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Just as Zhou Han was about to leave, a furious and unwilling voice came from behind.

“Whats the matter”

Hearing that the voice was Dongfang Bufan, Zhou Han frowned and said coldly without turning around.

“Hand over your sword!”

Dongfang Bufan was very unhappy.

He originally wanted to show off in front of so many girls today.

In the end, not only did he not show off, but he was also in such a sorry state that his fans were about to fall out.

The culprit was Zhou Han.

At this moment, there was only one way for him to regain everyones admiration.

That was to trample Zhou Han under his feet, so he used this method to find trouble.

“Hand over the sword”

“Why should I” Zhou Han retorted in amusement, his eyes filled with disdain.

“I almost exhausted the Wind Lord phantom before you successfully picked up the scraps.”

“I didnt expect you to be so despicable!”

Dongfang Bufans ability to invert right and wrong made Zhou Han praise him.

“Okay, I understand.

Since theres nothing else, Ill leave!”

Zhou Han could not be bothered by such a clown and did not stop.

“Hmph! Do you want to run”

“This belongs to our Proud Sword Sect.

Youre quite bold!”

Dongfang Bufan could not stand it when he saw Zhou Han ignoring him and roared loudly.

He also mentioned his backer—Proud Sword Sect, a first-rate faction in the Firmament Imperial City.

“Proud Sword Sect Sorry, Ive never heard of them!”

Zhou Han had really never heard of it.

After all, he was not a native, and there were some things that the system would not tell him.

“You humiliated my sect! Youre courting death!”

Dongfang Bufan sneered.

The reasons for looking for trouble previously were more far-fetched.

This was good.

Zhou Hans words were clearly insulting, giving him a chance to teach him a lesson.

After all, the Proud Sword Sect was also a large sect.

Even a three-year-old child would probably know.

“You want to fight me”

Sensing the sharp killing intent behind him, Zhou Han slowly turned around, his eyes flashing coldly with a shocking aura.

Seeing Zhou Hans gaze, Dongfang Bufans heart trembled.

The other party was someone who could kill the Wind Lord phantom alone!

However, when he thought of the Dharma treasure on him, he became unyielding again.

No matter how awesome he was, as long as he had a body of flesh and blood, he would definitely die.

Dongfang Bufan lowered his head and pretended to be afraid, his eyes filled with viciousness.

“Die! Blood Gu Seal!”

Dongfang Bufan went all out.

A cruel smile appeared on his face as he launched a sneak attack.

Black and red waves surged as a bloodthirsty and terrifying power bombarded him, sinister and violent.

Zhou Han was checking his attributes.

He did not expect the cowardly Dongfang Bufan to be in disguise and suddenly attack.

“Hmph! Is that all youve got”

Zhou Han was not flustered.

Although he was very close, his reaction speed was enough to deal with it.

“Insignificant skill, break!”

A flame sword aura shot out of the sword.


He slashed fiercely, and the black and red waves immediately exploded into countless red fragments.

However, Zhou Han frowned.

These countless red fragments still rushed towards him.

“Hahaha! Youve fallen into a trap.

This is the Nine Nether Blood Gu!”

“Its not something you can kill easily.

The more you shatter, the more clones it can split.”

“Lets see how you deal with it.


At this moment, Dongfang Bufan could no longer hide his smugness.

“Dragon Roar Golden Bell Shield!”

Zhou Han hurriedly used the Golden Bell Shield in an attempt to block the attack of the Nine Nether Blood Gu.

The next second, his expression changed.

A ripple appeared on the Golden Bell Shield.

The blood-red dot ignored this defense and easily penetrated the light shield.

“Its useless.

Your outcome is already decided.

Youre dead!”

Dongfang Bufan revealed a cruel smile.

He naturally knew his Dharma treasure very well.

The Nine Nether Blood Gu sealed ancient evil insects.

They fed on blood for a living.

No matter how strong their physical defense was, it was like nothing in front of it, easily broken.

If not for the fact that it was useless to souls, Dongfang Bufan would have used it long ago.

“This, this Dongfang Bufan is indeed vicious! He actually has an evil thing like the Nine Nether Blood Gu.”

“Its over.

Little brother wont be able to escape this time!”

“No one can survive the bite of the Nine Nether Blood Gu.”

“How cruel! Before long, all the flesh and blood of this handsome man will be eaten.”

Most of these women were frightened when they saw this scene.

After all, the Nine Nether Blood Gu was famous and their expressions changed at the mention of it.

It could be said to be the nemesis of flesh and blood creatures.

In ancient times, there were only a few people stronger than it.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

In an instant, the clone of the Nine Nether Blood Gu was like a bee, but its voice was even more soul-stirring.

They arrived like shadows and broke through Zhou Hans Golden Bell Shield.

They entered Zhou Hans body and dyed his entire body red.

In an instant, Zhou Hans veins bulged.

He felt a strong biting pain, and the blood in his body was quickly decreasing.

If he couldnt think of anything else, he would bleed to death soon.

“Hahaha, how does it feel”

“Im the chief disciple of the Proud Sword Sect.

Anyone who goes against me must die!”

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