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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: She Must Take Back Everything That Belonged To Her!

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Mu Siyin smiled sarcastically.

See, this was her biological grandmother. Growing up, Old Madam Mu would always believe whatever Li Tongzhi said and agree to whatever Mu Xingyu demanded. She had never once cared about Mu Siyins feelings!

Although it was Mu Xingyus fault this time, Old Madam Mu still scolded Mu Siyin.

She still remembered clearly how, in her past life, her grandmother banished her from the family after she was set up by Mu Xingyu!

Had she forgotten that Mu Siyin was her biological granddaughter too

“Are you really my biological grandmother It was Mu Xingyu who slept with Gu Yifan! She wanted to hurt me. Its fine if you dont scold her, but to blame me instead Do you know the difference between right and wrong” She questioned her grandmother bitterly which Old Madam Mu was stunned at first but her face eventually darkened.

“You scoundrel! Even if its her fault, you shouldnt have ripped her clothes off in front of the media. Dont you know what you did has brought shame to the entire Mu family!”

Mu Siyin listened and shook her head in disbelief. “Indeed, youre not my biological grandmother.”

Old Madam Mu narrowed her eyes and stared at Mu Siyin for a long time. Then all of a sudden, she scoffed. “If you dont respect me as your grandmother, from today onwards, youre no longer a part of the Mu family. Nobody will ever care about whatever shameless things you do!”

Nevertheless, Mu Siyin smiled…

It was fine if her grandmother banished her from the family in her previous life. However, in this life, it was obvious that Mu Xingyu was at fault, yet her grandmother wanted to banish Mu Siyin from the family. Old Madam Mus favoritism was simply preposterous!

Meanwhile, Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu wanted to scream for joy!

They did not expect Mu Siyin to anger the old madam so much that the latter wanted to get rid of her!


Simply wonderful!

In this case, the Mu family was theirs!

Though before they could rejoice any longer, they heard Mu Siyin utter contemptuously with her head up high, “Fine, please pack your belongings and leave this place immediately.”

Old Madam Mu was about to explode when she heard that.

“Mu Siyin! Your audacity!”

“My audacity This house is in my mothers name. Since my mom and elder sister are no longer around, it naturally belongs to me.”


“Oh, right, the company too. My mom, my sister, and I own thirty percent of the companys shares. Since you want to cut ties with me, I should get my share of the money. Every single cent of it.”

The world before the old madams eyes turned dark and she nearly fainted. Even Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu swayed on their feet.

“How shameless of you, Mu Siyin! Your mother and your elder sister are no longer around, so how can they own any shares The company shares that you own only amount to ten percent at most!”

Mu Siyin smirked. “I have a succession certificate for the shares, so its mine.”

In her past life, she never knew that her mother had left a succession certificate for her, thus she left the family without a penny. Then by the time she discovered the existence of the document, it was too late.

In this life, however, she must take back everything that belonged to her!

If not for her walking stick, Old Madam Mu would have collapsed onto the floor. She had been searching for the succession certificate for twelve years but to no avail. She did not imagine that it had fallen into the hands of Mu Siyin!

“You…” Old Madam Mu pointed at Mu Siyin angrily with a finger. She had just spat out a word when the family servant rushed to her side and whispered something to her ear with a solemn expression.

Mu Siyin observed the scene and slowly narrowed her eyes. Evidently, the wheels of fate did not change their course due to her rebirth. Some things still took place as planned.


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