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Qiao Yanqi hurriedly looked in a certain direction.

The person in the dark nodded and turned to leave.

At the same time, Xu Qing saw another figure and was shocked.

Why was he here… Xu Qing didnt have time to think and hurriedly chased after him.

She couldnt let an outsider fall into this trap!

After everyone changed their clothes, they gathered in the garden and talked about how afraid they had been.

Seeing that everyone was almost here, Qiao Yanqi exclaimed, “Heavens, wheres my sister-in-law I saw her fall into the pond just now.”

The Eldest Princesss heart skipped a beat.

If Qiao Yanhui found out that something had happened to Xu Qing, he would probably vent his anger on her!

“Hurry up and find her!” the Eldest Princess shouted in a low voice.

The three children also had nervous expressions.

They held Xun Fen and Teng Nians hands and went to look for Xu Qing.

Qiao Yanqi had a sinister smile on her face.

Her scheme had just begun!

For a moment, the atmosphere in the entire Eldest Princesss residence became a little heavy, causing some ladies to feel worried.

There were some people who didnt want anything to happen to Xu Qing.

Who knew if Qiao Yanhui would take his anger out on them in the end

After they searched around and opened all the doors, only the last closed door was left.

Slowly, everyone gathered in front of the last door.

Some of them were worried, and some were gleeful.

Some were worried that Qiao Yanhui would vent his anger on them! While some were happy that their plan had succeeded!

Xu Qing followed that person to this room before everyone else.

She saw a naked man lying beside the bed with his eyes closed.

It was unknown if he was dead, but the masked man beside the bed was hugging the woman on the bed with a pitiful expression.

Just as he was about to carry the woman away, the masked man suddenly stopped.

He looked at the unfamiliar face in his arms and his expression changed.

He threw the woman to the ground mercilessly, face down.

At the same time, there was relief and frustration in the mans eyes.

He was glad that she wasnt the one who was injured.

He was annoyed that he was so irrational that he didnt even notice that he was being followed.

The worst thing was that he had actually mistaken her for someone else!

“Who is it!” The mans voice was filled with killing intent.

“Wuyou” Xu Qing looked at the masked man in front of her with a mixed expression.

She didnt expect that the person who came was actually Zhuo Wuyou.

Why was he in the Eldest Princesss residence How did he enter Why did he come to this room Was he… worried about her


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