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Sun Dong said in a low voice, “Theres no escaping labor reform.

Ill see if I can get someone to transfer them to a farm with better conditions.

Well take it one step at a time.

Lets eat first.”

No one had any other ideas at this moment.

When they heard Sun Dongs words, they nodded hesitantly.

Sun Dong packed a portion of food and brought it into the room.

She said cautiously, “Hubby, dont be angry.

I didnt expect my grandmother to distort the truth.”

Zheng Hai glanced at Sun Dong and said angrily, “Your grandmother euphemized things.

She said they were framed! I was almost screwed over by your family! Fortunately, I had an acquaintance ask around today.

If I had asked someone to interfere, my promotion would have been gone this time!”

When Sun Dong heard this, she tugged at the corner of Zheng Hais shirt and asked meekly, “Then can you find someone to send them to a farm with better conditions”

Zheng Hai glanced at Sun Dong angrily.

“Didnt you hear what I said just now President Song is personally in charge.

Do you know where his daughter-in-law, Wang Yuns second brother, works In the county government office! Do you think I have the ability to play tricks under President Songs nose Im warning you, dont interfere in this matter.

Otherwise, it will affect my promotion, and Ill divorce you!”

When Sun Dong heard this, she could only give up and coax Zheng Hai softly, “I dont care anymore.

Hubby, eat first.

What I made today is your favorite!”

The Sun family didnt dare to stir up trouble anymore.

Yu Bing began to teach in full swing.

She used her afternoon working time to practice and teach at the same time.

After teaching for a few days, she began to practice with the two apprentices.

Because they were not proficient, the progress was a little slow that day.

Yu Bing simply extended the time to leave work so that she could catch up.

While Wang Tao was operating, Yu Bing saw Wu Qing run towards a middle-aged man with lame legs on the field.

Yu Bing had a deep impression of this man.

Although his legs were handicapped, he always did hard labor when he was working.

Moreover, he did it efficiently.

However, he didnt talk much and seemed aloof.

When Wu Qing saw his mentor looking in this direction, he quickly returned to the field and explained to Yu Bing, “Mentor, thats my father.

I told him that I would be home later today.”

Yu Bing nodded and said with a smile, “Although your father is handicapped, hes very agile.

He always finishes first.”

Wu Qing smiled and raised his head slightly as he said proudly, “My father is amazing! He knows everything! Back then, he was shot in the leg on the battlefield and had no choice but to retire.”

The countrys military policy made many ordinary people admire soldiers.

Yu Bing also had a good impression of soldiers and respected them.

Yu Bing suddenly thought of the Wu familys poverty and couldnt help but ask curiously, “How many people are in your family”

Wu Qing replied, “Three.

My mother died of illness when I was very young.

Now, theres only me, my father, and Grandma at home.”

Yu Bing found it even more strange when she heard this.

“Your family has two young and strong laborers.

Even if your grandmother doesnt work, you guys can still survive on your own.

Why did they say that you guys are poor”

Wu Qing sighed helplessly.

“My grandmother is not in good health.

She has to take medicine all year round to recuperate.


He suddenly thought of something and didnt continue.

Seeing this, Yu Bing didnt continue asking.

Wu Qing heaved a sigh of relief.

The sentencing of the Sun familys uncle and nephew was quickly handed down.

The two of them were sentenced to different remote farms for labor reform.

Sun Yu was sentenced to five years in prison for deliberately destroying public property.

Sun Wang was sentenced for abusing his power for personal gain, suppressing the villagers, and compromising unity.

He was also charged with bribery.

Because the money couldnt be recovered, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Sun Dong, Su Qi, and the others begged Madam Sun to take out as much money as she could, but when they found out that all the money could only reduce their sentence by two years, Madam Sun rolled around at home and refused to take it out.

After all, she would probably turn into bones 20 years later.

How could her son whom she couldnt see anymore be more reliable than money

On their day off, Yu Bing and Xiao Sheng secretly went up the mountain.

The back mountain was actually very big, and Xiao Sheng rarely went deeper.

In the past, he heard from the old people that there was a foggy forest inside.

The people who entered didnt come out again.

In addition, after Xiao Sheng deliberately caused rumors of it being haunted, everyone went to the mountains at the entrance of the village and rarely took the initiative to come to the back mountain.

Yu Bing had walked around the back of the mountain last time, and there were not much edible things there.

The two of them carried sickles and carefully continued into the deep mountains.

After walking for half an hour from the small wooden house where the jam was brewed, the two of them saw a large wild sugar cane field!


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