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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Change Her Fate And Take Preemptive Measures

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“Mu Siyin! You shameless sl*t! How dare you cheat on my son and sleep with some random man! Our family must be extremely unlucky to come across a wh*re like you!” Madam Gu roared so angrily that the thick layer of powder on her face cracked.

As soon as she heard that, Mu Siyin froze!

She was no longer frightened and confused. Instead, her gaze hardened and a cold, defensive aura enveloped her.

She narrowed her eyes and stared at Madam Gu before she scoffed. “Gu Yifan cheated on me so I dumped him, and now he accuses me of sleeping around I, Mu Siyin, must be extremely unlucky to come across despicable people like you all!”


Mu Siyins words were totally unexpected. The reporters became excited and the clicking of the cameras intensified.

Madam Gu was so angry when she heard that remark that her vision went dark and she nearly collapsed!

She pointed at Mu Siyins haughty face as she snarled, “You wh*re! I caught you in bed with another man and you dare blame my son You wicked, wicked woman! Ill tear that blanket away from you!”

With a contorted face, Madam Gu went up and started to tug at Mu Siyins blanket, which was tightly wrapped around her body. A sarcastic smile appeared on Mu Siyins lips as she quietly tightened her grip on the covers.

Shi Beiyu was a thoughtful man and made sure she had clothes on before he left.

Flustered, Madam Gu shouted, “You sl*t! Im gonna strip you naked so everyone can see what youre like!”

When Madam Gu finished speaking, Mu Siyin suddenly loosened her grip on the covers. Just like that, Madam Gu lost her balance and fell onto the floor along with the blanket.

“Argh…” Madam Gu wailed as the blanket covered her entire body. To the onlookers, she looked like a giant, shapeless lump as she moaned like a sow.

On the contrary, Mu Siyin, who was on the bed, wore a set of pink pajamas. It was not what the crowd had expected.

Besides, the random man was nowhere to be seen in this room.

“My waist… Help me… Help me up at once! Argh… It hurts so bad…” Under the blanket, Madam Gu held onto her sprained waist and wailed. The fall was bad!

Yet the reporters were so engrossed in photographing the scene that nobody bothered to help her.

Mu Siyin glanced coldly at Madam Gu, who was still struggling to get up from the floor. Then, she raised her chin and said to the reporters, “Since the media is here, let me clear things up. I broke up with Gu Yifan yesterday. He fears that Ill expose his affair, so he and his mistress set me up to humiliate me.”

“Yinyin! What nonsense are you spouting!”

Suddenly, an angry voice appeared from behind the reporters.

When Mu Siyin heard that, her smile widened. Her gaze was as icy as ever as she looked at the couple walking towards her.

In her previous life, she was drugged by Mu Xingyu and accidentally had a one-night-stand with Shi Beiyu. The next morning, that b*tch Madam Gu brought a whole gang of reporters with her to surround and humiliate her. As a result, Mu Siyins reputation went down the drain.

That time, she genuinely believed that she was the one who betrayed her relationship with Gu Yifan. She constantly blamed herself and allowed herself to be scolded. In the end, she broke off her engagement with him.

Never did she imagine that he had already been sleeping with Mu Xingyu!

That adulterous couple!

They were the ones that had an affair, yet she was the one who took the fall and became the greatest joke in the capital!

In this lifetime, she was determined to change her fate and take preemptive measures. She wanted Mu Xingyu to pay twice as much for all the humiliation and suffering she had caused her!


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