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Zhao Lin put down her pen and walked over.

“What happened”

Seeing this, Yu Yan immediately replied, “Its fine, Director Zhao.

I took the wrong letter.”

Yu Bing stared into Yu Yans eyes and revealed a faint smile.

“Do you think its fine to yell at me after you took the wrong letter I saw that you looked so emotional when you took my letter.

I was frightened since I thought you were going to take my letter away.”

When Yu Yans thoughts were exposed, she immediately retorted, “Who said I took your letter! Stop slandering me!”

Yu Bing tilted her head and looked at Yu Yan with a frown as she said, “I didnt slander you.

I just said I thought you were going to take my letter away with me.

Moreover, you did take the wrong letter and shout at me.”

The letter box was placed on the table beside Zhao Lins desk.

She usually kept it.

When she took it out at work, she would lock it back in the cabinet after leaving the office.

Zhao Lin saw Yu Yans abnormal reaction and looked at her suspiciously.

Then, she said slowly, “Alright, its a small matter.

You can just apologize.”

Yu Yan widened her eyes when she heard this.

“Why should I apologize”

Why should she apologize If not for Yu Bing, she wouldnt have been sent away!

This letter would have been sent to her.

Yu Bing wouldnt even receive this letter!

Zhao Lin couldnt stand Yu Yans behavior to begin with.

She looked healthy, but when it came to work, she would always look for substitutes.

Yu Bing was different.

Although she was thin, she was a dilligent worker and drove such a heavy tractor with ease.

Her son often praised Yu Bing at home.

Hence, when Zhao Lin heard Yu Yans retort, she felt even more uncomfortable.

She took the letter from Yu Yans hand and handed it over after confirming that it was Yu Bings.

She said to Yu Yan sternly, “Is it that difficult for you to apologize to someone after taking the wrong letter Youre really unreasonable!”

When Yu Yan saw Zhao Lins angry expression, she felt that the entire world was going against her.

However, she knew that she couldnt offend the villagers if she wanted to continue to live here, so she looked at Yu Bing and said reluctantly, “Im sorry.”

Yu Bing smirked slightly as she said softly, “Its okay.”

Yu Yan took the letter she had placed at the side and left angrily.

Yu Bing thanked Zhao Lin and left the office.

Looking at Yu Yans back, Yu Bing suddenly had a new idea.

Since Yu Yan was looking for trouble, Yu Yan should not blame her for beating her at her own game.

After returning home, Yu Bing opened the letter and quickly browsed through it.

Her family found out that Jiang Chun had sent 20 pounds of apples and a jar of honey back home.

They asked Yu Bing why she didnt send them, and asked her to send all the rations she could send home.

Jiang Chuns parents wished they could bring everything they could to Jiang Chun, so after Jiang Chun obtained something, she would naturally want to send it home.

The Yu family was the exact opposite.

They wished that Yu Bing would send all her rations back home every month at her own expense.

Moreover, Yu Bing was certain that even if she did this, the Yu family wouldnt remember her kindness.

Yu Bing pursed her lips.

She knew it.

Why would the Yu family take the initiative to send her a letter As expected, they had a motive.

If it wasnt for the sake of setting a trap for Yu Yan, she wouldnt have bothered to reply to this letter.

Yu Bing quickly wrote the letter and placed it aside.

She planned to send it from the county city tomorrow so that Yu Yan could see the reply quickly.

At the thought of this, Yu Bing couldnt help but smile evilly.

She couldnt wait to see Yu Yans expression when she saw the reply.

After the excavation mission was completed on Friday morning, Yu Bing drove the tractor straight to the Song familys home to attend the baby shower.

Yu Bing had just reached the door when she heard the lively laughter inside.

She raised her hand and knocked.

Song Li opened the door.

“Yu Bing, we were waiting for you.

Everyone is here!” Song Li hugged Yu Bings shoulder and smiled as she entered the living room.


Song was busy in the kitchen.


Song and Song Jian were drinking tea and talking with a middle-aged man in the living room.

Wang Yun and a young man were sitting at the side and playing with Little Treasure.

When Wang Yun saw Yu Bing, she smiled and held her hand as they walked into the living room.

“Dad, Brother, this is my god sister, Yu Bing.”

With that, she turned to Yu Bing and introduced, “Yu Bing, this is the first time youve seen my family.

My father is from the Food Bureau.

My brother, Wang Wei, is a small official in the government.”

Yu Bing greeted everyone one by one.

The Wang familys father and son secretly sized Yu Bing up.

They realized that although this girl was young, she was very graceful and composed.

Her eyes were clear, and she didnt seem like a scheming person.

They had a good impression of her.


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