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After Feng Cai was born, Mrs.

Fengs health began to deteriorate.

Feng Cai could be said to have been brought up by Grandma Feng.

Their relationship was very intimate.

Grandma Fengs smile froze.

She lowered her head and didnt dare to tell Feng Cai.

Others always said that she was biased towards Feng Cai, but he was also the most filial.

Grandma Feng was worried that if Feng Cai found out about this, Feng Cai would make a fuss.

However, she didnt want to see her son in a difficult position.

However, there was no point in concealing the truth.

Feng Cais sister-in-law sighed and said honestly, “Grandma sleeps here now.”

When Feng Cai saw this, he understood everything! He punched the desk in the living room, startling Feng Xian, who quickly ran out the door.

Feng Cai turned to look at his sister-in-law and asked solemnly, “How are the rooms allocated now”

Feng Cais sister-in-law glanced at Feng Cai, then slowly explained the situation at home.

Grandma Fengs original room was now occupied by his younger brother, Feng Xian.

Grandma Feng had moved to the hall and lived under the shelf bed where his two sisters used to sleep.

On the other side, the shelf bed still belonged to his brother and his family.

When Feng Cai heard this, he sneered.

“Looks like that woman isnt pretending anymore! Is Feng Xian, a junior, older than Grandma In my fathers eyes, your family of three isnt as important as Feng Xian No, it should be said that all of us arent as important as him.”

The current Mrs.

Feng wasnt Feng Cais biological mother.

Feng Cais biological mother had died when he was six years old.

The next year, Mr.

Feng was introduced to Lin Lin, who was two years younger than him, and she became his wife.

Lin Lins husband died and she married over with her two daughters.

She only gave birth to Feng Xian later on.


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