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Chapter 3: A Man Who Can Become The Empress Man Must Be Exceptional!

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“Daddy! Daddy! Hurry up and drive me home!”

Xuan Yous chubby hands pulled Lin Xuans ears and she shook her legs anxiously.

Before Lin Xuan could come back to his senses, Xuan Zhu pulled Lin Xuans hand and said, “Daddy, come with us.”

“Thats right, Father, lets go!”

Xuan Xi and Xuan Han also had expectant expressions.

Looking at their pair of innocent and expectant eyes, how could Lin Xuan refuse

Besides, it was indeed unsuitable to stay here.

There were so many women who came to propose every day. It would not be good for the children.

“Alright, daddy will go home with you guys.” Lin Xuan rubbed the four little girls heads dotingly.

An imperceptible smile appeared at the corners of Donghuang Ziyous mouth.

Lin Xuan asked, “Babies, what are your names”

After being intimate with his four daughters for so long, Lin Xuan had long wanted to know their names.

Xuan Zhu raised her hand. “Father, my name is Xuan Zhu!”

Xuan Xi handed the flower petal in her hand to Lin Xuan. “My name is Xuan Xi!”

Xuan Han smiled sweetly. “My name is Xuan Han!”

“What about you” Lin Xuan carried Xuan You down from the top of his head.

Xuan You hugged Lin Xuans arm and was unwilling to jump to the ground. She floated in midair. “Daddy, my name is Xuan You!”

“Got it.”

Lin Xuan remembered the names of the four daughters and their characteristics.

With the perfect father program, he could distinguish his four daughters instantly.

This was mainly based on appearance and personality.

According to Lin Xuans observation,

his eldest daughter, Xuan Zhu, was the most polite. Her every move was filled with the nobility of the royal family.

His second daughter, Xuan Xi, was a super cutie. She had two beautiful dimples when she smiled.

His third daughter, Xuan Han, was more shy, and she looked gentle and elegant. When she grew up, she would definitely be a demure beauty.

His fourth daughter, Xuan Ying, was definitely a little devil.

If it was anyone else, they would probably have a headache from the start if they had to raise these four daughters.

But now, Lin Xuan was confident and was unafraid of the challenges in the future.

“Babies, Daddy has something to deal with. Go to the side and play first.” Lin Xuan then asked his four daughters to leave first.

Xuan Zhu immediately called her three sisters to the side.

Lin Xuan said to Donghuang Ziyou, “I can go to North Mystic Heaven

with you, but you have to promise me two things.”

Donghuang Ziyou nodded. “Speak.”

“First, let Uncle Zhao come with me.” Lin Xuan glanced at Zhao Wanfu.

Uncle Zhao had been staying in the Lin family since before he was born and had always taken good care of him and the Lin family.

Going to North Mystic Heaven now and bringing Uncle Zhao to enjoy life was also a form of repayment to him.

Zhao Wanfu shook his head and said, “Young Master, I wont go. Im old and nostalgic for this place. I just want to stay here forever.”

“Okay, then.”

Lin Xuan then looked at Donghuang Ziyou. “Uncle Zhao practiced martial arts when he was young. Do you have any way to make him stronger”

He thought about how so many people from the Lin family came every day.

If he left, the pressure on Uncle Zhao would be even greater.

If someone caused trouble, he had to be able to hold his ground.

Donghuang Ziyou smiled. “Thats simple.”

She waved her fair hand and took out a cultivation transmission jade slip that was covered in Immortal Qi.

“The cultivation method on this jade slip is a Saint Tier cultivation method.”

“Although youre in the Mystic Realm, your upper limit is not high.”

“However, relying on this cultivation technique, you will be able to reach the Spirit Stage in at most a month.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Zhao Wanfu had a shocked expression and hurriedly received the cultivation transmission jade slip.

In the Cang Dragon Continents martial arts world, there was a strict division of cultivation base.

Tongxuan, Spiritual Wheel, Spirit, Supremacy, Emperor Realm, Great Saint, Ancient God, Heaven Monarch…

A single cultivation technique was able to allow him to rapidly advance from the Mystic Stage to the Spirit Stage. This was a miraculous speed.

In the past, Zhao Wanfu would never have dared to dream about it.

After all, his talent was limited, and he was not young anymore. His natural endowments had already been set.

But to Donghuang Ziyou, this was not a problem at all.

Zhao Wanfu was aware that if this cultivation technique jade slip in his hand was exposed, it would definitely cause the entire continent to fight over it.

“Whats the second matter” Donghuang Ziyou then looked at Lin Xuan.

“Go say goodbye to my father.” Lin Xuans gaze darkened.

At a cemetery in Xiang City.

Lin Xuan held the hands of his four daughters and stood in front of his fathers tombstone.

“Father, I have great news to tell you. I have a daughter, and four!”

“You never dreamed you would have four granddaughters, did you”

“Unfortunately, you left too early and didnt get to see these four adorable children with your own eyes.”

After taking a deep breath, Lin Xuan bowed.

“Today, Im going to leave with the children. Dont feel lonely alone. Uncle Zhao will come and see you often.”

After saying that, Lin Xuan turned around and left with his four daughters.

Not far away, Donghuang Ziyou stood there and stared at them.

When they approached, she conjured a seal.

She brought Lin Xuan and her four daughters and tore through the void before transforming into a beam of light that rushed into the northern sky.

North Mystic Heaven.

In a boundless white world.

The entire place was covered in silver, and snowflakes could be seen flying about everywhere.

Streaks of pure white spiritual energy floated in the air, making this place seem like an immortals ice realm.

To Lin Xuans surprise, the temperature here was not low and was instead very suitable.

After Donghuang Ziyun brought him along and flew 15 million miles, they finally arrived at the Mystic Ice Palace, which represented the highest authority in North Mystic Heaven.

“This is my palace.” Donghuang Ziyou spoke calmly.

Then, she brought Lin Xuan and the children to the ground.

When the guards in the palace saw her arrive, they revealed extremely respectful expressions and knelt on one knee.

Donghuang Ziyou brought Lin Xuan and the children all the way to the backyard of the Mystic Ice Palace.

Along the way, everyone who saw Lin Xuan revealed looks of admiration.

It was the dream of every man in the entire North Mystic Heaven and even the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm to be able to become Empress Mystic Ices man.

Lin Xuan had done something that countless men didnt even dare to think about. It would be a lie to say that they werent envious of him.

Of course, these people from the Mystic Ice Palace all felt that a man who could become the empress definitely had outstanding aspects.

Therefore, even though they were envious, no one was jealous or hostile towards Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan and Donghuang Ziyou quickly came to the crystal palace in the backyard of Mystic Ice Palace.

“This crystal palace occupies a million kilometers. Its the childrens daily residence.”

“Stay here with the children from now on.”

Donghuang Ziyou called the guards and servants of the crystal palace over.

After revealing Lin Xuans identity, Donghuang Ziyou made these people obey Lin Xuan completely.

Ruo Ying walked out of the black light and bowed.

“Your Majesty, theres something strange going on in the Heavenly Demon Realm. The ministers are waiting in the front hall for you to discuss.”

Donghuang Ziyou looked at Lin Xuan. “Im busy. You have to take care of the children in the future.”

“Yes.” Lin Xuan nodded.

After that, Donghuang Ziyou brought Ruo Ying away.

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Lin Xuan looked at his four adorable daughters. “Babies, bring daddy to take a look at your rooms first.”

If he wanted to be a perfect homemaker, he had to start from the childrens daily lives.


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