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Her eyes were sparkling like the stars in the night sky.

However, Qiao Nians impression of Su Sheng instantly dropped.

Of course, good friends could share things with each other, but strangers…

This was the second time she had met Su Sheng.

The two of them were not very familiar with each other, but when Su Sheng said that she would give her an album, it felt like charity.

Qiao Nian finally understood why Su Sheng hadnt offered to give her an album when she was at the Gu residence.

Moreover, Su Sheng didnt even want to give her an album.

She was clearly just showing off.

If she hadnt come here today, she wouldnt have seen Su Sheng.

If she hadnt seen Su Sheng, Su Sheng probably wouldnt have suggested giving her the album.

If she was not wrong, no matter who was standing in the elevator today, Su Sheng would give that album to them.

Qiao Nians eyes gradually turned cold.

She didnt like this kind of show-off charity.

Her gaze fell on Su Shengs face and she continued, “Thank you for your kindness, Miss Su.

Miss Su, you should keep that album for yourself.

After all, I dont deserve anything.”

Su Sheng looked at Qiao Nian in confusion.

Her brow gradually furrowed as she asked in confusion, “Miss Qiao, did I say something wrong Why have you suddenly become like this Im doing this out of goodwill.

Im also thinking about Little Qis illness.

If I really said something wrong, you can tell me.

Ill apologize to you.”

“Thank you, but theres no need.”

As soon as Qiao Nian finished speaking, the elevator door opened with a ding.

She took the lead and walked out.

Su Sheng frowned slightly as she looked at Qiao Nians back.

The confusion in her eyes became even more obvious.

She clearly meant well and wanted to treat Little Qis illness.


She had even given Qiao Nian a limited edition album.

She was so generous.

She really didnt understand why Qiao Nian was angry.

Was Qiao Nian angry because she could listen to Mr.

Dong Huas new song

Su Sheng walked out of the elevator slowly.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in her mind and she instantly reacted.

Qiao Nian must be jealous of her.

Previously, in the car, Qiao Nian had been very envious of her for having Mr.

Dong Huas limited edition album.

Now, she was telling Qiao Nian that she was here to listen to Mr.

Dong Huas new song.


No matter how good Qiao Nians upbringing was, it would be ruined by jealousy.

This world was just so unfair.

Rich people shouldnt be with poor people.

If they were, the poor would only treat the gifts given by the rich as charity.

Her environment was different from Qiao Nians, and their values were also different.

It was normal for Qiao Nian to be jealous of her.


She was now a famous psychiatrist in the country, but Qiao Nian was an unknown doctor.


However, she really wanted to give the album to Qiao Nian.

She wanted Little Qi to recover as soon as possible.

Forget it.

Not everyone would accept this calmly.

Perhaps that limited edition album was very valuable to Qiao Nian, but she had more of Mr.

Dong Huas albums.

She really wanted to give the item to someone who needed it more.

This was to make the best use of it.

It would also allow Mr.

Dong Huas music to play a greater role in ones life.

It should be because she had said that she could hear Mr.

Dong Huas new song.

This made Qiao Nian jealous.

Actually, she really just wanted to share her joy.

Moreover, she wanted to get closer to Qiao Nian.

But it had backfired.

Forget it.

She wouldnt think about this anymore.

If she gave Qiao Nian a copy of Mr.

Dong Huas new album, Qiao Nian would calm down and think things through.

Then, the two of them would definitely be able to reconcile.

In her opinion, good friends had to share good things.

… .

Qiao Nian walked forward in her high heels, deliberately distancing herself from Su Sheng.

She finally understood that her previous feelings were not wrong.


In the past, she had treasured many of Mr.

Dong Huas albums, but those albums were only lent to good friends to listen to.

She was never willing to give them away.

Moreover, every time Mr.

Dong Hua released an album, she would buy two copies.

One would be used for collection, and the other would be used for daily listening.

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