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Youyou laughed mercilessly, completely ignoring Yichens extreme embarrassment.

“Laugh! You laugh.

You have the nerve to laugh.

We almost had chicken dinner!”

“What do you mean,we” Youyou stifled a laugh and put on a serious expression.

“We didnt seem to have contributed much from the beginning to the end of the game.”

“What do you mean we didnt contribute much We cheered them on and even helped them search for emergency kits! You found three first aid kits and gave all three to them.

I felt guilty too.

I knew I shouldnt have lied to them that I was a girl, so I confessed.

They didnt have to be so heartless, did they They even turned hostile and shot me to death!”

Youyou could bear it no longer.

“If Yueyao finds out some day that youd swindled people using her name, youd be in deep trouble.”

Little Yichen was not impressed.

“Thats a matter for when she grows up!”

They suddenly heard footsteps outside.

“Big Brother…”

Speak of the devil.

Youyou left the computer desk and walked to the door and opened it.

There, in a little dress, stood Yueyao, looking up at him with a smile.

“Time to eat! Mommy said to come and get you.”

“Good girl, Yueyao!” Youyou picked her up and held her in his arms like a ball of sticky rice.

He couldnt bear to let her go.

Yueyao was over three years old now.

Her facial features had developed gradually over time.

Miraculously, perhaps because of her daddys strong genes, Yueyao really looked like Mu Yazhe.

Old folks generally believe that boys look more like their mothers, and girls resemble their fathers.

However, the twins both resembled Mu Yazhe more closely.

Initially, he was quite sure that Yueyao would look like Yun Shishi when she grew up! When she was little, she looked very much like Yun Shishi.

However, as she grew older, except for her eyes and skin, the rest of her slowly began to take after Mu Yazhe!

Yueyao had pale skin, even paler than Yun Shishis.

It was not an exaggeration to describe her as milky white.

Very few Asians had snow-white skin, and she was one.

Curled lashes.

She had them, too.

At first glance, she looked like a doll.

Yun Shishi, in particular, loved dressing her up in little dresses and princess frocks, it was such a delight.

Every girl has a princess dream.

Even after they grow up, this dream lives on in them.

Except that some people are lucky enough to live that dream.

Like Yun Shishi.

She poured all her princess dreams into Yueyao.

From the princess room to the princess dresses, Yun Shishi wanted to hold Yueyao at the center of her heart.

However, she was also the one who was the strictest with the child.

After all, if she werent strict, everything at home would revolve around Yueyao.

Too many people were spoiling the girl.

Mu Yazhe, Gong Jie, Hua Jin, Youyou, and Little Yichen.

Who could bear to not spoil her This was especially true of Mu Yazhe.

He was such a slave to his daughter, doting on the girl in a way that she had never seen him dote on anyone else! He could never bear to lose his temper at Yueyao.

Most impressionable was that one time he got up in the morning and was preparing to leave for work.

He stood in front of the mirror, straightening his hair.

Normally, no one was allowed to touch a strand of his hair, even Yun Shishi had limited special rights.

Every morning before going to the office, he would deal with his hair meticulously, styling it with mousse.


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