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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 376: Enormous Ape

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“Ruuuwoooaarrrr!” a piercing shriek erupted beneath the earth as both land and sky broke into a million pieces.

A gleaming, golden ape burrowed out from the crust. At least thirty meters tall, it wore a suit of tattered armor and carried a huge iron club that was about the same height as itself. However, one end of the club seemed to have been cut off by something, causing the weapon to look a little unbalanced.

An arcane dao immortal... ape Lu Yun looked around dazedly. The Enneaqilin Coffinbiers had sealed away a pathetic primate like this

No! Its only this weak because of being sealed away for so long, so it only has the strength of initial arcane dao right now! I still need to get out of here!

The Skydragon and Skyphoenix Pearls were already his. As soon as the ape appeared, the minor world undertook the final step toward total annihilation, scaring the young man out of his wits.

Lu Yun dashed to the entrance upon the Path of Ingress, then used a Size Manipulation Talisman on both Situ Zong and himself. As tiny motes of dust, the two of them were able to dodge the incoming attacks.

“Die!” An explosive shout descended from above. 

An arcane dao immortal had kept his eye on the proceedings. Although Lu Yun and Situ Zong had shrunk down to particle size, they couldnt escape the detection of someone so powerful.  

As soon as the duo cleared the exit, he delivered a downward slash at them. Situ Zong had no time to react; the enemy was too swift for him and he didnt even have the time to adjust the aim of his cannon.

“Piss off!” Lu Yun howled. A storm of silver thunderbolts flared from his body. Gathering into a single stream, they rose up and met the arcane dao immortals sword.


Lightning tore apart the sky for at least fifty kilometers around. All color drained from the immortals face as he took the full brunt of the electric attack, hurtling backward from the frenzied blow. 

“Fuck him up, Situ!” Lu Yun snarled.

The old man finally snapped to. He aimed the cannon at the arcane dao immortal in involuntary flight and fired a shot at maximum power.


The explosion was accompanied by a loud scream of despair as the immortals chest was punched clean through by the cannon shot. The destructive energies in the pillar of light decimated everything in his body.

“What!” Other immortals in the vicinity blanched in fear.

Theyd heard of the might of Lu Yuns imitation war treasure before. Indeed, some had watched him blast the North Sea emperors replica into smithereens elsewhere in the tomb. But the current cause of their fright was the unexpected tempest of lightning hed just released.

The more astute among them recalled how Lu Yun had once used an endless squall of thunder to destroy two dao-grade formations and innumerable immortals outside Xiankan. What hed used a moment ago was a repeat of that, really.

Now, Lu Yun and Situ Zong were safely outside and back to their normal size. The cannon barrel on the latters shoulder was a bit deformed by the heat, but no one was brave enough to strike due to the silver lightning still crackling all over Lu Yuns body.     

Having collected the thunder from refining the Tribulation Traversing Pill, it was one of his trump cards in the tomb. If he hadnt made use of it just now, they probably wouldve died.


Before the surrounding immortals could react, an even louder blast burst forth. The dragon and phoenix minor world was no more. The golden ape and its big club leaped out from the chaotic void where it used to be, roaring its fury to the sky.


The moment the giant ape appeared, the fiery connate-grade treasure from earlier hurtled in its direction.

“Not good! Quick, stop it!” There were seven ultimate experts around the treasure. All of them had plucked eight arcane dao fruits, but their surpassing strength failed to prevent them from being scattered by the treasures burst of energy.

They could finally see the treasure for what it truly was. A blazing cape of rippling flame, it shimmered with searing prominence and hummed in the air. The golden apes cry was a kind of summons; it was calling upon its old battle-garments!

“The connate-grade cape mustve belonged to that giant ape. Kill that monkey! Dont let it get the treasure!” Sounding a piercing howl, Canghai Xi gave up on stopping the cape and led the charge on the back of his sword.

Three more peak arcane dao immortals followed him in the attack. Unless they killed the ape, they had no chance at the cape at all. It was extremely likely that the cape had only appeared in the first place because itd sensed the ape awakening.

As the terrifying horror sealed in the depths of the dragon tomb, the giant apes strength had severely degraded from its prolonged imprisonment and its level was only equivalent to an initial arcane dao immortal. Even so, its combat strength far exceeded modern immortals imagination.

The golden ape roared once more, then swung its club in a wide, powerful sweep, fending off all four arcane dao immortals. The remaining three were focused on suppressing the connate-grade treasure.

Lu Yun found the sudden development rather ridiculous.

Despite hailing from seven different factions, the seven arcane dao experts were cooperating in perfect synchronicity. There was no doubt or hesitation in their movements. But… theyd been at each others throats for the treasures sake only moments earlier.

The immortals of this world may have no idea how to raid tombs, but theyre good at surviving!

If treasure was the only thing on the line, they would naturally go all-out against one another. However, when a monster threatened them in a tomb, they immediately set everything aside to defeat it.  

This was a reaction born from eighty thousand years of experience forged in blood and sacrifice. Itd been the same way earlier at the ghost tree. Donglin E and Tuoba Jie were enemies, but the former had devoted full strength to stabilizing the Blithe Entrapment Formation nevertheless.

“That monkey has the power of a two-headed zombie about it. Form up!” Lu Yun called out.

The hundred and eight peerless immortals were still nearby. When he gave the order, they immediately returned to the Formation of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Demons.

“The big iron club that the ape wields is the Divine Seaquell Staff!”-

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