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Wang Qing went forward excitedly and said to Yu Bing, “Thank you so much! If it werent for you, I wouldnt have been able to see my daughter.

I wouldnt have had the face to see my deceased wife after I die!”

Wang Wei followed behind his father and thanked her with a smile.

“Yu Bing, thank you for saving my sister.”

When Yu Bing saw the harmonious family relationship of the Wang family, she replied with a gentle expression, “Please dont be so polite.

Previously, Sister Yun, Brother Song, Uncle Song, and Auntie Song have thanked me a few times already.

Anyone would have helped if they encountered this matter.

Its just that I happened to encounter it this time.”

The Wang familys father and son had already found out about Yu Bings personality from Wang Yun, so they stopped being polite.

Wang Qing said to Yu Bing kindly, “Were family.

Wang Yun has acknowledged you as her sister, so you can call me Uncle Wang.

Wang Wei will be your brother.

You came all the way to our province to help build a village, so if you encounter any difficulties, come find Wang Yun!”

Yu Bing smiled and nodded as she said jokingly, “Uncle Wang, I wont stand on ceremony then.”

Wang Yun hurriedly said, “Thats how it should be!”

Seeing this, Yu Bing took out a zodiac card she had specifically found someone to make with silver.

She handed it to Wang Yun with a smile.

“This is a one-month-old gift for Little Treasure.

I cant afford gold, so I can only use silver instead.”

Wang Yun took it and saw that on one side of the zodiac card, there was the zodiac symbol, and on the other side, there was a happy child.

Wang Yun liked it very much.

“Whats the need for gold The child is still young.

Its not good to keep too expensive a gift, so silver is just right!”

Everyone chatted and laughed in a harmonious atmosphere.

After dinner, Yu Bing sat for a while before bidding farewell.

When they got off work at night, everyone passed by the notice board and saw the new list of candidates for the village chief position.

There were a total of seven people.

The security director, Liu Bao, the female director, Zhao Lin, the accountant, Wei Zhen, Wu Jin, and the three village team leaders, who were Lin Qiang, Zhao Gui, and Yue Fei.

Although they were all from the same village and were very familiar with each other, the announcement still gave a simple description of the candidates situation.

Firstly, it was a standard requirement for the public announcement, and secondly, it was for the young people who had just arrived at the He Mountain Brigade and didnt know the situation in the village.

Yu Bing leaned forward and saw Wu Jins name.

She raised her eyebrows and gave Xiao Sheng a thumbs up.

“Youre quite capable!”

Xiao Sheng glanced at Yu Bing with a faint smile.

The scene of the two of them interacting happened to be seen by Yu Yan, who was standing in front of the noticeboard.

Although Yu Yan and Yao Nian had become much closer these few days and she had some feelings for Yao Nian, compared to Xiao Sheng, one was like a high mountain flower that people couldnt help but look up to and want to conquer, while the other was as gentle as water.

Yao Nians gentleness alone could indeed attract her, but compared to Xiao Shengs aloofness, Yao Nian seemed as plain as a glass of water.

Yu Yan saw Xiao Shengs smile from the side and the jealousy in her heart began to spread.

She suddenly thought of a plan.

She stared at Yu Bing from the corner of her eye and scolded softly, “B*tch! Shameless!”

Yu Bing was close to Yu Yan, so she naturally heard everything clearly.

However, Yu Yan didnt name her, so she couldnt say anything.

She wouldnt go forward to be scolded.

However, Yu Bing ignoring Yu Yan agitated her even more.

“You seduced another man even though you have a fiancé.

What a slut!”

She was practically naming her.

At this moment, there were not many people surrounding the noticeboard.

There were only 20 or so people.

Because of Yao Nian spreading the word, everyone knew that among the people present, only Yu Bing had a fiancé.

A few gossipy middle-aged women immediately felt the tension between the two of them and quickly turned their gazes to them.

Xiao Sheng knew that Yu Yan was hinting at something, but he couldnt say anything.

Otherwise, it would only cause gossip.

Moreover, he knew that Yu Bing could deal with such people who caused trouble for no reason.

Yu Bing turned around and looked at Yu Yan coldly.

“You feel uncomfortable if you dont cause trouble for a day, right”

Yu Yan gritted her teeth and said hatefully, “Im just telling the truth.

If you dare to do it, why are you afraid of others saying it Youre pretending to be chaste.”

Yu Bing clenched her fists and said calmly, “What did I do Tell me.

If you cant tell me the truth, Ill report you to Director Liu and Director Zhao for slander!”


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