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Chapter 19: His Affinity With Xuan Zhu Has Increased!

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Literature Saint.

That was like a Literary God descending to the mortal world, equivalent to the reincarnation of a banished immortal in the cultivation world.

It was above the likes of Great Scholars and Pseudo-Saints.

He was a Great Saint who could take the world by storm with a pen!

Even though Lin Xuan didnt cultivate, the water screen under the Literary God statue burst out with seven-colored holy light.

This meant Lin Xuan had already received Literary Gods acknowledgment and admiration.

There was nothing more convincing than the Seven-colored Holy Light!

As long as he obtained the Literary Gods acknowledgment, he would be a genuine Literature Saint!

Jiang Jiubai, Shen Yakang, and the others were extremely excited.

“What a good phrase. Cultivating the body, governing the country, harmonious family, and rule the world. Just a few words are enough to fulfill the lifelong mission of us scholars!”

“Consort… No! Mr. Lins words shocked the entire literary world and enlightened us!”

“I can die without regrets if I can see a Saint appear in my life!”

“From now on, Mister Lin will be our Nine Heavens Lower Realms number one literary figure!”

Jiang Jiubai took the lead and the ten leading scholars bowed to Lin Xuan.

Then, all the scholars present bowed to Lin Xuan.

The grand scene stunned Mu Youqing.

Xuan Zhu covered her mouth in shock. “They worshiped father like they worshiped the Literary Gods statue.”

“This means that Father is as powerful as the Literary God!”

Xuan Xi couldnt stop smiling. Her two dimples appeared deeply. “Thats right! Thats right! Father is indeed the most awesome!”

Xuan Han and Xuan You were also very satisfied.

Lin Xuan couldnt help but shake his head and smile when he saw this scene.

He did not expect that casually writing a sentence would cause such a huge commotion.

Then again.

The Absolute Mystic Sutra was really useful in this fantasy world.

Even if he didnt cultivate the Dao with literature, he obtained literary talent and very fast speed.

But in fact, his knowledge alone outshone all the scholars since ancient times.

Being a Literature Saint was not a big deal.

“Mr. Lin, when do you think you have the time to head to the various institutions to teach Literature” Jiang Jiubai asked respectfully.

According to the rules of the literary world,after becoming a Pseudo-Saint, one would be qualified to lecture in every academy in the world.

It could be said that this was the top honor, and it was even more impressive than the king touring.

Lin Xuan smiled calmly. “Well talk about it when we have time.”

He still had four adorable daughters to take care of. How could he have the time to teach at the academies of the entire world

Besides, taking care of his daughters would bring rewards and warmth. Wasnt it enjoyable

Being an idle homemaker was the real perfect life!

Seeing that Lin Xuan was not interested, Jiang Jiubai and the others didnt force him.

Then, under everyones gazes, Lin Xuan brought Xuan Zhu and the others away.

When they returned to the Crystal Palace, it was already late at night.

The girls were a little tired. After Lin Xuan persuaded them, they obediently took a shower and went to bed.


Just as the girls fell asleep, thunder rumbled.

Lin Xuan saw that the brows of the four daughters trembled slightly.

Clearly, the thunder had affected them.

At this moment, the second thunderclap sounded again, and it was even louder than the first.

The little girls were awakened by the thunder one after another.

Four pairs of eyes widened and looked at Lin Xuan in horror.

“Father, theres thunder!”

“Mmm, Im most afraid of thunder!”

“What a loud thunder!”

“No, no, I have to cover my ears!”

Lin Xuan immediately turned around and protected the four little girls. “Dont be afraid, babies. Daddy is here!”

With Lin Xuan protecting them, Xuan Zhu and the others finally calmed down a little.

However, the fear in the four little girls eyes did not lessen at all.

“Father, why do you think the thunder is so terrifying” Xuan Zhu asked.

Lin Xuan smiled. “Actually, thunder isnt scary at all. Instead, its very interesting.”

With the perfect father program, he knew that basically all children were afraid of thunder.

And while the children were frightened by the thunder, the most important thing as parents was to guide them patiently.

Using an ingenious method, he managed to get the children to dismiss their fear of thunder.

So Lin Xuan purposely said the opposite.


As expected, under Lin Xuans temptation, the little girls eyes lit up at the same time.

“Thats right.” Lin Xuan rubbed their heads. “Actually, the thunder happened because Grandpa thunder and Grandma thunder argued.”

What Lin Xuan had to do next was tell the children a beautiful legend.

He would let them learn to accept the thunder and eliminate their fear of it.

“Grandpa thunder Grandma thunder”

“Father is so interesting!”

“Thats right! Father, quickly tell us who Grandpa thunder is. Who is Grandma thunder”

Just as Lin Xuan had imagined, the childrens interest was immediately piqued.

Lin Xuan chuckled. “Theres a very interesting story about Grandpa thunder and Grandma thunder…”

Then, he told them the story in the perfect father program.

The children listened attentively and actually slowly ignored the loud thunder outside.

Not long after, Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You slowly fell asleep.

Only Xuan Zhus eyes were still wide open and she didnt look sleepy at all.

Lin Xuan leaned her into his arms. “Baby, why arent you asleep”

Xuan Zhu revealed a shy expression. “Father, Im still afraid! Mother said that Im even more afraid of thunder than Xuan Xi and the others.”

“But Im their oldest sister. I cant let them see that Im the timidest!”

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Lin Xuan smiled. “So youve been tolerating it until now”

“Yes!” Xuan Zhu revealed a hint of worry. “Father, will you mock me”

“Of course not!” Lin Xuan shook his head and hugged Xuan Zhu tighter. This would give her a greater sense of security. “Do you feel better now”

“Yes.” Xuan Zhus little head rubbed against Lin Xuans arm.

With her father around, she was really not that afraid anymore.


At this moment, the system in Lin Xuans mind sounded.

“Your affinity with your eldest daughter, Xuan Zhu, has increased by 1 point. Reward: Emperor Realm Cultivation!”

Lin Xuan was excited.

He had only comforted Xuan Zhu a little before he reached the Emperor Realm.

This system reward was too generous!

Lin Xuan felt that it might be because Xuan Zhu was too afraid of thunder.

So in this situation, his simplest consolation was probably very important to her.

And when it came to Emperor Realm cultivation, who knew how many cultivators would never reach this height in their entire lives

Now, Lin Xuan just had to nod his head and he would be able to become an Emperor Realm powerhouse.


“Do you want to extract the rewards”


“Youve successfully extracted Emperor Realm cultivation!”

The moment the system prompt disappeared, a majestic force burst out of Lin Xuans dantian.


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