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Yu Yan mentioned what everyone could see for themselves.

When Yu Bing heard this, she knew what Yu Yan was up to.

She retorted calmly, “Yu Yan, are you living in a feudal society Our country has long entered an era where men and women are equal.

This is written in the law.

Stop spreading your feudal thoughts!”

The current state policy was based on anti-imperialism and anti-feudalism, while imperialism and feudalism were based on the notion that women had low status.

Yu Yan was so frightened that she hurriedly retorted, “Im not feudal! Dont slander me!” She was afraid that if she didnt retort, she would be labeled as a counterrevolutionary.

Yu Bing smiled faintly and glanced at everyone.

“Lets put aside the fact that my parents and colleagues only joked about the arranged engagement before I was born.

I want to ask everyone, is there a problem with women being drivers”

“No problem!” The surrounding women immediately replied loudly.

After Yu Bing heard this, she continued, “Its inevitable for men and women to come into contact with each other.

Yu Yan, according to you, as long as there are more men than women on the job, theres a problem with moral conduct”

Yu Bings rebuttal came one after another.

Yu Yan was making something out of nothing to begin with, so at this moment, she was flustered by the question.

Her lips moved a few times, but she didnt answer in the end.

However, Yu Bing wouldnt give her a chance to evade the question.

She raised her voice and asked, “Yu Yan, as long as there are more men than women on the job, theres a problem with moral conduct”

Yu Bings questioning made a thin layer of sweat appear on Yu Yans nose.

If her answer was yes, then she would be going against all the working women.

However, if she denied it, wouldnt it be equivalent to taking the initiative to admit that she was deliberately looking for trouble with Yu Bing

Yu Yan didnt respond directly.

She only stared at Yu Bing as she said, “Yu Bing, dont twist my words to divert attention from the topic at hand.

Im not talking about anyone else.

Im talking about you!”

Yu Bings eyes were cold as she stared at Yu Yan and slowly asked, “Then show me the evidence! You said that theres something wrong with my moral conduct.

When I asked you to show me the evidence, you talked about the nature of my work.

Now that Im talking about the nature of my work, youre talking about my moral conduct again.”

“While everyone is here, just say it.

What are you trying to say since youre circling around these two questions”

These words directly exposed Yu Yans intention to blur the lines between moral conduct and work nature in front of everyone.

The people who were feeling a little confused also understood that Yu Yan was indeed causing trouble.

Because it was an argument between two females, Zhao Lin, as the female director, took the initiative to step forward to preside over the situation.

“Yu Yan, if you cant produce evidence, then youre slandering her.”

When Yu Yan heard this, her clenched fists loosened and clenched again.

She raised her head to look at Zhao Lin and started a new round of sophistry.

“Director Zhao, I cant produce evidence now, but that doesnt mean that Yu Bing has no problems, right”

Yu Bing was amused by Yu Yans shameless retort.

She lowered her eyes for a moment and thought of an idea.

She said to Yu Yan, “Yu Yan, theres money in the letter my family sent me, but I didnt see it after opening it.

I suspect that you took it.

After all, my letter went through your hands yesterday.”

Yu Yan immediately widened her eyes and pointed at Yu Bing.

“Youre slandering me! I only took a look at your letter.

I didnt open it.

Director Zhao was also present at that time.

Dont slander me.”

Zhao Lin was stunned for a moment when she heard this.

Then, she said, “Let me make it clear first.

I only saw you reading Yu Bings letter.

When I took it from you, I only looked at the recipient on the front of the envelope to confirm the ownership of the letter.

However, I didnt check if the back seal had been opened.

I dont know if it had been opened or not!”

“I really didnt open the letter.

Yu Bing, you have to have evidence to slander me!” Yu Yan panicked when she heard this and blurted out contradictory words.

Yu Bing looked enlightened and said, “Oh! You also know that evidence is important.”

Yu Yan was completely speechless now.

She could only stomp her feet in anger.


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