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639 Slaying the Eight Fiends with a Wave of the Hand

Seeing Lin Fengs cold expression in the cosmos, the expressions of the eight Grand Emperors changed drastically.

Clearly, the matter had been exposed.

Lin Feng had already learned the secret that they were fiends.

However, how did Lin Feng come to the North River Divine Palace Where was the North River Divine King

“Everyone, things are troublesome.

The North River Divine King did not kill Lin Feng.

He was clearly delayed by something.

Or maybe he was held back by the other Divine Kings.

Everyone, dont forget that the Divine Palace of Bemond is behind Lin Feng!”

“Thats right.

The North River Divine King might have been held back.

This means that our secret has been exposed.

Theres no place for us in the North River Galaxy anymore.

We have to escape as soon as possible.”

“Thats right, run.

Run at all costs! However, if Lin Feng is around, he probably came specially to the North River Divine Palace to stop us.

We have to chase him away or even kill him before we can make our dismal retreat from the North River Galaxy.”

“Then well kill him! The Supreme Grand Emperor Hmph, hes lucky that he didnt encounter His Majesty the Divine King.

Otherwise, how could he have survived to come here to stop us”

“Slaying fiends That would take the ability to slay fiends!”

The eight Grand Emperors could all be considered experienced fiends.

They dominated the cosmos and devoured countless living beings.

They had probably devoured even many Grand Emperors.

The Supreme Grand Emperor was invincible They did not believe it.

Even if they did, they would not give up without putting up a fight.

They would definitely fight to the death.

The eight top-notch Grand Emperors joined forces.

For a moment, their auras were overwhelming.

Although they all had their own selfish motives, they knew very well that once their secret was exposed, they could only run.

Even with the North River Divine King around, they had to run.

If they wanted to escape, they had to defeat or even kill the Supreme Grand Emperor in front of them!

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The eight top-notch Grand Emperors immediately used their combat bodies.


The eight combat bodies were all above ten light-years in size.

Moreover, they had all comprehended ultimate Laws.

They were also savage and cunning fiends, enough to stir the cosmos.

No one would underestimate this power.

However, Lin Fengs expression was very calm.

Only when the eight Grand Emperors used their combat bodies did his gaze become even sharper, and the killing intent on his body boiled even more.

He heard the roars of countless vengeful spirits and countless living beings in the combat bodies of the eight Grand Emperors.

The shrill cries shook even Lin Fengs heart.

Death was too good for all of these fiends!

The eight Grand Emperors were already charging towards Lin Feng, but Lin Feng did not even use his combat body.

If it were any other Grand Emperor, Lin Feng would have no choice but to use his combat body to deal with them.

However, these eight Grand Emperors were genuine fiends.

Against fiends, Lin Feng could be considered their true nemesis!

“You will bear the consequences of your own sins!”

Lin Feng extended his hand and pointed.

Immediately, the ultimate Law of Life descended, instantly enveloping the eight Grand Emperors.

In an instant, the roars, roars, and cries of countless vengeful spirits were incessant.

The combat bodies of the eight Grand Emperors seemed to be out of control at this moment, and began to explode.

However, the eight Grand Emperors could do nothing.

“Whats going on”

“My combat body, no…”

“Impossible, impossible…”

The eight Grand Emperors seemed mad.

A trace of panic appeared on their faces.

They had never encountered such a thing.

How could their combat bodies be out of control

Their combat bodies were indeed no longer under control.

Lin Fengs ultimate Law of Life descended.

He controlled the life force of countless living beings in the combat bodies of the eight Grand Emperors, and instantly broke through the fiends combat bodies.

Countless living beings and vengeful spirits fought to escape.

They expressed their gratitude to Lin Feng from afar, then rushed into the universe in jubilation.

Finally, they disappeared and turned into cosmic dust.

Countless living beings who had died unjustly were liberated.

“Go, go.

Youre free.

Youre all free…”

Looking at the “smiles” of countless living beings, and then at the countless living beings turning into cosmic dust, although they had been freed, Lin Fengs heart was filled with sorrow and pain.

These billions of living beings disappeared completely, just like that.

It was these fiends that devoured countless living beings and imprisoned them in their combat bodies, causing them to be imprisoned and never see freedom for all eternity.

The combat bodies of these eight Grand Emperors and great fiends all collapsed.

They could not figure out why their combat bodies had collapsed before Lin Feng even attacked.

Their strength was still constantly depleting.

They had fallen from top-notch Grand Emperors to Grand Emperors, then to Venerables, and finally, they were even inferior to ordinary planetary lifeforms.

It was over.

It was completely over.

The billions of years of bitter cultivation had all come to nothing now.

“How can this be…”

The eight Grand Emperors wore dismal expressions as they watched their combat bodies collapse bit by bit.

This was even more unbearable than killing them.

However, they did not know that their combat bodies were condensed from the life force of countless ordinary living beings, and their combat bodies never belonged to them to begin with.

Lin Feng was just freeing those ordinary living beings completely now.

To deal with the North River Divine King, Lin Feng still needed to use the Starfell Pearl to create a small wound on the North River Divine Kings combat body.

Only then could Lin Feng use the ultimate Law of Life to collapse his combat body, with that small wound as the epicenter.

Lin Feng did not need to go through so much trouble with these Grand Emperors at all.

With a wave of his hand, he could completely “decompose” the combat bodies of these Grand Emperors, “depriving” them of the life force of countless beings in their combat bodies.


Lin Feng clenched his hand, and the eight Grand Emperors were all reduced to ashes, disappearing completely.

The deaths of eight Grand Emperors was not a secret.

Many cultivators in the North River Divine Palace also witnessed all of this.

Even some powerful Domini noticed the commotion in the North River Divine Palace.

All of them were shocked and bewildered.

Since when did anyone dare to push the North River Divine Palace around

However, when they saw the Supreme Grand Emperor, Lin Feng, kill eight Grand Emperors with a wave of his hand, all of them fell silent.

In the past, some people might not have believed that Lin Feng was the Supreme Grand Emperor, but now, seeing Lin Feng kill eight top-notch Grand Emperors with a wave of his hand, this unpredictable method shocked countless cultivators.

Moreover, there was more to come.

Lin Feng scanned with his mental power and used the Law of Life to make a detection.

He realized that all the cultivators in the North River Divine Palace, be they ordinary planetary cultivators, some Venerables, Quasi-emperors, or ordinary Grand Emperors, were all fiends without exception!

How was this the North River Divine Palace It was clearly a den of evil! It was a den full of fiends!

Lin Feng would not show any mercy in such a situation.

He clapped his hand, and the huge palm slammed hard into the North River Divine Palace.


The North River Divine Palace that had stood tall in the North River Galaxy for billions of years had completely turned into cosmic dust.

As for the den of fiends of various levels inside, they had all been reduced to ashes.

The North River Divine Palace was gone, but there must be more fiends in the North River Galaxy.

Lin Feng might not be able to make the entire universe free of fiends, but he could at least make sure fiends were gone from the North River Galaxy from now on!


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