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Chapter 1632: A Mental Dao Academy

Lu Yun left Mount Astronomia with a heavier heart than when hed entered it.

The mountain kept a large patch of darkness under control. Other than an absence of light, he couldnt see what else the darkness contained. At the same time, he thought of another land of darkness—the source of yin spirits in the chaos sea and world of immortals.

Lu Qing had once held down the fort in the chaos sea, overseeing the source of endless yin spirits. The place thatd devoured the Nihil and Sanguine Hells was the same land of darkness! In other words, the ghosts of the Hongmeng and yin spirits of the world of immortals were all from the same place.

When Lu Yun arrived at Mount Astronomia ten years ago and saw the darkness for the first time, he had found it vaguely familiar. While he taught formula dao to Yueyi over the past ten years, hed also been deducing anything he could about the land of darkness.

He'd finally come to some answers about the darkness in the chaos and world of immortals. More importantly was that the sun and moon on Mount Astronomia was a reflection of the ones in the chaos. Therefore, the darkness that was beneath the chaos sea was even more terrifying than what the mountain kept at bay.

“Are we the paper or the holes in the paper Is the darkness the truth of the world, or a poisonous tumor eating away at the truth” Lu Yun took a deep look at the unknown before leaving without another word. He was going back to the Eastern Cluster and building a Dao Academy there.

Hed already outlined his general plans for it—he would build something like Soul Dominion so everyone practicing formula dao could enter it with soul force replicas. They would be able to cultivate and practice there. Only ones cultivation level in formula dao was relevant; it didnt matter how strong the primary body was.

Hed also identified the teachers for the academy—his ten Yama Kings. Their grasp of formula dao was second to only Lu Yun and Qing Yus. Since their existence depended on the Tome of Life and Death, the treasure bestowed unlimited wisdom upon them. As the joint collective derived formula dao, so did the Yama Kings in the Hongmeng learn the formula dao of the fourth realm and reach astounding heights with it.

Lu Yuns source of supplemental dao was his Yama Kings, so it was an easy task for them to practice formula dao.

“What a pity that its so difficult to build a world of the mind like Soul Dominion… Though Ive crafted something similar, but when it comes to the fourth realm…” Lu Yun tugged up one side of his mouth in a half smile.

In the cosmos of the world of immortals, hed sent his body of the world into the immortal dao to turn it into a world of the mind. Immortals who exceeded peerless immortal realm could enter the cosmos with their mind and refine a star for their dao fruit.

However, there was only one body of the world—the organs of the world had almost cost God his life when he created them from the five altars. Each world could only have one set of organs, so it was almost impossible to create another set.

“Its not entirely impossible,” an otherworldly voice suddenly sounded in Lu Yuns ears.

He blinked and turned around to see Mo Yi dressed as a man.

“What are you doing out here” he almost stammered. Hed shut off the passageway between the Disordered Hell and the fourth realm so that sequence experts wouldnt sense her existence.

But here she was, jumping out of her own accord.

“Nothings going to happen to me just because Ive come out.” Mo Yi wanted to giggle at Lu Yuns long face. “My senior sister was hauled back because she was too over the line. She challenged the rules and orders of the world of immortals at every second. No one in the fourth realm can do anything to me if I refrain from doing the same.”

“Seeing the Dao Kings nervous expression, I thought…” Lu Yun pursed his lips.

“The Dao King Che” Mo Yi burst out laughing. “He gets nervous when I so much as yawn.”

Lu Yun held his forehead.

“Wasnt our plan to create a world of immortal dao to suppress the orders of the fourth realm” Mo Yi looked at Lu Yun. “If you create a mental Dao Academy that allows only soul force to enter, isnt that the prototype for a world of immortal dao”

“But if I want to make one of immortal dao, I need to have seeds of nothing. Those seeds…” Lu Yun shook his head. Whether it was creating a world of immortal dao or of the mind, both required seeds of nothing for their foundations. Hed yet to determine where they were.

As for the Dao Academy of the Eastern Cluster, he wanted to create that in conjunction with the spirit of Argent Snow. He wanted to see if the spirit could craft something like the Soul Dominion in the cluster.

If not, he would build a physical academy and figure out the one of the mind later.

“I dont have seeds of nothing, but I have seeds of creation.” Mo Yi opened her hand and sent up eleven seeds of creation. They glowed with a soft hue in the air. “Violetgrave has cleansed these. While theyre less than the seeds of nothing, they can absolutely create a world of the mind,” she chuckled.

“Thats right… we still have the seeds of creation!” A smile blossomed on Lu Yuns face. “Then I leave this to you! Im going to train!”

Mo Yis expression froze and she looked dumbly at Lu Yun. “I…. I actually like leaving work for other people too…”

“Then… lets have the Dao King do it He seems more suited for the job and hes pretty skilled in formula dao, right” Lu Yun hadnt discovered traces of the Dao King before, so he didnt know what the mans true level of strength was. But if he had the right to follow at Mo Yis side since the original Hongmeng, that meant he was no simple character.

Not even the Curse King had been able to easily take him out. Hed been held to a stalemate in the Immortal Region and couldnt freely act as he would.

“When you two layabouts get together, youre seriously…” The Dao King walked toward them with a sullen expression.

“Seriously what” Lu Yun grinned broadly.

“Not good enough to accomplish anything!” he huffed. “Fine, give me the eleven seeds and Ill build that world and Dao Academy of the mind for you.”

“Whats your cultivation level” Lu Yun looked at the Dao King with surprise. He still saw the man as a true king of the Hongmeng, even now.

“I once gave the Sky Sovereign King a few pointers when he reached a bottleneck at eight levels of sequence. He then set foot into the ninth level,” the Dao King answered after thinking it over. “Do you want to ask next why I dont take care of the darkness”

“Ah Zhi probably knows about the darkness too, but she hasnt gone either. Everyone has their own considerations.” Lu Yun waved his hand. “Just build that Dao Academy for me.”-

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