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Dismayed, he blew on it and glared at her.

“I told you Id teach you.

Disobedient, eh”

She had insisted on doing it herself.

Now that she had taken a fall, she insisted it didnt hurt.

Although there was no blood, it was an abrasion.

She wasnt made of steel.

How could it not hurt His heart ached.

“Im really fine.

I can still walk!” With that, Natalia scrambled to her feet.

There was a burning pain in her knee, but she tolerated it.

How would she dare to show pain Gong Jie would make her rest and stop her from flying the kite.

This kite had not taken off.

She did not want to rest!

“Are we going to keep playing”

“But of course!”

Natalia reached for the kite, but Gong Jie got to it first.

“Dont you dare touch it.”

“…” Natalia looked at him questioningly.

“Ill show you how to fly it first.

Then, you can play with your Peppa Pig, huh”

“Okay…” Despite her reluctance, Natalia nodded her agreement.

She was already excited at this point, but now all she could do was watch.

She felt a little indignant, but Gong Jie sensed her impatience and said, “Watch carefully.

Well see whos kite flies higher later”

It had to be said, Gong Jies words ignited Natalias fighting spirit.

Natalia might be a little girl, but she had a strong desire to win.

As soon as she heard that they were going to compete to see whose kite could fly higher, she instantly perked up and was ready for a good fight.

Gong Jie picked up the kite.

He was tall, so hed only just lifted it when the wind whipped it up.

He tossed it like a paper airplane, then released the spool and stepped back, tugging gently at the string occasionally.

The wind took the kite higher and higher.

Although Gong Jie didnt have the skills to fly a kite, he thought that this things takeoff distance was probably about the same as a paper plane.

Hed studied engineering, so something like kite-flying was childs play to him.

The kite took off without a hitch.

In his hands, it behaved like a well-trained hawk.

He knew how to use the wind.

If the kite showed weakness in the air, he would tighten the coil and give it a gentle tug.

If he felt the line tightening, it proved that the wind was rising.

So, taking advantage of the wind, he let go of the spool again and let it take the kite higher.

Before long, half the spool of string had been used and the kite was flying higher and higher.

Even to the naked eye, it was as if it could surpass all the other kites on the lawn.

“Eh! Why arent those kites as high up as yours” Natalias eyes sparkled.

“Daddy is amazing!”

Hua Jin suddenly came over and overheard their conversation.

“Their line isnt as long as ours,” he said disapprovingly.

“Theyve reached the end of their line.

Judging by the height, its no more than 400 meters.

The line I brought can go up to 800 meters.”

“800 meters!”

“Well, actually, the line is 1000 meters, but the higher you fly the kite, the more easily the line breaks.”

Natalia nodded, half-understanding these things.

“Oh, I see! Does that mean our kite is over 400 meters now”

“There are markings on the line.”

The actor walked over to take a closer look.

There were scale lines on the line.

It had actually been released to 500 meters.

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