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Chapter 21: Congratulations, You Got It Right This Time!

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The Demon General swallowed hard. “Youre trying to use me to take revenge!”

“Youre not too stupid.” Lin Xuan smiled.

With a swing of the sword in his hand, the sword pierced through the Demon Generals right chest.

He stepped the Demon General to the ground.

Lin Xuan said condescendingly, “Lead the way properly, or else you will die an ugly death!”

With the “Invincible Taboo” and Emperor Realm cultivation, Lin Xuan was not afraid of any opponent.

The other party had already crossed Lin Xuans bottom line by repeatedly wanting to harm the children.

Since they had taken action, he might as well kill his way to the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom and eliminate the root cause!

The Demon General looked up in shock.

There was a murderous look in Lin Xuans eyes.

“This man is such a ruthless person.”

The Demon General thought to himself.

Not daring to disobey Lin Xuan, he could only agree. “Ill take you there.”

Lin Xuan nodded. He first asked the Demon General to get rid of the corpses of the other three.

Following that, he conjured a complicated maze array formation to protect the entire chamber.

This beguilement formation was called the Emerald Vision, and it came from ancient times.

Although it was not lethal, it was definitely top-notch in terms of beguilement.

With the protection of this array, it could guarantee that no one could enter the bedroom.

His four daughters would no longer be threatened.

When the Demon General saw Lin Xuan casually creating such a complex formation, he couldnt help but be even more shocked.

He had a feeling that after tonight, the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom would undergo a drastic change!

Because of his fear of Lin Xuan, the Demon General didnt dare to say anything else and immediately brought Lin Xuan out.

In order to save time, Lin Xuan controlled the Demon General and used all his strength to execute the Divine Movement Bracelet.

On the way, he rushed straight for the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom at lightning speed.

“This man is really a demon!”

The Demon General was repeatedly mind blown by Lin Xuan and finally couldnt help but shout this sentence in his heart.

When they reached the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, Lin Xuan found the location of the Demon Palace under the lead of the Demon General.

“Mr. Lin, I have already done my best to bring you here. Can you let me go now” the Demon General pleaded.

Lin Xuan said coldly, “Since you wanted to harm my daughters, do you think you can still live”


The moment the Demon General said the word, Lin Xuan chopped off his head.

After putting away the sword, Lin Xuan rushed into the Demon Palace with extreme speed.

Demon Lords Main Hall.

“The last Soul Lamp is also gone!” Zheng Song frowned. “This means that the four Demon Generals we sent have all perished.”

Ye You maintained a calm expression. “The first three fell at practically the same time, and the last person only died a long time after. What do you think”

Zheng Song pondered for a moment and said, “According to my judgment, they must have met a powerhouse, and this powerhouses strength far surpasses theirs.”

“If thats the case, the first three people were unable to resist his attacks and died quickly.”

Ye You asked, “What about the last person”

Zheng Song: “The last person must have used the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword

to heavily injure his opponent, and then engaged in a fierce battle with him.”

“Although the other party was seriously injured, his strength was still extraordinary. In the end, he still killed our last Demon General.”

Ye You smiled. “I think so too.”

Coupled with the time when the four Demon Generals died, Ye You felt that only this reason made sense.

When he thought about how successful his subordinates sneak attack was, Ye You felt satisfied.

“Donghuang Ziyou, you definitely didnt expect that I would kill your backer with just four Demon Generals and a Demon Sword!”

“Id like to see your expression now.”


Ye Yous laughter was incomparably arrogant and proud.

It was as if it was contagious, and it made Zheng Song laugh as well.

A gloomy voice suddenly interrupted their laughter.

“Youre rejoicing too early.”

Lin Xuan looked at the two of them mockingly.

Ye You and Zheng Song stopped smiling at the same time and looked at Lin Xuan in shock.

“Who are you” Zheng Song asked hurriedly.

“Lin Xuan.”

Ye You and Zheng Song frowned.

Lin Xuans appearance shocked them.

This meant that their deductions were wrong!

Ye You said in a low voice, “It seems like you killed three Demon Generals first and got the last to bring you here.”

Lin Xuan smiled playfully. “Congratulations, you guessed correctly this time.”

Zheng Song frowned. “Impossible. Once the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword is used for a sneak attack, even a Great Saint will be heavily injured.”

“How come youre so safe and sound”

The four Demon Generals under him were all extraordinary in strength.

Especially the leader, who was good at sneak attacks.

Logically speaking, the Demon General must have used the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword.

But now, Lin Xuan was standing in front of them.

This was simply inconceivable!

Lin Xuan smiled disdainfully. “Extreme Abyss Demon Sword Is it that superficial toy”

The muscles on Ye You and Zheng Songs faces trembled at the same time.

The Extreme Abyss Demon Sword… toy

What a joke!

That was a spirit-level Magic Artifact, alright!

Zheng Songs expression became incomparably malicious. “Lin Xuan, since you took the initiative to walk into the trap, then youll die here!”

In the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, there were a total of three thousand Demon Generals above the Supremacy Realm.

As long as Zheng Song gave the orders, they would appear immediately.

No matter how strong Lin Xuan was, against the siege of the three thousand Demon Generals, even if he didnt die, he would at least get skinned.

With the Bloodthirsty Demon Lord present, it could be said that Lin Xuans outcome was… sure death!

“You talk too much.”

However, just as Zheng Song took out the Ten Thousand Demon Token and prepared to gather the three thousand Demon Generals,

Lin Xuan suddenly attacked!

With the help of the Divine Movement Bracelet and his Emperor Realm strength, he was as fast as lightning.

The Infinite Swordsmanship technique was clever but clumsy. It instantly formed overwhelming sword energy that locked Zheng Song down.

“Emperor Realm!”

Sensing the aura that Lin Xuan erupted with, Ye You and Zheng Song were shocked at the same time.

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The two of them tragically realized that their judgment of Lin Xuan had been wrong again.

On the other hand, Lin Xuan had easily dealt with the four Demon Generals and the Extreme Abyss Demon Sword with the Emperor Realm.

This meant that Lin Xuan definitely had some methods that exceeded their imagination.

Before the two of them could think too much, Lin Xuan rushed in front of Zheng Song.


Zheng Songs heart skipped a beat.

He hurriedly mobilized all the true essence in his body to transform into a thick black demonic aura barrier.

“Stop struggling. Youll die more comfortably this way.”

Lin Xuans sword pierced through Zheng Songs heart.

Then, the sword turned and cut Zheng Song in half.

Ye You coldly glanced at the two corpses on the ground and stood up. “Good move.”

“Oh yeah” Lin Xuan smiled playfully. “What did you see”

When Zheng Song was killed, Ye You had been standing by and watching.

How could Lin Xuan not see that Ye You was deliberately observing him

Ye You sneered. “Youre extremely fast with the help of some kind of magic weapon. Furthermore, your sword techniques are grand but clumsy, majestic but awkward.”

“The combination of these two is indeed very powerful. This is the magic weapon you won with.”

“I can tell that youre a person who likes to use your brain.” Lin Xuan smiled. “However, its useless!”


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