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137 I Wish You All the Best

Jiang Xi first thanked the empress for her reward and then answered a few questions from the empress.

It seemed that the empress knew everything about her.

The Crown Prince, on the other hand, listened with great interest.

“Alright, Im tired.

You can leave.

Panpan will stay here to accompany me.

This palace is really boring.

If only Panpan could always stay in the palace.” The Empress waved her hand, and Crown Prince Dong Sheng and Jiang Xi left.

“Then I wish that the empress will have this day every year and that her wishes will come true.” Jiang Xi stood up and gave her blessings to the empress, but the empress did not look happy.

She had heard these words a thousand times a day, and her ears were getting calluses.

If she had any wishes, it would be for Zhao Panpan to move into the palace and spend more time with her.

At this time, Crown Prince Dong Sheng and Jiang Xi walked out of the imperial garden together and found that the butterflies in the imperial garden were all dancing around Jiang Xi.

Of course, the butterflies did not land on Jiang Xis shoulder and dance, which surprised the Crown Prince.

Instead, they flew away in disgust after circling Jiang Xi once! She was poisonous! When did poisonous mushrooms appear in the Imperial garden!

“Ahem, the butterflies… are quite interesting.” Dong Sheng laughed.

Although he did not like Jiang Xi and had promised Zhao Panpan to teach her a lesson, he always felt a familiar sense of closeness every time he saw Jiang Xi.

“I think youre the interesting one.” Jiang Xi laughed.

Dong Sheng was not angry.

He could not tell why, but he was as obedient as a quail in front of Jiang Xi.

“A rapist has appeared in the capital these two days, and someone has been in charge of arresting him.

During the safe period, Miss Jiang Xi should go back with general Zhao Ruifeng.

Dont go out if theres nothing important.

” Dong Sheng reminded Jiang Xi kindly.

When his eyes fell on Jiang Xi, he suddenly saw something on her waist and was startled.

A pendant made of feathers hung on Jiang Xis waist.

The feathers were soft and beautiful, and there was a green jade pendant hanging under it.

“Zhao Ruifeng gave me this jade pendant.

He said it was the Zhao familys heirloom.” Jiang Xi hid the jade pendant under her skirt without anyone noticing.

This action made Dong Sheng laugh.

He was the Crown Prince.

How could he steal a jade pendant from Jiang Xi He just felt that the feather was a bit familiar.

Dong Sheng shook his head.

When did he become interested in a little girls things

boxn ovel.


When they reached the palace gates, Dong Sheng stopped in his tracks.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xi stopped as well.

It was as if she had something to say to him, but she did not say it.

Dong Sheng did not overthink it.

He had never provoked any girls other than Zhao Panpan.

The few words he had said to Jiang Xi just now were considered overstepping his boundaries.

“Miss Jiang Xi, Panpan has been spoiled by me and my mother since she was a child.

If she has offended you in any way, I hope you can forgive her.

Panpan is a silly girl who knows nothing.

She is not as scheming as Miss Jiang Xi, nor is she as good at planning as you.

She has not experienced any hardships and has been raised innocent and delicate.

The Zhao family will only belong to you and General Zhao Ruifeng in the future.

Panpan is a daughter who will get married sooner or later.

She will not block your way,” Dong Sheng said in a low voice.

Only the heavens knew how much pain he felt when he saw Zhao Panpans letter yesterday.

Jiang Xi lowered her head and frowned, so Dong Sheng could not see her expression.

“If anyone dares to bully Panpan, I will definitely not let her off.” Dong Sheng took a deep look at Jiang Xi, then turned around and left.

He still had to wait for Zhao Panpan.

Jing City had not been peaceful recently, so he naturally would not let Zhao Panpan go home alone.

But why did his heart feel empty, as if something had disappeared

Dong Sheng, who did not turn his head, naturally did not know that Jiang Xi had been staring at his back.

“Ive already given you a chance.

Hes no longer your childhood playmate.

Since thats the case, the ill-fated relationship between the two of you should be broken,” Jiang Xi said indifferently.

Then, she felt her body lighten as if an obsession had left her body.

Dong Sheng, who had walked to the corner, suddenly fell to the ground.

He clutched his violently beating heart.

His heart was beating so fast that it was about to burst out of his chest.

His face, which had been slightly red just now, was now pale.

His forehead even began to sweat.

The eunuchs face was pale with fear and he quickly called for help.

In an instant, the palace gates were filled with people and the imperial physicians rushed over.

He seemed to have lost something important.

Dong Sheng panicked.

There was a thunderclap in the sky as if he had foreseen something.


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