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Chapter 4292: The Other Side 261Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The actor walked over to take a closer look.

There were scale lines on the line.

It had actually been released to 500 meters.

How much effort had it taken to successfully fly the kite 500 meters up in the air! The man had even claimed to have no experience flying a kite.

Who was he kidding

“Its fun.” Gong Jie suddenly found kite-flying interesting, especially when he caught that look of extreme admiration coming from Natalia.

It made the activity all the more meaningful.

Natalia began to feel guilty.

Only a while ago, she was eyeing the man, determined to compete with him.

Now, seeing how he had flown the kite so high, she suddenly felt a little discouraged.

“Ive lost.” She huffed.

“Surely I cant compete with Daddy.”


Gong Jie smiled disapprovingly at that.

“Are you giving up already”

As soon as she heard that remark, Natalia snapped back stubbornly, “Who said anything about giving up I didnt say Im giving up just yet.”

The actor immediately said, “Natalia, shall we fly the Peppa Pig kite”

“Alright!” Natalia clenched her fists.

“I must fly it higher than Daddys kite.”


“Youre not to help me.

I want to do it myself!”

“Sure thing.” Smiling, he watched as Natalia walked over to where the snacks were, grabbed the Peppa Pig kite and string, and studied them.

Finally, crestfallen, she returned to his side.

“Um… how do you tie a knot in a kite string”

“…” Didnt she say that she wanted to do it herself and didnt need anyones help! Hua Jin gave her a scornful look.

Natalia could not bear to see the mockery in his eyes and immediately defended herself solemnly.

“Tying the line.

Its just tying the line.

Im not really asking for help!”

“Oh, right.

It doesnt count when you say it doesnt!” Amused, the actor knelt down and placed the kite on the ground.

With both hands, he threaded the string back and forth and quickly knotted it.

Gong Jie watched the entire exchange, then suddenly smiled.

“I didnt know you were so nimble with your fingers!”

“I knotted the strings for your kite too.”

“Thats impressive,” he said casually, but who knew if he meant it as a compliment.

The actor felt uncomfortable with that remark.

He secured the line and handed the kite to Natalia, gently patting her head.

“There you go!”

“Yeah!” Natalia lifted the kite and followed Gong Jies example, but she was short, which was a considerable disadvantage.

No matter how she stood on her toes, there was a height difference.

She turned to Hua Jin and said, “Stand slightly to the side and dont get in my way.”

The actor looked puzzled.

How could he be in her way! Still, he stepped aside as she had instructed.

Natalia threw the kite, but it crashed like a plane, hitting the grass with a thud.

Her expression immediately soured.

Looking resentfully at Gong Jies kite which was climbing steadily in the wind, she lamented, “Were different.”

“Hahahaha!” The actor couldnt suppress himself any longer.

Unafraid to offend Natalia, he laughed mercilessly.

“Natalia, youre so cute! Kites arent supposed to be thrown onto the ground.

youre supposed to throw them into the wind!”

“…” Natalias expression continued to darken.

“Stop laughing!”

Hua Jin barely managed to contain himself.

His cheeks were flushed.

“Shall I help you”

“No, I want to do it myself!”

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