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Dongfang Bufan hugged his sword with both hands and laughed into the sky.

Coupled with the blood mark on his face, he looked extremely ferocious.

It made the surrounding girls shiver.

They were terrified and wanted to leave.

However, they were afraid that Dongfang Bufan would do something out of line, so they hesitated for a moment.

“The Nine Nether Blood Gu is devouring his blood.

Theres no chance of survival.”

“From his distorted face, I can tell how much pain hes in now.”

“Could it be that the Nine Nether Blood Gu really doesnt have a nemesis”

“Of course.

Although the Nine Nether Blood Gu is a tyrant of the ancient era, its still a little inferior to the true Emperors of the ancient era.”

“Oh Which Emperors”

“You just came out of the village today Its such a simple question and you have to ask it.

Isnt that common knowledge”

“Hehe, I was joking.

True Dragon, Phoenix, Fire Qilin, Kun Peng, and Black Tortoise!”

“Look, why is this little brother burning Could it be that he wants to burn the Nine Nether Blood Gu to death through flames”

“Thats impossible unless his flames can compare to the Fire Qilin!”

The girls eyes revealed complicated emotions.

They wanted to help Zhou Han, but their strength did not allow it.

What a pity that such a handsome man was going to lose his life like this!

“You actually want to burn the Nine Nether Blood Gu through flames.

How naive.”

“Hahaha, have you given up Do you want to end your life”

In Dongfang Bufans opinion, this was what Zhou Han did.

Many people could not withstand the bite of the Nine Nether Blood Gu at all and directly committed suicide.

A trace of anger flashed across Zhou Hans eyes.

This was not an ordinary flame.

It was the flame formed by the Fire Qilin phantom summoned through the Fire Qilin Sword Technique.




Wherever the flames covered, a large number of the Nine Nether Blood Gu clones died and were burned until they sizzled.

The originally arrogant Nine Nether Blood Gu immediately cowered.

It actually began to flee.

“Kid, w-why do you have the aura of a Fire Qilin”

The huge defeat attracted the attention of the Nine Nether Blood Gus main body.

Its figure was nothingness, and only a pair of blood-colored eyes could be seen.

The original ruthlessness and bloodthirsty aura had already disappeared.

At this moment, he was a little bewildered.

This was because it felt the aura of the Fire Qilin.

That was an Emperor from ancient times.

It was indeed quite awesome, but in front of the Fire Qilin, it was worse than an ant.

“Ill pay you back double for the pain you gave me!”

Zhou Han did not answer directly.

His voice was filled with coldness as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.

It condensed intense flames and attacked.

“Ha! Do you think Im really afraid of Fire Qilin” The Nine Nether Blood Gu said fiercely.

“Blood Nether Palm!”

It directly activated its skill.

No matter what, it was an ancient overlord.

It would definitely not escape so easily.

However, it made up its mind that if it was really the Fire Qilin, it would immediately escape.

“Wild Flame Barrier, burn it!”

Zhou Han pointed with his finger, and flames surged.


The Fire Qilin phantom bit the Blood Nether Palm, and the Nine Nether Blood Gu immediately felt a burning pain in its soul.

Although the Fire Qilin was a phantom, the Nine Nether Blood Gu was also an incomplete body.

Therefore, it was still crushed.

“Retreat, retreat quickly!”

The Nine Nether Blood Gu did not hesitate to escape from Zhou Hans body with a large number of avatars.

Zhou Hans blood-red skin immediately returned to normal.

Seeing a large amount of blood mist in the air actually flying back quickly, everyone was stunned.

What had happened

“Whats going on! What is the Nine Nether Blood Gu doing”

“Little brother is actually fine Thats unbelievable!”

“Why do I feel that the Nine Nether Blood Gu is escaping Am I imagining things”

“How is that possible The Primordial Overlord will escape Youre thinking too much.”

“Thats right.

The Nine Nether Blood Gu must plan something big.

Unfortunately, he wont be able to escape!”

It was no wonder that they thought so.

