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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Humiliating Her Wh*re Of A Sister

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“Yinyin! Do you know what youre doing”Dressed in a white suit, Gu Yifan strode forward and helped Madam Gu up from the floor. He regarded Mu Siyin, who was still on the bed, with disappointment.

Having accompanied Gu Yifan, Mu Xingyu glanced at her sister and scoffed. “Yeah, Yinyin, its bad enough that you cheated on Yifan and slept with some random man, but its even worse for you to treat Auntie Gu like that and even accuse Yifan!”

With a mocking look, Mu Siyin looked at the scantily dressed Mu Xingyu and said coldly, “Mu Xingyu, how do you know what I said isnt true”

Mu Siyin used to address Mu Xingyu as “Sis”, but today, she called her by her name. At that, Mu Xingyu could not help but frown and replied unhappily, “Yinyin, you were still on good terms with Yifan at my birthday party last night. Now, you accuse him when youre the unfaithful one. I wont stand for it!”

“Me, unfaithful I was in a bad mood last night and had a little too much to drink, thats why I spent the night here. As for you two Was it thrilling last night Youve probably torn the bedsheets too! Is that right, my dear sister!”


Everybody was appalled by Mu Siyins words!

Not to mention the reporters, but Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu too stared at her wide-eyed and in shock!

Mu Xingyu turned pale and her voice took on a shrill turn. “Mu Siyin! What are you babbling about!”

Mu Siyin smirked. “Not going to confess”

“I didnt do anything! Nothing happened between Yifan and me, dont accuse us!”

“Accuse I shall prove to everybody whether I accused the both of you!”

As soon as Mu Siyin said that, she jumped out of bed swiftly and before Mu Xingyu could react, she grabbed her sisters collar fiercely and tore it off!

Mu Xingyus chest immediately laid bare before the crowds eyes. Bluish-green hickeys covered her fair skin, showing how passionate the previous night had been.

This sudden change of events forced the reporters to raise their cameras and snap away like they were crazy. It was a major scoop indeed!

Only after Mu Xingyus clothes had been ripped off did she finally react. With a face as white as a sheet, she covered her chest and screamed, “Ahhhh! Mu Siyin, you wh*re!”

With both hands, Mu Siyin pulled on Mu Xingyus bra and chuckled. “Wh*re Are you referring to yourself Its bad enough that you seduced your future brother-in-law but worse that you accuse your sister of being unfaithful. Youre the biggest wh*re in the whole world!”

“I didnt, I didnt! Yifan, Yifan, help me…”

Mu Xingyu kept holding onto her bra as she shrieked. She was afraid that Mu Siyin would rip it off.

Gu Yifan only managed to regain his composure at that moment. In fact, he did not expect Mu Siyin to have learned of his affair with Mu Xingyu.

“Yinyin, you must be mistaken. Let Mu Xingyu go and well talk about it privately.”

Mu Siyin snorted. “Mistaken Do you think Im an idiot”

Then, with a forceful pull, Mu Xingyus bra came off her chest with a loud snap.

“Ah!! Mu Siyin! Im gonna kill you!”

Once Mu Xingyus topless body was revealed, the reporters rushed forward. Gu Yifans gaze darkened as he quickly pulled Mu Xingyu into his arms and yelled angrily, “Leave! Get lost! Stop photographing!!”

Unfortunately, his words fell on deaf ears as the reporters grew hysterical in taking the shot. The flashes from the cameras were blinding.

Mu Xingyu almost broke down, but she hugged Gu Yifan tightly and muttered with red-rimmed eyes, “Yifan, get me out, get me out of here!”


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