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Chapter 11: A Fathers Love Is Like a Mountain And The Reward Is a Saint-level Swordsmanship!

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“It seems like Lin Xuan is not simple.” Ye You revealed a hint of wariness.

Empress Mystic Ice was a famous Emperor Realm powerhouse in the Nine Heavens.

Even if her man was from the Lower Realm, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

“I think so too.” Zheng Song agreed.

“However, the strange thing is that the empress only treats Lin Xuan as an ordinary person.”

“Her purpose in bringing Lin Xuan to North Mystic Heaven

was to get him to help her take care of her children.”

“This might be the empress ruse.” Ye You shook her head. “She might not want anyone to know her mans true appearance.”

Zheng Song asked again, “Then if Lin Xuan is a Great Saint powerhouse, our battle will be difficult.”

Ye You was silent.

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If Lin Xuan was a Great Saint, then the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom would definitely be doomed this time.

At this moment, a mysterious black light appeared in midair.

This was called “Demon Flash”, a common method used by the underworld to transmit news.

Zheng Song reached out and held the black light in his hand. His eyes lit up. “The empress has brought the army here!”

“Was Lin Xuan with her” Ye You hurriedly asked.

Zheng Song shook his head. “According to the accurate information on the front line, we didnt find any traces of Lin Xuan.”

“This…” Ye You was speechless.

If Lin Xuan was at the Great Saint Realm, he would definitely come to her aid during this expedition against the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

But now, Lin Xuan didnt appear. This meant that his guess might have been wrong.

“No matter what, Lin Xuan is definitely not an ordinary person.”

Ye You stood up as a violent demonic aura emanated from his body.

“Since the empress is here, lets deal with her first!”

The bright sunlight shone through the window and landed on the luxurious bed.

When Lin Xuan woke up, he felt a little suffocated.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a little girl lying on his chest and stomach.

They were Xuan Xi and Xuan You.

At some point in time, Xuan Zhu and Xuan Han had also gotten under his arm.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw his four daughters clinging to him.

Lin Xuan felt the fatherly love in his heart overflowing.


The systems voice suddenly sounded.

“Your fatherly love is like a mountain, and you let your daughters sleep soundly. Reward: Infinite Swordsmanship!”

Infinite Swordsmanship, Saint high-tier cultivation technique.

If it was placed in the Lower Realms Cang Dragon Continent, just this cultivation method alone could prop up a Thousand Year Sword Sect.

And even for North Mystic Heaven, Saint Tier cultivation techniques were extremely rare.

Not to mention this extremely formidable Saint-level Swordsmanship.

“I received such a good reward by sleeping with your daughters. This kind of life as a homemaker is really good!”

Lin Xuan was delighted.

In order not to disturb the children, he could only try his best to take a few more breaths and wait for Xuan Xi and Xuan You to wake up.

Fortunately, after Donghuang Ziyous education, the children were not lazy pigs who overslept.

The children woke up one after another at dawn.

“Huh Why am I on Daddys stomach”

“Daddys body is so comfortable!”

“Xuan Han, dont put your feet on my face!”

“Oh, oh!”

Seeing the adorable looks of the four little girls, Lin Xuan was extremely happy early in the morning.

After getting up, Lin Xuan accompanied them while brushing his teeth and washing his face under the service of the servants.

Because the four little girls were pestering Lin Xuan to make delicious food, Lin Xuan had to personally prepare four sets of breakfast for them.

The new taste and combination made the girls swoon.

This breakfast was the happiest meal they had in the past year.

In fact, in order to eat more, Xuan You even went as far as to jeopardize her friendship with the Heavenly Dog Beast.

Early in the morning, she got the Heavenly Dog Beast to watch her gorge herself without giving it any food.

The Heavenly Dog Beast rubbed against Xuan You to please her and get her to give it some food.

Xuan You thought about it and kicked the Heavenly Dog Beast away.

After dinner, the commander in charge of guarding the Crystal Palace, Feng Jingfan, came to the main hall.

“Consort, today is the day the four princesses practice swords. Im here to invite them to the martial arts arena.”

Lin Xuan then asked him about this.

After knowing about it, Donghuang Ziyou specially opened a martial arts arena for the children.

There was a Spirit Gathering Formation there for them to use.

Every three days, Fei Fan would personally bring the children to the Spirit Gathering Formation to practice swords.

“Father, can you accompany me to cultivate” Xuan Zhu tugged at Lin Xuans hand.

Xuan You threw herself into Lin Xuans arms and hugged him tightly. “Father must go!”

Xuan Xi and Xuan Han nodded elegantly. “Yes!”

“Of course Daddy has to go.” Lin Xuan carried Xuan You and stood up while holding the other three daughters in his arms.

Feng Jingfan said enviously, “Consort, the princesses have such a good relationship with you!”

He thought about how his own daughter ignored him.

Feng Jingfan felt that as a father, he was really a failure when compared to Lin Xuan!

Soon, Lin Xuan and his daughters followed Feng Jingfan to the martial arts arena.

There were guards everywhere. Clearly, the security was very strict.

Lin Xuan saw that in the forest in front of him, there was a ball of majestic and thick white spirit energy swirling and rolling.

This ball of spiritual energy was at least two miles wide.

Even though he was a thousand meters away from it, he could still feel the abundant spiritual energy flowing out.

“The Spirit Gathering Formation was specially built by Her Majestys Weapon Formation Grandmaster to allow the princesses to absorb spiritual energy and improve their cultivation.”

“By cultivating the Sword Dao in this array, the princesses can improve faster.”

Feng Jingfan led Lin Xuan forward and introduced.

Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

With the Ten Direction Diagram, he could tell that this array formation was not ordinary.

Without a grandmaster-level cultivation, it was impossible to create such a huge array formation.


A ball of black light suddenly exploded from the center of the Spirit Gathering Formation.

In the blink of an eye, the Spirit Gathering Formation was in a mess.

Boundless spiritual aura, like a flood, surged wildly in all directions.

Even if spiritual energy suddenly rushed out when it reached a certain concentration, it would be lethal.

Lin Xuan saw that the guards closest to the Spirit Gathering Formation cried out in pain. They were sent flying dozens of feet away by the explosion of spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy tide that assaulted their faces caused even Feng Jingfan to reveal a shocked expression.


He shouted and quickly retreated to protect Lin Xuan and the four princesses.

However, just as he was about to reach Lin Xuan, the turbulent spiritual energy suddenly disappeared.

Feng Jingfan felt as if he had entered a peaceful world.

No matter how turbulent the spiritual energy tide outside was, it could not pose a threat to him at all.

Feng Jingfan immediately determined that this was Lin Xuans credit.

“The Consort resolved this turbulent spiritual energy impact without moving. How extraordinary.”

Feng Jingfan couldnt help but feel awe towards Lin Xuan.

When the other guards saw that Lin Xuan hadnt moved, their faces were filled with admiration.

“As expected of the Consort. Hes indeed very powerful!”

“The Consort is so awesome!”

Facing everyones shock, Lin Xuan smiled slightly.

The effects of the Passive Divine TechniqueInvincible Taboo were simply that awesome!

Feng Jingfan then bowed and said, “Consort, Im sorry to have frightened you and the princesses!”

“Ill go and find out why theres a problem with the Spirit Gathering Formation.”


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