After all, the Nine Nether Blood Gu was notorious.

So far, there had been no cases of escaping from the Nine Nether Blood Gu.

It was a preconceived and ingrained idea that would be difficult to change in a short time.

“Come back, come back!”

“Why did the Blood Gu Seal lose control of the Nine Nether Blood Gu”

Dongfang Bufans arrogant expression had disappeared, but it was replaced by an incomparably solemn expression.

He looked at Zhou Han with fear and had some bad guesses.

“Hmph! Its too late to run now!”

“After swallowing so much of my blood essence, you have to die!”

With a thought, the Fire Qilin phantom darted out and devoured the Nine Nether Blood Gu.

This thing was very nourishing!

“Oh my God! This is a Fire Qilin Unbelievable!”

“Ive only seen the Fire Lord phantom and the Fire Flying General summon Fire Qilin, but their main bodies are incomparably powerful existences.”

“Could this little brother be the main body of the Fire Flying General”

“Thats too powerful! This time, the Nine Nether Blood Gu is going to suffer.”

“Extreme counterattack.

How exciting!”

The women were completely stunned, but then something even more shocking happened.


A huge dragon roar came from Zhou Hans body, and the phantom of a True Dragon condensed.

It also quickly devoured the Nine Nether Blood Gu.

Clearly, it did not want to let go of such a nourishing thing.

The huge dragon might slapped the fleeing Nine Nether Blood Gu with its tail.

The Fire Qilin phantom and the True Dragon phantom opened their mouths and bit at the huge blood-colored phantom formed by the Nine Nether Blood Gu.

“Ah! It hurts!”

“Damn, why am I so unlucky”

The Nine Nether Blood Gu was about to cry.

It was extremely terrified and was still cursing.

No one was lucky enough to encounter two Ancient Emperors at the same time.

Even if it died, it would be honored!

However, the Nine Nether Blood Gu was unwilling!

“Oh, oh my God, another True Dragon has appeared”

“This little brother is too strong! Hes going against the heavens!”

“How terrifying.

This child has the bearing of an Emperor.

We must seize the opportunity and sleep with him in advance!”

“Thats a good idea.

I feel a sense of accomplishment sleeping with such a genius!”

“Look, the True Dragon and Fire Qilin are fighting”

“Eh! Haha, interesting, so fun!”

At first, the women were extremely shocked.

Then, their eyes darted around, and they all had ulterior motives.

Who wouldnt love such a handsome man with strength and the bearing of an emperor

Especially these young girls who were so excited that they could not close their legs.

Zhou Han also saw these two fellows fighting.

He was a little speechless.

It was understandable.

After all, the Nine Nether Blood Gu was very nutritious.

They all wanted an extra bite.

At this moment, the Nine Nether Blood Gu was on the verge of collapse.

It could not run away or die happily.

What a sin!

“Hurry up, you two.

Dont waste time!”

In the end, Zhou Han gave the order.



Two voices sounded, indicating receipt.

“Next, its time for you to die.”

Zhou Han turned to look at Dongfang Bufan, who was carefully taking a step back and trying to escape.

The smile on his face was very cold.

He had really experienced the pain of the Nine Nether Blood Gu.

The culprit was Dongfang Bufan.

Zhou Han had already sentenced him to death.


Dongfang Bufan saw Zhou Hans murderous gaze and looked over.

Without hesitation, he ran.

“Werent you quite arrogant just now Why are you running away now Continue to mock me”

“To be honest, I like how unruly you were at first.”

Zhou Han rode the wind and blocked in front of Dongfang Bufan at an extremely fast speed, his face filled with a teasing smile.

“What—what do you want” Dongfang Bufans body trembled as he slowly moved back.

“What do you think” Zhou Han slowly approached.

“Let me tell you, Im the chief disciple of your Proud Sword Sect.”

“Before you touch me, I advise you to consider it carefully!”

Dongfang Bufan said with a bluff.

This identity was his final trump card.

After all, ordinary people would think twice about offending the first-rate faction.

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