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At this moment, Yu Bing was thinking of a solution.

There was no one on the road at noon, and her house was the closest.

However, at this distance, even if she shouted, Jiang Chun wouldnt hear a word.

Just as she was feeling anxious, she saw Yao Nian stand in front of her and say righteously to the two masked robbers, “Who are you guys How dare you guys try to break the law in broad daylight!”

The tall and thin man laughed sinisterly as he said fiercely, “Im the law.

Pretty boy, move aside obediently.

If you leave this woman behind, I can let you leave safely! Otherwise, Ill definitely make you suffer today!”

When Yao Nian heard this, he snorted and said solemnly, “You shameless people! Even if I have to risk my life, I wont let you touch my fiancée!”

With that, he clenched his fists and assumed a combat posture.

The tall and fat guy immediately let out a mocking laugh and stared at Yu Bing with a lecherous gaze.

“Little beauty, wait for us to beat this pretty boy down first before we play with you.”

Yu Bing didnt say anything and only looked at the two masked men coldly.

From their figures and voices, she guessed that they were not villagers of the He Mountain Brigade.

At this moment, Yao Nian turned to look at Yu Bing and whispered, “Ill hold these two back now.

Hurry up and run home! Dont worry about me.

Ill look for you at your house when Im out of danger.”

When Yu Bing heard this, she already understood what was going on.

It turned out that this was a show orchestrated by Yao Nian! The title of the show wasThe Hero Saves The Damsel In Distress!

Yu Bing was so certain because it was impossible for a selfish person like Yao Nian to sacrifice himself for others, let alone her.

Yao Nian didnt know that Yu Bing had seen through his act before it was even finished.

If Yao Nian was dealing with an innocent girl with insufficient social experience, this act definitely would have made her loyal to him.

Unfortunately, Yu Bing was a little fox in sheeps clothing.

An old soul who had experienced his and Yu Yans schemes lived in this 18-year-old body.

Yu Bing pretended to be afraid and swallowed nervously.

She said to Yao Nian, “Yao Nian, Ill help you.

There are two of them.

If I stay here, youll have another helper.”

Yao Nians expression froze.

Then, he said gently, “I just wang you to be safe.

Their target is you.

If you run away, theyll just beat me up.

Itll be fine!”

The two masked robbers saw the two of them whispering and were wondering why things were different from what they had discussed.

Why wasnt the girl running away Was she really going to fight

Just as they were hesitating about whether or not to go forward, they heard the girl say, “Were not afraid of you! Come at us if you have the guts!”

The two of them were idle hooligans from the outside village.

Usually, they were just petty thieves that stole food and livestock.

At most, they would threaten meek people to extort money.

To put it bluntly, they bullied the weak and feared the strong.

When they encountered tough people, they didnt dare to take the initiative to provoke them.

Therefore, the two of them had not committed anything serious crimes so far.

Yao Nian had said that they only needed to scare her, so the two of them accepted this task.

They didnt want to fight.

If they made a big deal out of it and were caught, they would be sentenced to labor reform.

A few yuan wasnt worth sacrificing their future for.

Just as they were hesitating, they saw Yao Nians meaningful glance.

The two of them understood that Yao Nian wanted to do it real.

The tall and fat man secretly asked the tall and thin man, “Bro, are we going to fight If we dont do it well, the other party might say we didnt do a good job and refuse to pay.

If we do, Im afraid…”

The tall and thin man thought for a moment and said, “Lets go! We waited here for half an hour in advance, but no one passed by.

This place is very remote.

We can let him run away after he shows off.

Its not worth it to be beaten up for such a small fee.”

The fat man nodded.

Hence, the two of them ran towards Yao Nian.

Just as Yao Nian was about to move forward, he saw Yu Bing suddenly jump forward from the side.

She took out a rolling pin from the sleeve of her long-sleeved shirt and hit one of them in the head!

Then, she threw another stone at another persons face.

Then, she turned around and ran.

As she ran, she shouted, “Yao Nian, run!”

Seeing this, the veins on Yao Nians forehead twitched.

However, since things had already reached this stage, he could only follow Yu Bing and run.

The masked thugs, who had been beaten up, were stunned and looked at each other.

It was impossible to chase after them.

The two of them decided to silently retreat into the forest and wait for Yao Nian to come and settle the bill.


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