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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Mu Siyin! How Dare You Come Back!

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Shi Beiyu gave another acknowledgment. His voice was clear and cool. “Escalate the situation as much as possible, best to let Gu Corporations stocks plummet for a few days. As for Madam Gu… Break her right arm.”

Whoever dared to harm his woman must pay the price!

Yan Ze agreed, then he added carefully, “Young Master, are you going to… Take a look at Miss Mu”

He could tell from her voice that she was really sad, and this was partially thanks to their boss, who turned an innocent maiden into a woman.

However, Miss Mu was indeed amazing. Judging by the way she retaliated against Madam Gu and Mu Xingyu, Yan Ze initially thought that their boss had bedded an amateur, but never did he think that she would be a master instead!

Shi Beiyu stood up gracefully. His prominent features were perfect, and his deep, amber eyes glimmered enchantingly as if they were like the most precious amber in the whole world. He was a classic beauty and was as ethereal as a Greek deity, so handsome that he could take ones breath away.

With a slight frown, he parted his lips. “If I head over there now, she might kill me. Best to wait it out.”

Mu Siyin cried for a while before she wiped her tears to think about what happened in her past life so that she could prepare for her revenge.

The last time, after returning to the Mu family residence from the hotel, the Gu family broke off the engagement. Following that, the Mu family said that she had brought shame to them, so they stripped her of her ownership of Mu Corporations shares and she left the family penniless.

Her reputation was ruined in one night and there was nothing left in her name.

Later, when Shi Beiyu visited her and wanted to take responsibility for what he did to her, she threw a fit. She hit him, scolded him, and even told him to die.

Now, as she pondered about it, she realized how stupid she was. She never saw through the fact that it was all Mu Xingyus wicked plan!

At the thought of that, she got up from the floor slowly and her gaze hardened.

If God took pity on her and wanted her to restart her life, then she would make sure the ones who hurt her would pay twice as much!

She wanted to use Mu Xingyus blood to honor her poor child and herself who died in her previous life, as well as… that big, stubborn dummy!

By the time Mu Siyin gathered herself and returned to her family, news about the affair between Mu Xingyu and her soon-to-be brother-in-law Gu Yifan had already spread across the capital city and caused an uproar.

She stood outside the gates to the Mu family residence and looked at Mu Xingyus red sports car before she headed inside with a smile.

When she arrived at the doorway, she heard Mu Xingyus cries and curses…

“Mom! That lowlife Mu Siyin is a wicked woman. She tore my clothes off in front of those reporters. How… How am I supposed to show myself… in public now I want her to die!”

Mu Siyins eyes took on a threatening sheen when she overheard the word “die”. With that, she narrowed her eyes and entered the house.

In the living room that bore a European-style decor stood Mu Xingyu, who had changed her clothes and was tugging at her mother, Li Tongzhi, sobbing.

Mu Siyin glanced around the room but Gu Yifan was nowhere to be seen. He was probably out somewhere, attempting to lead the reporters to someplace else.

Upon noticing that Mu Siyin was back home, Li Tongzhi yelled, “Mu Siyin! How dare you come back!”

Mu Siyin smirked. “This is my home. Why wouldnt I dare to come back”

“You… You did this to Xingyu! Have you no shame!”

“Hehe… Auntie Li, have you gone mad It was she who betrayed me by getting into Gu Yifans bed, and you want to blame me Im no idiot, so why should I take the fall for them!”

Li Tongzhi was trembling in rage. “Mu Siyin, you dare to say that you werent with another man last night! Do you dare to take off your clothes and let us examine you!”


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