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Chapter 10: The Most Wicked Witch Of Them All

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the servant left, Old Madam Mu regarded Mu Siyin with a deep knot between her brows and ordered, “Somethings wrong with the Mu Corporations funds. Get help from the Lu family and make sure they help us!”

Mu Siyin chuckled. “Old Madam, the Mu and the Lu families have cut ties for twelve years. Im not in a position to ask them for help!”

In the previous life, Old Madam Mu had told her to seek help from her mothers family, the Lu family. Mu Siyin was reluctant, but the old witch threatened that she would move her mother and elder sister out of the Mu familys graveyard if she did not do as she was told.

With no other choice, Mu Siyin had to muster her courage to beg her grandfather and uncle for help. However, her grandfather was ill, and when he learned about what Old Witch Mu said, he went to the Mu family residence furiously and had a huge quarrel. From that day onwards, he became bedridden and passed away in less than six months.

Mu Siyin would not make the same mistake in this life again.

Old Madam Mu was panicky, but since it was a matter of life and death, she must hang on to her savior, Mu Siyin!

That intimidating, snake-like gaze of hers was locked onto Mu Siyin as she muttered, “Yinyin, if you dont go, Ill move your mother and elder sister out of the Mu familys graveyard!”

Mu Siyin was not surprised, for her grandmother said the same thing last time.

Truth be told, Old Madam Mu was the most wicked witch of them all. What Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu did to her was nothing compared to the old womans actions.

“Old Madam, arent you afraid that my mom and sister will haunt you at night” As soon as Mu Siyin retorted, Li Tongzhi shivered instinctively. Fear was clearly written on her face.

On the contrary, Old Madam Mu kept her smile. “Yinyin, Im already an old lady. Do you think Im afraid of them”

Mu Siyin narrowed her eyes. She was an old witch indeed.

“I can seek help from the Lu family if you want, but you must promise me one thing.”

“Tell me.”

“If I manage to save Mu Corporation, you must transfer half of yours and Lu Tongzhis shares to me.”

At that, Li Tongzhi shrieked. “Mu Siyin, you b*tch! Dream on!”

Mu Siyin eyed Old Madam Mu with an eyebrow raised. The old madam stared at her intently for a long while before she sighed softly and nodded. “Fine.”

“Mom! You cant do that!” Li Tongzhi was close to losing her mind.

Old Madam Mu snapped, “I have the final say in this house!”

With that, Li Tongzhi kept quiet, but she still directed an intimidating glare at Mu Siyin as if she wanted to slice her up!

“Alright, its a deal. Itll be silly of you to break the promise.”

Then, ignoring the scowling Old Madam Mu, Mu Siyin headed out of the house.

The Lu family did not help the Mu family in her life. Instead, it was Shi Beiyu who helped resolve Mu Corporations financial troubles when he learned that she was going around seeking help.

This time, she definitely could not look for her grandfather at the Lu family residence. As for him… She would meet him again once the trouble was over, in case something stirred up again.

She looked up at the darkening sky, heaved a deep sigh, and decided to give her cousin, Lu Jingchen a call…

At 8:00 pm and as planned, Mu Siyin arrived at the swankiest club in the capital city, Beauties After Dark.

The place was heaven on earth for men and a playground for the rich. Those who could enter the club were either wealthy or famous.

Mu Siyin wore a light blue strapless dress and had a white Chanel shawl around her shoulders. Her long, black hair hung loosely behind her back, giving her a sweet and innocent vibe.

She held the invitation card that Lu Jingchen gave her and was led by a waiter to the VIP area on the eighth floor of Beauties After Dark.

She hesitated momentarily when she arrived at the entrance to the private room numbered “888”. Then, she grabbed the intricately carved metal handle and pushed the door open!


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