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Chapter 1757: Kill You To Tears

“The departed is gone and I am just a successor,” the man in white grinned brilliantly.

“Come chat with me and relieve my boredom.”

Perhaps the original owner of the Abyssal Tomb hadn’t been willingly laid to rest here, but his successor had wholeheartedly accepted the task without any dissatisfaction.

The demon of immortal dao stammered, not sure of what to say.

He was also a little confused—they were in a world of Lu Yun’s nascent spirit, he should know the second anything out of the ordinary happened.

But for some reason, he seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the man in white had appeared.


Lu Yun was indeed wholly unaware of what’d happened and why the demon of malice was setting its sights on the outsiders.

It showed absolutely no hostility toward him.

Battle began.

The demon of malice charged the crowd of wills before Lu Yun had time to make his move.

Towering pillars of demonic fire nearly blotted out the Abyssal Hell.

He held off thousands of projections from eighteenth level sequence experts by himself!

Lu Yun frowned slightly, knowing that his level of cultivation prevented him from getting involved in this kind of struggle.

But he’d also never considered taking action himself.

The grand feast that he’d prepared for these people hadn’t started yet; Lu Qingtian’s demon of malice being so active was completely unexpected.

He floated down to the ground and returned to the interment of heaven and earth and bronze palace.

The terrifying capabilities of the demon were far beyond his imagination.

It’d be able to crush him with one hand if they fought in single combat! If it decided to turn around and attack Lu Yun, likely only this tomb could hold it off.

Regardless, Lu Yun wasn’t too worried.

He’d had a vague hunch that Moran Dongning was behind everything ever since the demon fetus appeared.

He didn’t plan to let the demon of malice continue possessing the fetus either.

It was formed out of his master’s resentment and resembled something like a lingering will.

It wasn’t truly a living thing.

The doll etched with Lu Qingtian’s birth date and horoscope stood up from the coffin; it looked just like Lu Qingtian.

Tilting its head up, it looked coolly at the demonic shadow in the air.

Now this was Lu Yun’s master!

The resurrection layout was complete and combined with power from the Tome of Life and Death.

Lu Qingtian’s soul fragment had sunk into the doll and was regathering within it.

The doll was now the foundation for the demon of malice.

“Break the doll inside the tomb!” came a roar from midair.

“The source of this demon is that doll and it will fade away once it’s gone.

It won’t oppose us anymore!”

“Die!” Three figures landed from the sky and blasted at the doll in the tomb.


The void trembled violently before they could enter the tomb and boundless power of the world exploded out of the bronze palace.

It formed numerous dragons that swept across the three.

“A grand influence over the world!!” one of them gasped.

“Don’t be scared!” the other two responded.

“The worlds in this land are flawed and this grand influence isn’t complete—”


Eighteen dragons devoured them before they could finish and churned their projections to pieces.

The third quickly followed suit.

It wasn’t until now that the bronze palace bared its fangs and the true strength of the interment of heaven and earth revealed itself.

“How is this possible!” the outside powerhouses yelled as they frantically fended off the demon of malice.

Lu Yun’s grand influence over the world wasn’t flawed.

It was whole and complete, no different from the worlds of the outside realm!


Battle drums pounded dully through the Abyssal Hell, as if innumerable heavenly soldiers were readying for battle.

The very hell itself trembled.

Two pinpricks of crimson light sparked to life in the demon’s eyes.

The demon of malice suddenly seemed to gain its own sentience.


The demon’s body dissipated as a streak of gray light that sank into the doll.

Carved out of Soul Extendere Wood, the doll began to take on the qualities of flesh and blood.

The demon of malice was occupying the doll and claiming Lu Qingtian’s soul.

Once he became the demon’s soul, it would also be a true living being.

Lu Yun raised his hand and struck out with a Netherdark Talisman.

Restrained and confined, the demon of malice began to fade away.

“Child, you are quite daring to resolve the demon at this time,” a wizened voice suddenly rang through the air.

 “But you won’t be able to withstand us once it’s gone.

Are you surrendering”

This particular powerhouse of the outside realm had guessed Lu Yun’s identity—the thief who’d stolen the world of sequence.

The thief also seemed to have subdued the demon of malice that possessed the demon fetus.

The entire Land of Reincarnation would be theirs if they claimed the fetus, to say nothing of a world of sequence!

As for the abrupt appearance of a grand influence over the world—it wasn’t invincible.

It wasn’t a natural formation from the world, so it would disperse once they razed the bronze palace.

“Nope,” Lu Yun shook his head.

“I’ll consider showing you mercy if you surrender first though.

After all, I don’t want to make so many enemies in the outside realm in one go.”

“Hahahahaha!!” the elder roared with laughter.

“In that case, you can die! To arms, fellow daoists!”

The will projections scattered throughout the abyss began wrecking the layouts around them.

The grand influence over the world would weaken and scatter if they destroyed all of the layouts powering it.

“The karmic repercussions of killing so many people aren’t going to fall onto my head, are they…” Inside the hell battleship, Chu Xingran was a bit pale.

There were too many outsiders present—several tens of thousands! They represented thousands of different factions and all of them were geniuses above eighteen levels.

Some were beyond twenty levels!

He was the only one who could thoroughly kill them since once his grand curse activated, it’d kill the primary body through the will projection.

Of course, they’d survive if they had something like a Lifeline Talisman, but even the original version cost multiple cities.

Not even Crown Prince Chu Xingran of Darklake could afford one.

Chu Xingran might not kill them all, but he could definitely bring them to tears.

His curses already stretched into every corner of the Abyssal Hell.

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I'm suddenly reminded of the last scene in Kingsmen, when all the heads were blowing up as fireworks...


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