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“Illusion Wind, get lost!”

An ethereal and ancient voice sounded.

Then, the Wind Lord phantom shot out a tornado.

It whipped towards Dongfang Bufan.


There was a scream.

Dongfang Bufans body flew out like a parabola.

His face hit the ground hard and he slid for more than ten meters before stopping.

It left a long bloody mark.

The scene was tragic.

Dongfang Bufan actually had no strength to resist a simple attack.

He wondered if the Wind Lord was too strong or if he was too weak.

“This is impossible! He lost in one strike”

“Ah! Fan Fan, are you alright”

“What a pity.

Is Fan Fans handsome face going to be disfigured”

“My heart hurts when he fell.

Nothing must happen to Fan Fan!”

The women went over to check on Fan Fan, their faces filled with heartache.

“Sigh! I gave you a chance, but youre useless!”

“Let me deal with it myself!”

Zhou Han approached the Wind Lord and pulled out the [Fire Flood Dragon].

“Are you coming to challenge me too”

“Not bad, junior.

Youre much better than that trash just now!”

“Its worth 80% of my strength.”

At this moment, the Wind Lord hidden in the storm appeared.

The light green phantom was filled with violence and dignity.

Clearly, he was getting serious.


“Arent you afraid of being slapped in the face”

Zhou Hans eyes narrowed.

He did not waste any time and directly used the [Army Breaking Rising Dragon Strike].

He rushed over and closed the distance slightly.

To fight the Wind Lord phantom from afar was obviously asking for trouble.

The best way to attack was at close and medium range.

“Look! That handsome man actually fought the Wind Lord phantom alone Is he trying to be a hero”

“That goes without saying.

Isnt it just to win our hearts”

“Actually, this handsome man is also very handsome.

His domineering temperament is completely different from Fan Fan.”

“Unfortunately, hes going to die soon!”

“Thats right.

Even Fan Fan cant defeat him.

Isnt he going up to deliver himself as food”

“What a pity! What a pity.”

Perhaps Dongfang Bufans face was disfigured and covered in blood.

He looked extremely terrifying.

Only then did the infatuated girls turn their gazes to Zhou Han.

The seed of a change of heart began to sprout in their hearts.

“The wind of the world is under my control, Storm Order!”

A playful look flashed across the Wind Lord phantoms face as it directly used its famous ultimate skill.

All the space within a hundred meters of Zhou Han was divided into countless pieces.

A terrifying tearing force came, wanting to tear his body apart.

An unstoppable power of order with astonishing power.

Sensing the shocking threat, Zhou Han directly activated the [Sky Dust Tyrant Blood] and [Dragon Roar Golden Bell Shield].




Continuous bombardment sounded, causing waves to ripple on the Golden Bell Shield.

However, it could not break through this powerful defense at all.

Now that Zhou Hans HP had reached 660,000, the upper limit of 40 times the Dragon Roar Golden Bell Shield was 26.4 million.

It wasnt that easy to break.

“What What—what cultivation technique is this”

“Why have I never seen it before”

The Wind Lord phantom was stunned.

Its famous ultimate skill was actually so easily resolved by the other party.

This was unbelievable.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

“Thats why I told you not to show off!” Zhou Han grinned.

It was no wonder that the Wind Lord was ignorant.

This was a skill Zhou Han had obtained after fusing it a few times.

“Next, you have more surprises!”


As soon as he finished speaking, a red damage value floated out of the Wind Lords body.

It was the effect of reflecting damage.

“Junior, you do have some methods!”

The Wind Lord phantom was shocked.

This was the first time it had been frightened by a junior.

“So, its over!”

“Fire Profound Meaning, my flames are everywhere, Wild Flame Barrier!”

Zhou Han did not want to waste time.

As he chanted, a barrier filled with endless flames trapped the Wind Lord phantom.

When he wanted to escape, he realized that it was already in vain.

This was because Zhou Han had triggered the forced hit effect of the Morning Star Bracelet.

No matter how high the Wind Lords agility was, it was impossible to dodge in front of a strong opponent.

“The wind has stopped…”

As the Wind Lord phantom sighed, it gradually disappeared into space.

[You have successfully killed the Wind Lord—Phantom!]

