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“The Silent Beasts have appeared”

Lin Fengs heart skipped a beat.

Moreover, looking at the date, it had actually been two years since he left.

For two years, he had been capturing planets, and the border had always been very calm.

Lin Fengs so-called guarding was not “due diligence” at all.

“Fortunately, Grand Emperor Long Yuan didnt fault me.

I havent been guarding it for two years.

I have to perform well this time.”

Lin Feng shook his head.

In order to increase the power of the Starfell Pearl, he had left the border for two years.

Fortunately, no Silent Beasts had appeared in the past two years.

Now that Silent Beasts had appeared, Lin Feng naturally had to rush back.

Moreover, if they could get Grand Emperor Long Yuan to personally sent a message, the Silent Beasts this time were probably considerably strong.


Lin Feng quickly switched to his combat body and warped space to return to the border.

The nine Grand Emperors, Grand Emperor Long Yuan, Grand Emperor Cursed Blade, Grand Emperor Belam and the others, were all on standby.

In the cosmos, countless cultivators had already deployed their combat bodies.

Be it ordinary planetary lifeforms, Venerables, or Quasi-emperors, their expressions were all very solemn.

On the other side of the cosmos, countless Silent Beasts crept out of the dark Silent Galaxy.

The gargantuan Silent Beasts occupied the entire cosmos densely.

There were simply too many of them.

If it were just numbers, the nine Grand Emperors would not have such solemn expressions.

That was because among the dense horde of beasts, there were 11 clearly much stronger beasts stretching across the cosmos.

Every one of these 11 beasts was comparable to the combat body of a Grand Emperor.

Their bodies exceeded a light-year in size, and they were like a nebula, emitting a terrifying aura in all directions.


A spatial ripple appeared in the cosmos.

Immediately after, Lin Fengs figure emerged from the space.

“Law of Space”

“His Highness Lin Feng has actually comprehended the Law of Space”


Seeing this scene, many cultivators eyes widened.

In particular, most cultivators knew what the Law of Space meant.

It almost meant that without methods to seal space, Lin Feng would be invincible.

He had three advanced Laws, including the Law of Space, and a planetary consummate combat body…

The Grand Emperors all fell silent.

If before, they had thought that His Highness Lin Feng was extraordinarily talented and they might still manage to catch up, no one would have such thoughts now.

Such a genius might be destined to be a legend from the moment he was born, and could not be surpassed.

Even Grand Emperor Cursed Blade fell silent.

Grand Emperor Long Yuan had long known, so he was not surprised.

Lin Feng flew over.

He was also rushing back to the border, so he warped through space directly and did not pay much attention to being “exposed”.

With his current strength, so what if he was exposed

Even top-notch Grand Emperors had to see if they could seal space if they wanted to deal with him.

Otherwise, Lin Feng could easily escape.

Not everyone could counter the miraculous Law of Space.

“Your Highness Long Yuan, Im late.

Hows the situation now”

Lin Feng also felt a little ashamed.

He had come to the border for the guarding mission.

Now that he had “disregarded his proper duties” and left the border, if Grand Emperor Long Yuan wanted to fault him, he had asked for it.

However, Grand Emperor Long Yuan was not concerned about how Lin Feng had left the border for two years.

His expression was very solemn as he said in a low voice, “The situation is very grim.

In the many years Ive guarded the border, Ive never encountered a Silent Beasts of such a scale.

I suspect that something might have happened in the Silent Galaxy.

Otherwise, there wouldnt be so many Silent Beasts leaving the Silent Galaxy.”

“What can happen in the Silent Galaxy”

Lin Feng looked up at the Silent Beasts in the distance.

This was the first time Lin Feng had seen the Silent Beasts.

The dense horde of Silent Beasts made even Lin Fengs scalp tingle.

In particular, the 11 incomparably huge beasts comparable Grand Emperor combat bodies emitted a terrifying aura.

These Silent Beasts all emitted an aura of destruction, and it was far purer and more terrifying than Lin Fengs annihilative power.

It was as if they were born for destruction.

Grand Emperor Long Yuan shook his head and said, “I dont know what happened in the Silent Galaxy either.

After all, no one dares to enter the Silent Galaxy.

However, no matter what happened in the Silent Galaxy, we cant let these Silent Beasts charge into the Bemond Galaxy!”

There was already a trace of cold killing intent in Grand Emperor Long Yuans tone.

“Thats right.

We absolutely cant let them enter the Bemond Galaxy!”

“Heh, we can finally fight.

Weve guarded the border for so many years, but we havent been of much use.

This is the first time weve encountered Silent Beasts on such a large scale.

We can finally fight without restraint.”

“I believe resisting a mere Grand Emperor-level Silent Beast should be manageable.”

The many Grand Emperors were not too worried.

So what if the scale of the Silent Beasts this time was unprecedented Hadnt so many Grand Emperors been waiting for this day for a long time

Otherwise, wouldnt it be a waste to arrange for ten Grand Emperors to guard the border

Reality proved that not only was it not a waste, it was also just right.

If not for the ten Grand Emperors guarding this border, there was no knowing what would have happened.

“Ill deal with two Grand Emperor-level Silent Beasts.

You can choose from the rest.”

Grand Emperor Long Yuan chose the two strongest Grand Emperor-level Silent Beasts.

He was a top-notch Grand Emperor, and he also had the prowess to do so.

“Haha, then we wont stand on ceremony.”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade also appeared very excited.

In the past, when he looked for other Grand Emperors to spar, it was only sparring, and not a life-or-death battle.

His cursed blade was his strongest asset, but he had never used it.

This was because once he used the cursed blade, even he could not control it sometimes.

Causing accidental injuries would be inevitable.

Now, he could finally fight with the Grand Emperor-level Silent Beasts.

This was not a spar, but a life-or-death battle.

When the time came, his Cursed Blade could feast on the blood of Silent Beasts.

The other Grand Emperors were not too concerned either.

As dignified Grand Emperors, how could they possibly fear a couple of mindless Silent Beasts that did not even have much intelligence

After the 11 Grand-emperor level Silent Beasts were “divided up” by Lin Feng and the others, the remaining beasts were naturally dealt with by other Venerables and Quasi-emperors.

However, this was an unusual occasion.

Grand Emperor Long Yuan also reminded them repeatedly, “Remember, everyone, end the battle quickly and try to deal with these Silent Beasts as fast as possible.

No one can say for certain how many more of them will appear.”


Everyone nodded as well.

Although their expressions were very relaxed, as if they did not take it seriously, they were actually very vigilant inwardly.

It was indeed very strange for so many Silent Beasts to appear all of a sudden.

It was always better to err on the side of caution.


Grand Emperor Long Yuan attacked immediately.

He used his combat body, which was more than ten light-years in size and enveloped most of the cosmos at once.

The two strongest Silent Beasts also roared repeatedly and charged towards Grand Emperor Long Yuan.

A great battle was imminent!

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