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Chapter 45.2 – Lovesick Before Even Parting (2)

The two of them agreed to see each other again during the palace banquet, but it would still be half a month later.

How could these two lovebirds wait

Qi Yang had already left the palace today, so she didn’t plan to go back immediately.

Of course, Lu Qipei was more than happy to be with her.

The two of them immediately agreed not to talk about other things, and just cherish the day first.

It was already past her working hours on Hanlin Academy, so the two eventually went to Qi Yang’s princess’s mansion.

It had been renovated for several months, and was now basically completed.

Only a few craftsmen were still there to finish some small works like transplanting flowers and grasses and doing other minor stuff.

There were rules for all mansions bestowed to members of the royalty, so the areas that could be changed were limited.

The two of them had come here more than once, and had become familiar with the road towards the princess’s mansion.

But when they came here today, it felt different to when they came had come here in the past.

Lu Qipei who had usually been very reserved was not acting so polite this time.

Entering the residence through the main courtyard, she also made the workers there make some changes with the furnishings.

Qi Yang smiled when she saw it, then took a step forward and took Lu Qipei’s hand while ignoring everyone else’s gaze.

“Ah Pei, have you finally thought of this place as your home”

Lu Qipei felt a little embarrassed.

When she first came here with Her Royal Highness The Princess to choose her residence, she never thought that this place would become her home one day.

Even now, it didn’t feel appropriate for her to order the people around.

On the other hand, Qi Yang loved her shy look so much that if there weren’t other people around, she would’ve lifted Lu Qipei’s chin and planted a kiss on her lips.

Unfortunately, there were too many servants following them, so it was impossible to do that.

Qi Yang regretfully drew back her thoughts and ordered the servants to follow Lu Qipei’s instructions.

In fact, there was no need for her to specifically say that; by now, most of the people working in the mansion already knew their relationship.

Obviously they would listen to the words of the future Prince Consort, especially when the young couple seemed so affectionate with each other and the princess seemed willing to listen to her husband.

The two of them took a walk around the new mansion, and by the time they left, Qi Yang was still feeling a little sad.

“The mansion is all set up, but it’s a pity that we still have to wait for months before we can move in.”

The princesses of Liang state always left the palace only after they were married, so Qi Yang’s words were self-explanatory.

Lu Qipei pursed her lips in amusement, remembering how she never saw the little princess in such a hurry in her previous life.

In this life, for some reason Her Royal Highness said that she wanted her to be her Prince Consort on the first day they met, and now she couldn’t wait any longer.

Qi Yang knew what Lu Qipei was thinking when she saw her smile, and she squeezed her hand in embarrassment.

Lu Qipei stopped smiling, but when she did so, Qi Yang felt sad again thinking how she would not be able to see the former’s smile for half a month.

So, she came to tease her again.

Time quickly passed as the two talked and laughed with each other.

Soon, the sun had set and it was time for dinner.

This time, Qi Yang didn’t take Lu Qipei back to her courtyard.

The two rarely got the chance to walk together in the downtown market, just sticking to each other without having to worry about the eyes of others.

Finally, they chose to have a meal at the House of Happiness.

When the windows of the private room were opened, you could see waves rippling on the lake outside.

Lu Qipei said to Qi Yang, “The scenery here is not bad.

Your Highness, it would be good to go out and take a look at it more.”

To be the number one restaurant in the capital, of course the House of Happiness didn’t only have a good scenery, but also great food and wine.

But the two of them planned to cherish their current moment, so they didn’t order wine.

Apart from that, they had a very satisfying meal.

It was already late by the time dinner was over, and it was close to the time when the palace gates would be closed.

When they left the House of Happiness, the two of them were reluctant to part from each other.

Lu Qipei said, “Let me take you back.”

Qi Yang had no choice.

The Emperor was watching her closely right now, so it wasn’t good to find excuses to stay outside the palace overnight.

Looking at the sky, she felt that there was still some time, so Qi Yang said, “Let’s take a walk for a while first.

Later, you can take me back to the palace gates.”

Lu Qipei naturally agreed.

They had not even parted yet, but they already felt lovesick.

It was evening, the time for people to return home, and most of the people on the street were in a hurry.

Lu Qipei and Qi Yang walked in their midst, neither fast nor slow, and looked different from the rest of them.

Qi Yang even bought two true lover’s knots1 and hung one on Lu Qipei’s waist.

Lu Qipei was the one who paid – Her Royal Highness The Princess had always had servants following her, and didn’t have the habit of carrying money with her.

When she was with Lu Qipei, even her closest friend Zhi Ting seemed like an eyesore, and she wished that Lu Qipei and her were the only people in the world.

Lu Qipei paid the money, touched the true lover’s knot hanging at her waist, then turned around.

She smiled and was about to say something to Qi Yang, but she suddenly felt an intimidating gaze on her.

After the incident with Liu Chen, she also felt that her guard against outsiders had improved a lot.

So when she noticed someone staring at her, she immediately turned around to look.

At the corner of the street, a young boy was looking at her from afar.

He didn’t panic when he saw her suddenly turn around.

Instead, he looked at her a bit longer, as if to confirm something, then turned around and left.

When Qi Yang followed her line of sight, she could only see his back and asked, “What’s the matter, is there something wrong with that person”

Lu Qipei withdrew her gaze and shook her head, but there was some doubt in her eyes.

“It’s fine, that little boy just looked familiar.”

That person had already left, so Qi Yang didn’t ask her any further questions.

What Lu Qipei didn’t say was why the young boy looked familiar – he had a tall nose and deep eyes, and his eyebrows looked very similar to hers and Lu Qicheng’s.


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