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Lu Yun had the Formation Orb in his possession. Even though Feinie couldnt yet tap into its full power, its light was enough to reveal the weaknesses of most formations in the world.

The Great Formation of Corpse Refinement was indeed very powerful and radiated waves of corpse energy upon its establishment. The most powerful variation of its kind could refine even dao immortals. However, its major weakness was that it was vulnerable to outside force!

Attacking it from the outside with great power would utterly shatter the formation. The Deaf Prince had previously destroyed Jiangchen Wushangs formation with his crystal mountain, back on the floating island. However, Lu Yun didnt dare have the prince do the same at the moment. The crystal mountain was so powerful that it might bring the tunnel down on them.


The water orb contained a hundred million tons of sea water, along with Cangyins special sealing force. It burst with a violent might that overwhelmed the almost invisible and untraceable Great Formation of Corpse Refinement hidden in the air.


Jiangchen Wushang threw up a mouthful of blood mid-stride.

“My formation has been destroyed!” His expression twisted in an ugly fashion. Hed already lost his skeletal ship, the original formation, and the dao immortal zombie under his command. Hed set up this new formation with Jin Heyis help, but itd been destroyed just a few days later!

Sheer fury alone almost sent Jiangchen Wushang into a cultivation deviation.

“It looks like I underestimated those who came after us.” Jin Heyis lips thinned. “The formation was destroyed with raw power... it must be those good-for-nothings! Lets go. Theyre all their factions most treasured jewels, itll be troublesome if they catch up with us!”

“Why are you afraid of them, senior brother Jin” Jiangchen Wushang had wanted to talk Jin Heyi into enacting revenge for him, so this reaction was highly irritating.

Jiangchen Wushang was highly regarded among the Corpse Refiners; even the Bag of Corpse Refinement was a gift from the high council. No punishment had been forthcoming, either, after hed outed the sect and made them the public enemy of the world of immortals.

Unfortunately, his second failure had left his skeletal ship and great formation in broken tatters. He had no choice but to seek shelter himself under Jin Heyis banner.

“Its not that I fear them, but that I cant afford to set them off!” Jin Heyi said seriously. “Their backgrounds are too great for us to offend. Theyre the top geniuses in their respective factions. If theyd participated in the Dusk tournament two years ago, at least one of them wouldve become a youth sovereign as well. They also possess a good number of lifesaving treasures, which will protect them even in a battle with a dao immortal. Theres no reason for us to provoke them.

“The ancient tomb opened without warning. Were here to look for treasure, not make enemies. So lets go!

“The first prince of the North Sea court entered the tomb before we did, and that zombie king should be here as well, if my speculations are right.” With a flourish of his sleeve, Jin Heyi vanished, taking Jiangchen Wushang with him.


Lu Yuns face was pale after destroying the great formation. The destructive power of the formation whiplashed into him, along with a thick burst of corpse energy, shattering the undead hags sealed within the water orb and leaving only pieces of shredded flesh.

What an insanely powerful formation! Even golden immortals would be refined into zombies if they wandered in, and the corpse energy it released upon being shattered could turn even a peerless immortal!

Hellfire flickered around him and burned through the corpse energy that billowed over him. It was fortunate that Qing Han and the others hadnt come with him, or they wouldnt have been able to block the corrupting energy.

“Come on over!” he transmitted to his companions.

Qing Han hurried to him with the little fox and the Deaf Prince. The entrance to the tomb was right before them! The little fox tugged Qing Hans hair in a fit of excitement.

“I can sense the bloodline of my ancestor within the tomb!” the fox transmitted unsteadily.

“Are you sure its the monster spirit ancestor who was buried here” Lu Yun frowned and cast his Spectral Eye at the depths of the tomb. The coiled mountains outside had been destroyed; although some obstacles remained that blocked his vision, he could still gain some insights into the dead.

“Theres a human buried here…. She was known as Doctor Poison!” Lu Yun was a little uncertain. A doctor of poison There are doctors in the world of immortals as well And whys it a tomb of another woman 

Lu Yun shook his head. The North Sea was a region of utmost yin in the world of immortals. The most powerful beings here were mostly women or divine beasts of yin, such as kunpengs and blackwater snakes.

“Eh Human” the little fox grumbled. “Levitating Island used to be the sacred land of the monster spirits. The one buried here must be our ancestor. Why would it be a human Besides, how do you even know whos buried here without entering the tomb”

The little fox was willing to stay on Levitating Island because the island used to be her kinds sacred land, and was very likely to be where their ancestors tomb was. Compared to the skydragon tomb of the North Sea, this was a far more tempting proposition.

“The monster spirit ancestor exceeded dao immortal realm. Although this tomb dates back to the ancient times, the owner buried here hadnt exceeded that realm, and the presence of the tomb pales in comparison to the tremendous presence released from the ancient dragon tomb. In fact, very few have even noticed this place.” Lu Yun shook his head.

From outside the entrance, he was able to gain some basic information about this Doctor Poison through his Spectral Eye. She hadnt even ascended to the dao immortal realm, and was only a golden immortal.

However, it didnt make sense for a golden immortal to possess such great presence that itd affect the power of the land and transform Levitating Island to form a pearl-in-jade layout. She wasnt an aristocrat, nor was she a dao immortal. The tomb left after her burial shouldnt have created such an impressive feng shui layout.

Lu Yun developed an almost compulsive curiosity about this doctor of poison.

Dejected, the little fox leapt into Qing Hans arms and nuzzled him with her furry head.

“Strange.” The little fox cocked her head up at Qing Han. “Why does it feel so similar to be held by you and big sister Mo Yi”

Qing Han stilled.

“Doctor Poison! The doctor of poison from the ancient times!” the Deaf Prince suddenly roared. “Aha! So this is the tomb of the ancient poison doctor Su Xiaoxiao! Its said that Doctor Poison was a disciple of the top pill master, Qi Hai, and that shed acquired his mastery in pills!”

“This is Su Xiaoxiaos tomb!” Qing Han couldnt believe his ears. With all the books hed read, of course hed know who the woman was.

The ancient poison doctor was Qi Hais last disciple. Shed grasped all of her masters tutelage and created the dao of medicine, saving countless people. However, Su Xiaoxiao swiveled between a duality of good and evil. When she felt like helping people, she might save a dying beggar of the mortal world and help him become the most powerful man in the world. When she was hit by the urge to do bad, she might scatter poison and slaughter every living thing in the world!

That was how shed become known as the doctor of poison.-

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