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Chapter 6: Confidence in North Mystic Heaven!

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Lin Xuan couldnt stop smiling when he saw the system notification.

Four at once This reward was too generous!

It seemed that having four daughters was really not bad. The benefits he received were doubled.

As expected, more children equaled more blessings.

Lin Xuan now felt that he could even raise ten more, much less four daughters!

After calming down, Lin Xuan started to check the rewards given by the system.

First was the Rakshasa Spiritual Sense.

It was a stream of spiritual sense from the ancient God Rakshasa, which was extremely powerful.

However, it could instantly destroy the spiritual sense of any cultivator below the Emperor Realm within a 500-kilometer radius.

Even if they were both at the Emperor Realm, as long as they used their full strength, they would be able to heavily injure the other party.

In the future, Lin Xuan just needed to release this spiritual sense.

Its powerful mental suppression could even make the surrounding people feel a great threat.

The second was the Absolute Mystic Sutra.

This Sutra contained all the knowledge of the planes on the entire Blue Planet.

With this Sutra, Lin Xuan could casually write down the history of this planet for 10 billion years in the blink of an eye.

It could be said that this Sutra was a super encyclopedic treasure vault.

With it, Lin Xuans knowledge would surpass everyones.

The third was the Divine Movement Bracelet.

This was a superior-grade Spirit Artifact.

Once he wore this bracelet, the 360 apertures in his body would be instantly opened.

Absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth non-stop could turn it into an endless power that could help Lin Xuan increase his speed of movement.

Moreover, he could even come and go as he pleased in the sky.

As for the fourth reward, it was the Ten Direction Diagram.

This was the complete array formation of the ancient era.

This formation included celestial elements and encompassed the eight trigrams.

The heavens, the earth, the east, the west, the south, the north, the place of birth, the place of death, the past, and the future, were all in place.

It could be said that the entire formation was in his mind.

In that case, all the formations related to corporeal bodies, nothingness, and time in the world could be instantly understood by Lin Xuan.

“This wave of rewards is really full of skills, artifacts, and knowledge.”

“Even if I dont have anything in the future, just these are enough for me to establish myself in North Mystic Heaven!”

Lin Xuan was still excited.


“Do you want to extract the rewards”

Lin Xuan said, “Yes!”

“Youve successfully extracted Rakshasa Spiritual Sense!”

“Youve successfully extracted the Absolute Mystic Sutra! Information is injected… 20%… 100%, completed!”

“Youve successfully extracted the Divine Movement Bracelet!”

“Youve successfully extracted the map of the ten phalanxes! Data is being transmitted… 20%… 100%, completed!”

After putting away the system, Lin Xuan saw that the four children had already finished eating.

However, none of them put down their bowls and chopsticks.

Xuan Zhu licked her spoon secretly.

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Xuan Xi and Xuan Han, wishing they could scrape all the soup off the plates, scraped their spoons around on the plates.

Xuan You covered her face with the bowl and looked like she wanted to devour it.

Lin Xuan was amused by these four little girls. “Babies, theres still food tomorrow. Hurry up and put down the bowls and spoons.”


“Thats great! We can still eat it tomorrow!”

“Wouldnt it be great if it was tomorrow now!”

“Father, I want to eat more tomorrow. I want to become a big balloon!”

The four little girls were excited again.

They wished that it would become tomorrow in the blink of an eye.

Their cute and innocent look made Lin Xuan laugh loudly.

After he played with the children for a while, a servant came over and said, “Four princesses, its shower time now.”

“We want daddy to wash us!” The four children said at the same time.

In the past, it was always the servants who bathed them. Now that their father, Lin Xuan, was around, the children were unwilling to let anyone bathe them anymore.

“Okay, okay, okay. Daddy will bring you guys there now!” Lin Xuans fatherly love was overflowing. He held the hands of his four daughters and went to shower them.

Heavenly Demon Realm, Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

A profound blood-colored demonic light enveloped the entire kingdom. Under its pressure, the millions of Demon Clan creatures trembled endlessly.

Then, the blood red demonic light turned into a giant skull. Its expression was fierce, as if it wanted to swallow the heavens and earth.

Seeing this skull, everyone in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom felt the terror of death.

Because this was the Bloodthirsty Demon Lords symbol!

As the most terrifying demon in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdoms last ten thousand years, Bloodthirsty Demon Lords name was deeply engraved in the hearts of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdoms people.

As long as he appeared, there would definitely be a bloodstorm.

At this moment.

In the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdoms Demon Palace.

Bloodthirsty Demon Lord Ye You was circulating the true essence in his body with all his might, and his entire body was filled with indescribable profound magic power.

“As expected of the Demon Lord. Your aura is so powerful. Its really Ten Thousand Demon Kingdoms fortune to have you!”

The countrys emperor, Zheng Song, who walked in, had a look of awe on his face.

Ye You retracted his demonic technique and opened his purplish-black eyes. “Is there any movement from North Mystic Heaven”

This time, he returned because he wanted to help the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom deal with North Mystic Heaven


As a Demon Clan bordering North Mystic Heaven, the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom had suffered a lot of suppression from North Mystic Heaven in recent years.

Ye You had been in seclusion for ten thousand years and his power had greatly increased. Naturally, he did not want his country to suffer such grievances.

Therefore, with his support, Zheng Song ordered the army to attack the nearest Min Kingdom.

Ye You felt that with North Mystic Heavens empress temper, she would definitely respond.

Zheng Song nodded. “Youre right, Demon Lord. The empress of North Mystic Heaven cant sit still. She has already announced that she will send troops to march.”


Ye You revealed an excited expression. “I didnt expect the empress to personally appear. It seems like she has already expected to encounter a lot of trouble.”

Zheng Song chuckled. “The Demon Lord is too famous. That empress is just a three-year-old girl compared to you. It would be strange if she could sit still.”

Ye You laughed proudly, then stopped smiling.

“However, Empress Mystic Ice is a great emperor. We cant underestimate her.”

“This time, in order to take down North Mystic Heaven in one go, Ive decided to do both.”

Zheng Song was delighted. “So the Demon Lord has a bigger plan.”

“Of course!” Ye You revealed a sinister look. “You told me a few days ago that the empress has four daughters, right”

“Yes!” Zheng Song nodded. “Could it be that you, Demon Lord…”

The corners of Ye Yous lips curled up.

“This Demon Lords Originless Demon Technique has just reached the Formation Realm. It can control a persons psyche from millions of kilometers away.”

“Now, I will make the empresss four daughters my puppets. After the empress goes to war, I will give her an unexpected surprise.”

After saying that, he formed a terrifying blood-colored seal with both hands.

The surrounding space seemed to be filled with Blood Demon Power at this moment.

Even with Zheng Songs Supremacy Realm cultivation level, he felt terrified.

It was as if his spiritual sense had been forcefully stripped away by someone.

“As expected of the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord. Your strength is terrifying and youre ruthless.”

“The empress four daughters are only three years old. How can they withstand your torture”

Zheng Song was shocked.

Phew ~

At this moment, the space suddenly darkened.

The Blood Demon Power quickly gathered and shot towards the north at a lightning-like speed.


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