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Chapter 7: Donghuang Ziyou Is Jealous!

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Lin Xuan spent a total of two hours showering his four daughters.

Seeing how clean the little girls were, Lin Xuan wished he could go up and take a bite.

At this moment, a servant walked up and said, “Four princesses, its time to sleep.”

Xuan Zhu looked at Lin Xuan affectionately. “Daddy, I want you to sleep with me.”

“Me too!” Xuan Xi also charged forward.

“I want daddy to sleep with me too!” Xuan Han also went forward and hugged Lin Xuans legs.

“I want to too! I want to too!” Xuan You, afraid that Lin Xuan would not see her, kept jumping.

Lin Xuan saw that the four children were extremely enthusiastic, so he had no choice but to say,

“Why dont you all sleep in Daddys room”

Fortunately, the bed in his room was large enough, and it was completely no problem to fit all four little girls.


The four little girls danced around happily.

The servant hurriedly said, “Consort, the princesses are still young. They wont be so obedient when they sleep. If they disturb you…”

Lin Xuan interrupted her and said, “Its okay, I have my ways.”

If he could not even handle sleeping with the children, how was he worthy of the title of perfect homemaker

The servant was still afraid that the children would disturb Lin Xuan. However, Lin Xuan didnt say anything else, so she didnt dare to retort.

Then, Lin Xuan brought the four girls to his room.

One by one, he carried them to the bed.

Soon, the four girls laid down side by side and looked at Lin Xuan with their eyes wide open.

“Daddy will tell you a good story and then you guys can sleep, okay” Lin Xuan knew what the girls were thinking.

He had heard from the servants that Donghuang Ziyou sometimes told bedtime stories to the children.

But counting the days, it had been at least six months since she had done this.

Actually, the children were looking forward to hearing a story before bed.

Fortunately, the tutorial in Lin Xuans body had countless childrens stories.

He could handle these four daughters with ease.

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“Okay!” The little girls were happy and expectant.

“What Daddy wants to tell is the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves.”

Hearing Lin Xuans words, the four little girls eyes lit up.

They had never heard such a novel story.

These words were enough to whet the girls appetite.

Lin Xuan smiled to himself. It seemed that this story was indeed extremely intriguing to the children.

“A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful little girl called Snow White.”

“But she had a very vicious stepmother…”

Lin Xuan told this story animatedly.

With the perfect father program, he told stories neither quickly nor slowly, and always kept the children hooked.

The four girls were extremely immersed in the story and gradually fell asleep.

Looking at their sleeping faces, Lin Xuan felt extremely blissful.

There was really nothing more blissful and wonderful than sleeping with these four fleshy and adorable little faces!


Lin Xuan suddenly frowned.

With Rakshasa Spiritual Sense, he could monitor everything around him at any time.

He could feel an indescribable, magical, evil force peeking at the entire Crystal Palace.

“Could it be that someone wants to harm the children”

The Crystal Palace was the residence of Xuan Zhu and the other three children.

Lin Xuan had to suspect that the other party was here for his four daughters.

“You want to hurt my daughters Dream on!”

Lin Xuans mind stirred and he completely released his spiritual sense.


An invisible ripple exploded in the air.

The terrifying spiritual sense from the ancient God was as oppressive as a hundred mountains.

As soon as it came in contact with the Blood Demon Power of the Demon Lord, it was like a primeval ferocious beast that shattered this Blood Demon Power.


Bloodthirsty Demon Lord Ye You, who was millions of miles away, shuddered and almost fell down.

“What a powerful telekinesis!”

Ye Yous right hand could not help but tremble slightly.

He had cultivated for ten thousand years to attain the Emperor Realm.

And the Originless Demon Technique he cultivated was a forbidden-level ultimate technique.

At the Formation Realm, the Blood Demon Power was extremely terrifying.

Although he was so far away, he was unable to increase this Blood Demon Power to the strongest realm.

However, that was not something that could be shattered easily!

However, he did not expect that the spiritual sense he had unintentionally come into contact with just now was so powerful and vast, as if it was from the ancient times.

This was definitely not the spiritual sense of the Emperor Realm, but the Saint Realm that was even higher than the Emperor Realm!

“How could there be a Great Saint in North Mystic Heaven”

Ye Yous eyes were filled with fear.

If there was a Great Saint in the North Mystic Heaven, his plan to return would be ruined.

A Great Saint was equal to a hundred Great Emperors!

If he, Ye You, encountered a Great Saint, he would be dead meat!

“Zheng Song, send an intelligence agent into North Mystic Heaven immediately. You must find out who attacked me just now.” Ye Yous expression was incomparably serious.

Zheng Song knew that the matter was grave and hurriedly said, “Yes!”

The main hall of Mystic Ice Palace was brightly lit.

Donghuang Ziyou was making her final preparations to attack the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

Ruo Ying walked out of the darkness and said, “Your Majesty, its late. Please rest.”

Donghuang Ziyou shook her head. “I havent accomplished anything. How can I be in the mood to sleep”

After reaching the Emperor Realm, one would be extraordinary. It was fine even if they didnt sleep for an entire year.

When people at this cultivation realm rested, it was most likely to nurse their bodies, rejuvenate their minds and souls.

However, if she worked hard without rest, she would harm her state of mind and spirit.

After all, the Emperor Realm wasnt full of immortals who truly transcended life and death.

However, to a powerful woman like Donghuang Ziyou, doing big things was the most important.

As long as the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdoms matter was not resolved, she was willing to stay up all night.

Ruo Ying nodded. Donghuang Ziyou had always kept her word. No one could dissuade her.

Donghuang Ziyou put down the Veluriyam Brush in her hand and said, “By the way, is everything okay with Lin Xuan and the children”

Donghuang Ziyou was worried that even though Lin Xuan had come here, he was still a new father and knew nothing.

There were bound to be many things that he was not used to gaining four children at once.

Ruo Ying said, “I just asked the servants of the Crystal Palace. They said that the Consort and the children get along very well.”

“The Consort made delicious food for the children. He even bathed them and slept with them.”

“It seems like Consort is a natural child-raising expert.”

Donghuang Ziyou raised her eyebrows and a teasing smile appeared on her face. “He knows how to cook And bathe for children”

“Yes!” Ruo Ying smiled. “The servants saw it with their own eyes.”

Donghuang Ziyou nodded lightly.

It seemed that although this man was ordinary, he had some good points.

It was indeed impressive to establish such a close relationship with their four daughters in such a short time.

“It seems like I, the mother, will soon be forgotten by the children.”

Donghuang Ziyou suddenly felt a little jealous.


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