabbed Li Pings hair tightly.

Sun Dong and Sun Nan hurriedly went forward to break up the fight.

Although they were breaking up the fight, they were definitely on her mothers side.

After the two of them separated, Li Ping was already beaten black and blue.

Although Su Qi was also scratched, her overall condition was much better than Li Pings.

Sun Dong felt a headache when she saw the scene in front of her.

However, she had been a city dweller for a few years, so she was more experienced than Madam Sun and the others.

She thought for a moment and said, “Since things have already come to this, its useless to fret.

After you guys are done eating, go home and work obediently.

Dont cause trouble everywhere in a high-profile manner.

Otherwise, those people who have been suppressed in the village will report it to the investigation team.

At that time, they will be charged with more crimes.”

Sun Nan felt that Sun Dong was right, unlike her grandmother and the others, who would fight whenever something happened.

She was really tired of trying to mediate every day.

“My sister is right.”


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