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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 441.2: Hunting Lords

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“How are you feeling” The monster spirit immortals of the ten lands were also furious with Lu Yuns sneak attack, but Thunder Lords condition was more important to them now, as hed died once before.

“Im fine. My life brand is recorded in the Life Glyph, so Im still me after resurrecting.” The Thunder Lord breathed in deeply and looked up at the figure in the arena with pulsating hatred.


The sound was followed by a ripple as a pair of hammers wreathed with crackling lightning emerged before the Thunder Lord. It was a weapon exceeding ninth rank with a thunder method embedded within, the perfect match for the Thunder Lords attribute specialization.

This was his reward for attending the Sovereign Meet. To regular cultivators, the weapon was a great treasure, but it was unworthy for cultivators at the Thunder Lords height.

“Gahhhh!” the Thunder Lord threw his head back and howled, eyes shooting daggers at Lu Yun. “Look into him! I must know who he is and tear him to pieces!”

Lu Yun had trapped the Thunder Lord for seven days in the Sovereign World and prevented him from gaining anything during that period of time. Now, hed eliminated the lord prematurely—by stomping him to death, no less!

Frustration and rage rampaged; the Thunder Lord wanted nothing more than to skin Lu Yun alive. Hed gained a pair of rank-exceeding weapons with ancient heritage after killing more than a hundred cultivators. But there were close to thirty thousand cultivators in the arena, and thirty-six would be left in the end!

If someone eliminated a thousand, or even ten thousand cultivators, what rewards would they gain Connate-grade treasures Or fabled connate-grade methods What rewards would be given to those listed on the Sovereign Ranking as one of the thirty-six sovereigns

No matter what they would be, the Thunder Lord could have nothing more to do with them.

“Look! Whats Qing Yus Sidekick doing now” cried out someone in Destiny City.

After killing the Thunder Lord with a single stomp, Lu Yun soared into the air and shot in another direction, where a menacing golden lion was on an unstoppable killing spree. It continuously shot out golden ripples with crosses of its front paws, tearing cultivator after cultivator into pieces.

“Who is it!” the lion looked up with a sudden snarl. It called itself the Monster Lord, and its growl made use of a soundwave combat art that turned its voice physical, targeting the uninvited guest over its head.

“Your maker!” the responding roar shattered the lions soundwaves.

“Gah!” the golden lion cried out in shock. Blood shot out of its eyes, nose, and ears as it whined painfully. The humans retaliation had injured its nascent spirit, sending it into a daze.

“Isnt Qing Yus Sidekick loyal to Levitating Island Why would he attack a monster spirit from the island” Confusion percolated among the immortals in the city.

Scarlet Ape had saved Lu Yun from a Mo origin dao immortal, but Lu Yun had then visited the Mo Clan. All the while, Scarlet Apes iron rod remained in the Jadeite Manor. Many could even feel the monster spirits crude presence from it. Now, however, the human that Scarlet Ape had protected was targeting the monster spirits of Levitating Island!

Flying into a rage, those from both Levitating Island and the ten lands flocked to the entrance of Jadeite Manor, but Scarlet Ape stalwartly kept them outside.


Lu Yun had concealed his presence and eliminated two powerhouses in the simplest way. He then repeated the process and went after the next most powerful ripples of energy.

The Dragon Lord!

An elite from the dragons of the Unselfish Sea!

Likewise, the dragon failed to avoid Lu Yuns ambush. Lu Yun eliminated it with a simple and direct attack. That calmed the clamoring crowd down.

“It seems... that hes only after the powerful ones, no matter what their race!”

“What is he thinking Is he going against the will of the Sovereign Ranking!”

“How is he so strong The Dragon, Monster, and Thunder Lord were all killed with one swift attack! Did they not sense his approach”

The golden lion and the dragon struggled to explain themselves. Lu Yun had given off no sign when he moved. They hadnt even sensed him before he attacked!

Immortals in Destiny City could see him approach on the Sovereign Rankings projection, but cultivators Lu Yun had targeted couldnt sense anything. The movement technique he employed didnt seem to belong to the current world of immortals; hed left absolutely no traces for them to follow or sense.


“The lord of the human race Youre nothing.” A faintly silver figure walked the arena, facing a frail-looking young man.

The young man was the human lord among the ten lords, but hed been defeated by the silver figure in front of him.

“Youre the disciple of the Destiny city lord, Chu Yingxin!” The human lord was titled the Fallen Lord, and hailed from a great reclusive faction. He saw his birth as noble and himself as far above the geniuses of the world of immortals. However, hed managed to survive only a little more than a hundred exchanges with Chu Yingxin before being defeated.

All supplemental paths were disallowed here in the arena. Cultivators relied on only their constitution, cultivation methods, combat arts, will, and wisdom. The Fallen Lord had lost; there was no question about that.

“You can die now.” Chu Yingxin reached out to strike the Fallen Lord with his palm, but quickly pulled back and whirled around to scan his surroundings warily. “Who is it!”

“So you noticed me.” Lu Yun emerged from the darkness.

“You!” Chu Yingxin shot Lu Yun a murderous look and turned regretful. “What a shame that were in this arena. I cant take the Blood Ganoderma from you even if I kill you here!“

“Indeed, what a shame,” Lu Yun sighed. “I wont actually kill you here even after doing so.”

“Kill Me” Chu Yingxin threw his head back in laughter, then vanished in a flash.

Lu Yun turned around and attacked with both fists, punching the void before him.

“Oof… So strong!” Chu Yingxin paled and fell out from the sky, blood streaking down the corner of his mouth.

“Youre a void beast, a monster spirit born with the gift of spatial manipulation. No wonder the city lord took you as a disciple!” Lu Yun had identified his true form after the exchange.-

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