The notification from the system made Zhou Han feel relieved.

“He actually did it! Even Fan Fan couldnt do it.

This is unbelievable.”

“Fan Fan How is Dongfang Bufan as handsome as him Are you blind”

“Anyway, Ive already turned into his fan.

This little brother is my idol.”

They looked at Zhou Han and then at Dongfang Bufan, who had blood on his face.

They instantly felt that Fan Fan did not want to anymore.


They, who had been asking about him just now, immediately pushed Dongfang Bufan aside and approached Zhou Han with a faint smile.

“Ouch, it hurts!”

“What are you doing”

Dongfang Bufan was thrown to the ground and roared angrily.

Just now, he was surrounded by stars.

Now, he could not accept such a difference in heart and directly cursed.

“Youre just a bunch of bitches!”

“You knelt and licked my boots previously, but now you actually ignore me!”

They were completely different people from their previous gentle, humble, and polite selves.

When these women heard this, their eyes revealed disgust.

All of them looked at Zhou Han with burning eyes without any shame.

Especially in the battle just now, some parts of Zhou Hans clothes that had been torn by the storm leaked out, making them so excited that they could not close their legs.

“Handsome, whats your name! I, Fan Jinlian, want to marry you for the rest of my life!”

“Youre so handsome.

I have a relationship and want to talk to you!”

“Your abs are so developed.

Your endurance must be very good!”

“Get lost!”

Zhou Han could not be bothered by this group of shallow women.

After all, they had brainlessly knelt and licked Dongfang Bufans boots just now.

Zhou Han saw it clearly, so he roared coldly.

“Wow! Little brother, youre so handsome even when you lose your temper.

I love you!”

“Handsome, please lose your temper with me more! I especially like the way you look.”

“A cold and domineering temperament is too tempting.”

Zhou Han: “…”

Seeing that they did not go overboard, he did not say anything else.

Otherwise, he wondered what else he would say.

The most important thing now was to clean up the spoils and get rid of these shallow women.

[You have obtained a King-grade sword, Frostmourne.]

[You have obtained the King-grade sword, Wind Blade.]

[You have obtained a King-grade sword, Hurricane Shadow.]

[You have obtained an Emperor-grade sword, Cold Desolation Wind Thunder.]

He had gained a lot from dropping four swords in a row.

Especially with an Emperor-grade sword, he had made a killing.

“Emperor-grade weapon! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Hes too handsome.”

Zhou Han held the [Cold Desolation Wind Thunder] in his hand and rubbed it with his hand.

It felt as good as touching Song Yushan.

It was slightly wider than an ordinary sword body.

There were many wind vortexes swimming on it, mixed with traces of lightning.

It was especially good-looking and Zhou Han could not bear to part with it.

He held the sword hilt and waved it gently.

A violent wind whistled over, giving a very powerful bonus to the wind attribute.

Without hesitation, Zhou Han directly enhanced it ten times, and his powerful attributes were displayed.

[Cold Desolation Wind Thunder 10]

[Grade: Emperor-grade]

[Attributes: 50,000 Attack, 50% Armor Penetration]

[Special Effect 1: Increases skill damage by 100%.]

[Special Effect 2: The targets movement speed will be reduced by 50%.]

[Special Effect 3: Increases wind damage caused by 500%.]

[Description: Refined by gathering the essence of wind and lightning in the Cold Desolate World.

It has incomparable wind attribute damage.]

“It directly increases attack power by 50,000.

This is too satisfying!”

Zhou Han was overjoyed when he saw the attributes.

This attack power bonus was many times higher than a King-grade weapon.

A level higher was a world of difference.

Then he saw the special effects column.

Special Effect 1 could double the skill damage and increase the damage output.

Special Effect 2 was a speed reduction effect that reduced movement speed by 50%.

It was simply too disgusting.

Zhou Han liked it very much.

Special Effect 3 increased wind attribute damage by 5 times.

It is also very powerful.

In that case, Zhou Hans current four powers, Sword Aura, Blood Energy, Fire Element, and Wind Element advanced at the same time.

There were no obvious shortcomings.

After tidying up, Zhou Han was not in the mood to look at the other three King-grade swords.

He directly walked towards the periphery of the Storm Valley.

“You, stop right there!”

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