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Chapter 1633: A Crazed Mo Wusheng

After tossing all of his plans and work to the Dao King, Lu Yun took his leave. The abandoned Mo Yi and Dao King looked ruefully at each other.

“Hes washed his hands even more thoroughly this time.” The Dao King looked at Mo Yi and mumbled, “You need to help me!”

Mo Yi winked at him. “Youre the one who agreed to do it. And, the prototype for the mental Dao Academy is the world of immortal dao that you once mentioned, so of course this is your responsibility.”

Stupefied with disbelief, the Dao King stared at her.

“Alright then, Ill be off now. There are many creation seeds in the fourth realm—if these eleven arent enough, you can take more from others!” Mo Yi waved her fists around. “A full thirty-six seeds were invested when that one built Soul Dominion. So… good luck!”

She stuck her tongue out at him and left.

The Dao King didnt know if he should cry or not.

“When that one created Soul Dominion, formula dao was not yet in existence. Many creation seeds were wasted in the process due to improper or inefficient usage. That will not be the case here since I am skilled in formula dao—I can definitely create a mental world that exceeds Soul Dominion with just eleven seeds!” Confidence shone out of his face as he looked at the eleven seeds in his hand.


“Where are you going” Mo Yi quickly caught up to Lu Yun.

“I dont know,” he shook his head. “The fourth realm is so big that there should be many places for fortuitous opportunity and cultivation. Ill go wherever my feet take me.”

“I know of a place where you can go.” Mo Yi grinned when she saw how lost he seemed. “And its the perfect place for you right now.”

“Where” Lu Yun brightened. He really had no goal in mind at the moment—it was the first time hed been this way since birth.

He heavily disliked a life without purpose, but he didnt know how to find purpose. Leaving construction of the mental world to the Dao King was something hed planned for ahead of time. He could build a physical Dao Academy with World-Manifest-level strength, but a mental one for formula dao cultivators was beyond him.

“The original Hongmeng!” Mo Yi responded seriously.

“Nope.” Lu Yun turned her down flat. “I know myself too well. If I go to the original Hongmeng and form karmic ties with the inhabitants there, Ill try to find a way to change history. Ill either end up changing the present or creating an entirely new future with unexpected repercussions.”

“But you also created history when you were in the great wilderness…”

“That was different,” Lu Yun shook his head. “I followed the course of history when I led humanity to new heights during the great wilderness and created human dao. Although human dao was destroyed in the end, immortal dao succeeded it. It was a story of natural succession.

“If I go to the original Hongmeng and befriend the people there, Ill try to save them. But they and their world are ultimately meant for doom.

“In that case, I might as well not go.”

Mo Yi paused, having no new argument to bring to bear.

“Fine then, I wont force you. I actually wanted you to go to the original Hongmeng for a rescue mission, but I guess theyre dead with no recourse then,” Mo Yi said with disappointment after a long moment.

“Why dont you save them” Lu Yun asked.

“I cant. If I make a move, Ill end up the same as my senior sister—hauled back by the time guards,” Mo Yi sighed. “My senior sister was taken back to the original Hongmeng, and I would be…”

She didnt continue.

“Mm, I see, youre not part of the original Hongmeng.” Lu Yun nodded. “But you dont need to take the past to heart. Whats past is past, they will never come back.

“However, if there comes a day in which you find even those right in front of you are no longer, that will be when true regret sets in.” Lu Yun raised cupped fists to Mo Yi. “I take my leave. My destiny is up to myself and not the road that another paves for me.”

He turned around and left, leaving Mo Yi standing quietly in the air. She contemplated deeply before looking in the direction of the Eastern Cluster. “I have already lost a great deal. If I lose you too, I will truly have nothing.”


Lu Yun traveled through the unbounded fourth realm for a year before reaching the Southeast Cluster.

“Hahaha!! Feng Feifan, I finally have you!” An unhinged voice exploded by his ears as a gray-robed Mo Wusheng popped into existence in front of Lu Yun. He was bedraggled, his hair disheveled, and he clutched a shriveled soybean in one of his hands.

He hadnt believed that Lu Yun was the manifestation of a soybean and had searched for Feng Feifan for a full year before finding him.

“How dare you make a fool out of me, Feng Feifan! Ill beat you up before taking you to Mount Astronomia!” Mo Wusheng rolled up his sleeves and charged Lu Yun.


An enormous blood red hand descended from the sky with a boom, slapping Mo Wusheng away.

“Please go, sir. Ill take care of him.” The blood demon appeared in front of Lu Yun.

Lu Yun had come to the Southeastern Cluster because the blood demon had brought his men here, but who wouldve thought that hed run into Mo Wusheng as soon as he arrived

The latter naturally had no idea that Lu Yun had already visited Mount Astronomia with Yueyi. The appearance of such a powerful Nihil World Sovereign raised the blood demons attention and he blocked the crazed blow.

“Alright!” Lu Yun jumped with shock. Mo Wusheng hadnt wanted to just beat him up with that blow. If itd landed on him, he wouldve died.

“Who goes there!” Silver radiance erupted in all directions when a silver stick appeared in Mo Wushengs hands.

“Hmph!” snorted the blood demon. He shook his hand and manifested a pagoda—the Army Pagoda!

As one of the experts under the original emperors banner, the blood demon had naturally trained with soul weapons. His weapon of choice was the Profound Pagoda that God had created. After finding himself again, he could wield it with ease and comfort.

One hundred and eight soldiers formed in the air the second the pagoda emerged. Each of them brandished different weapons and hurled themselves at the oncoming silver radiance. Meanwhile, the pagoda itself shot out and spun in the air, smashing down on Mo Wushengs head.

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Dude, Lu Yun trolled the dude into insanity, didn't he-

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