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“Thats an Origin Weapon”

“His Highness Lin Fengs Origin Weapon.

This is new.

Ive never seen him use it before.”

“But this Origin Weapon seems very ordinary.

Although its huge and comparable to a star, in front of Grand Emperors like us, mere stars are nothing.”

Although Lin Feng kept a relatively low profile, there were some things that he could not keep a low profile for.

He had already attracted the attention of all the Grand Emperors when he had attained a slight victory over Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

Now that Lin Feng was using an Origin Weapon, he naturally received the attention of many Grand Emperors.

Lin Feng appeared very calm on the surface, but there was actually a slight fluctuation in his heart.

From the moment he refined the Starfell Pearl until now, although the Starfell Pearl had already been successfully refined and its power was increasing, it had never experienced actual combat.

Lin Feng was not sure if the Starfell Pearl would actually work wonders in battle.

These Silent Beasts could not be killed or smashed, and could only be defeated through attrition.

The Starfell Pearl could actually be put to use against them.


Lin Fengs Starfell Pearl transformed into a stream of light and smashed down hard.

This was equivalent to 100 million planets and more than 10 million stars smashing down all at once.

How daunting would that power be

With a smash of the Starfell Pearl, the head of the Silent Beast was instantly reduced to dust.

The rest of its body was also shattered, and it was severely injured at once.

“Its working!”

Lin Fengs eyes lit up.

Moreover, the power of the Starfell Pearl seemed to have exceeded his imagination.

The effect was far better than he had imagined.

Actually, on careful thought, it was understandable.

A Starfell Pearl was comparable to a Grand Emperor with a one-light-year combat body, and Lin Feng had thrown it directly.

How terrifying would the impact be

With a single smash, even space was shattered, let alone the Silent Beast.


The Silent Beast recovered rapidly again, but it was useless.

Lin Feng threw out the Starfell Pearl and smashed it again.


This time, Lin Feng smashed even harder, shattering most of the Silent Beasts body.

However, the Silent Beast could do nothing.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, was very relaxed.

When he threw the Starfell Pearl, he activated the spatial divine runes, and it was as if he had only thrown an ordinary pearl.

After throwing it out, he immediately retracted the spatial divine runes, and the Starfell Pearl expanded to the size of a star.

This way, he did not even need to use his combat body.

He could just smash the Starfell Pearl.

It was even stronger than Lin Fengs combat body.


The Silent Beast roared, but as the Starfell Pearl smashed down again and again, its roars also grew weaker.


For the last time, the body of the Silent Beast was smashed into pieces, but it could no longer condense.

Lin Feng used the annihilative power to annihilate it instantly.

Just like that, this Grand Emperor-level Silent Beast was reduced to cosmic dust.

Although it seemed like it took a lot of times when Lin Feng smashed down again and again, Lin Feng was most leisurely.

Moreover, he wasted very little time.

After completely killing a Silent Beast, he looked at the other Grand Emperors.

Even Grand Emperor Long Yuan had not defeated his enemies, and could only stall for time.

Lin Feng did not just watch the show.

He threw out the Starfell Pearl and smashed it hard onto one of the Silent Beasts in front of Grand Emperor Long Yuan, shattering the beast.


Lin Fengs Starfell Pearl did not stop at all.

It smashed down again and again in a frenzy.

Moreover, it did not just smash at one beast.

He would smash Starfell Pearl against whichever was the closest.

It was as if he was controlling the entire scene remotely.

Wherever there was any danger, he would smash the Starfell Pearl over.

Moreover, every smash was accurate.

Every smash would cause the Silent Beast to suffer heavy losses.

Even if it recovered, it would still consume a lot of strength.

“Its powerful, its really too powerful!”

“What kind of Origin Weapon is this Its actually so strong.

Once its thrown out, even a Grand Emperor-level beast would be severely injured, if not dead.”

“When facing His Highness Lin Feng, if he smashes out this Origin Weapon, who can resist it”

Many Grand Emperors and even some Quasi-emperors and Venerables were dumbfounded.

What was this

They fought hard with the Silent Beasts, and would even be injured and were in danger themselves.

But as for Lin Feng He just had to throw a pearl from afar and smash it.

It seemed effortless, and there was no danger.

However, all the Silent Beasts that were struck would be severely injured and shattered.

What if a Grand Emperor faced Lin Fengs Starfell Pearl They would probably be severely injured with a single smash, just like Grand Emperor Cursed Blade.

If Lin Feng used the Starfell Pearl now, with a single smash, Grand Emperor Cursed Blade might lose 30% or even 40% of his combat body.

With two or three smashes, Grand Emperor Cursed Blade might fall.

Apart from top-notch Grand Emperors, who could resist Lin Fengs Starfell Pearl


Grand Emperor Long Yuan was overjoyed.

He did not expect Lin Feng to have such a powerful Origin Weapon.

With the support of Lin Fengs Starfell Pearl, Grand Emperor Long Yuan was the first to kill two Grand Emperor-level Silent Beasts after Lin Feng.

Hence, Grand Emperor Long Yuan continued to reinforce the other Grand Emperors.

Soon, a total of 11 emperor-level Silent Beasts were all killed.

As for those Silent Beasts below the level of Grand Emperors, although there were many of them, they were all useless.

When Lin Fengs Starfell Pearl landed, numerous of them would be smashed to death.

It was difficult to even recover.

Although the regenerative ability of the Silent Beasts was astonishing, and it felt like they could not be killed, it still depended on who their opponent was.

Of course the Grand Emperor-level Silent Beasts were very powerful.

How could Silent Beasts below the level of Grand Emperors not die when struck by the Starfell Pearl

As for Lin Feng, his Starfell Pearl was simply awe-inspiring.

Every smash struck true, and a large heap of Silent Beasts were smashed into mush and reduced to cosmic dust.

Other Grand Emperors attacked one after another, and those Silent Beasts were quickly killed.

However, strangely enough, these Silent Beasts were all trying to charge out like mad.

They would rather be blasted to death than return to the Silent Galaxy, and were simply unafraid of death.

Although there were no more Silent Beasts for the time being, no one could say for certain if more would appear.

“Your Highness Lin Feng, is this your Origin Weapon”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade asked Lin Feng immediately, and his gaze was fixed on the Starfell Pearl.

At this moment, the Starfell Pearl had already been retrieved by Lin Feng and had become the size of a fist.

It was astonishing.

Such a pearl could crush Grand Emperor-level Silent Beasts.

This was simply incredible.

If Grand Emperors like themselves received a single strike from it, they would also suffer greatly.

Lin Feng nodded and said, “Its an Origin Weapon I forged.”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade took a deep breath and said with a weak smile, “Actually, I was a little unconvinced when I lost to you back then.

I felt that its because I hadnt used the cursed blade.

If I had, the outcome might have been different.

“But now, Im certain that if I had used the cursed blade against your Origin Weapon, Id probably lose terribly.”

Grand Emperor Cursed Blade looked at the Starfell Pearl in Lin Fengs hand.

Just now, the might of the Starfell Pearl was awe-inspiring.

Even the Grand Emperor-level Silent Beast could not withstand a single smash from it.

He was slightly shocked.

If Lin Feng had used the Starfell Pearl back then, what could he have used to resist it Even if he had used the cursed blade, the outcome would probably be the same.

Only now was Grand Emperor Cursed Blade wholly convinced of his defeat!

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