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Natalia threw herself into his arms and said solemnly, “Ive decided Im going to love you more from now on! After all, youre the man whos going to be with me for the rest of my life!”

The actor was delighted to hear this, but he pretended to look calm.

Still, it was impossible to hide his smile.

“You finally recognize this fact!” The actor put his arms around Natalia like she was a precious baby and arched his handsome eyebrows.

“I am the man who will accompany you for the rest of your life!”

Gong Jie was not impressed.

“What makes you think so” he asked unhappily.

Natalia and Hua looked back at him in surprise.

“None of you asked me.

How do you know Id end up getting married and have my own family”

Natalia wasnt convinced.

“Wouldnt you rather get married and have children”

“I never thought so.”

“Why” Out of the blue, Natalia made the shocking remark, “Could it be that you prefer men”

Gong Jie looked bewildered and was speechless.

As did Hua Jin.

Before Gong Jie could respond to Natalias question, the actor turned red.

He immediately muttered, “Stop speaking nonsense.”

Gong Jie shot a meaningful glance at Hua Jin and couldnt stop himself from laughing.

“Why are you blushing”

“Uh…” The actor ran a hand over his face in reflex and looked at his own reflection in his cell phone screen.

“Am I blushing”

Turning around, he saw Natalia nodding earnestly.

“Yes, very flushed.”


Feeling guilty, the actor immediately made an excuse.

“I guess its too sunny outside.

Im red from the sun.”


Then everyone stopped talking and there was a dead silence in the car.

They drove toward the suburbs.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at Stone Horse Mountain Forest Ridge Park.

Just outside the forest ridge park, there was a huge lawn.

During weekends and holidays, many people would bring their children and invite their friends over for kite-flying.

As it happened, however, it wasnt even a weekend, let alone a holiday, which made it a very different place.

There were very few kites on the lawn today.

The bodyguards got out of the car and stood by while Hua Jin carried the basket of snacks to a relatively quiet spot.

First, he laid the picnic blanket on the lawn.

The fruits had been washed, and the actor took Natalias favorite snack and set it casually on the lawn.

But Natalia was beside herself with excitement as soon as she arrived at the lawn.

She looked around, ran a quick check of the area, and returned to report to Gong Jie that she had found a suitable spot for kite-flying.


Its a little more crowded there.

Everyones standing flying kites.”

Gong Jie nodded.

He picked up the kites that the actor had placed down nicely and was about to walk over with Natalia when Hua Jin stood up and said, “No, dont go anywhere crowded.”

“Eh Why”

“Because, if there are too many people, the kites will be too close together and the lines tend to entangle.

The kites will fall easily and the lines will be knotted.”

He had only brought three lines, so if one got entangled, they didnt have that many back-up lines.

As he spoke, a kite fluttered down behind the actor.

Two people came running up to it.

“Oh dear, the threads are tangled together…”

“Sorry, sorry…”

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